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Class Note for COSC 6397 at UH


Class Note for COSC 6397 at UH

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 33 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
39 Ii Summary of Mobile IP Operations I Careof address to identify a host s point of attachment I Correspondent node CN gt mobile host MH 1 1 Use of MH s permanent IP address as destination address Intercepted by MH s home agent encapsulated in an lPinIP packet Decapulated at FA or a MH itself I MH gt CN Use its permanent IP address as source address Send directly to ON using IP fonNarding Reverse tunneling is optional 204 39 I Message Format in Mobile IP I Agent advertisement ti Type 16 l l Seq no count of Agent Advertisement messages sent since the agent was initialized in Life time the longest lifetime measured in seconds that this agent is willing to accept in any Registration Request 0 l 2 3 O l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 O l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 O l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 O l Type Length Sequence Number Registration Lifetime RBHFiMiGV reserved zero or more Care of Addresses 205 39 1 quot Registration Request I Type 1 I Identification A 64bit number constructed by the mobile node used for matching Registration Requests with Registration Replies and for protecting against replay attacks of registration messages l i l l l i l 0 l 2 3 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 O l eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee77eeeeeeeee eeee Type e e eeeeere eeeeeee sBlDlMGvrsv Lifetime eA e e Extensions r Home Address eeeeeeeeereeeeeere Home Agent Careeof Address Identification eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e4 eree eeeee 206 ill 39 1 U Registration Reply I Type 3 I Code a value for the result of request 0 O l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 O l Type Code Lifetime Home Address Home Agent Extensions Identification 207 39 1 Mobility in IPv6 I Route Optimization is a fundamental part of Mobile IPv6 1 1 In Mobile IPv4 it is an optional set of extensions that may not be supported by all nodes I Foreign Agents are not needed in Mobile IPv6 IPv6 supports stateless address auto configuration and neighbor discovery MNs can function in any location without the services of any special router in that location I Security Nodes are expected to employ strong authentication and encryption 208 Transport Issues 209 39 Ii Scope revisited Personal Area Networks Sensor Networks Mobile ServiceApp Routing Medium Access Control lueuie euew nonuoo Jemod SOC Munoes Physical Layer 210 39 I Transport Protocols in the Internet I UDP user datagram protocol 1 Application level endtoend connection l l Unreliable datagram delivery 2 Applications DHCP DNS SNMPNFS I TCP transport control protocol l l Connection oriented reliable byte stream 1 Congestion control amp flow control 1 l HTTP telnet 211 39 L Why Do We Worry about Transport Layer I If Mobile IP claims to provide mobility transparency G 1 M 00 e quot i TCP UDP MIP Link Layer NIC Mobility transparency in routing is not enough 212 Factors that Affect TCP Performance I Wireless channel 1 Error rate 1e6 Dynamic link quality Mobility 1 Out of order delivery 1 Longer round trip time RTT Disconnection 31 1 3 RTT 2bp 01xI7 Client 5 Y Ser39ver39 nISN Connection Setup 3way handshake 213 39 I L39 Window Based Flow Control I Sliding window protocol I Window size minimum of iZl receiver s advertised window determined by available buffer space at the receiver Ll congestion window determined by the sender based on feedback from the network Sender s window E 4 5 6 7 8 940311 lt Acks received gt Not transmitted 214 IF indow Based Flow Control Sender s window ACk 5 Sender s window 215 39 I quot Ack Clocking I Chen Server I TCP window flow control is self clocking I New data sent when old data is ack d I Ack is cumulative I Indication of losses 216 39 1 L39 How does TCP detect a packet loss I Retransmission timeout RTO I Duplicate acknowledgements 217 USing Retransmission Timeout RTCCID s i 1 er39ver39 I At any time TCP sender sets retransmission timer for only one packet I If acknowledgement for the timed packet is not received before timer goes off the packet is RTC assumed to be lost I RTO dynamically calculated 218 39 I quot Retransmission Timeout RTO calculation I RTO mean 4 x mean deviation srtt 05 RTT 1a srttn n1 rttvarn1 B RTT srttn 1 8 rttvarn RTO srtt 4 rttvar n1 n1 n1 I Large variations in the RTT increase the deviation leading to larger RTO I RTO backoff exponentially after each timeout RTOn1 max 2 RTOn 64 seconds 219 Ltoss Using Dupacks and Fast Retransmit Mechanism I Dupacks may be generated due to packet loss or outof order packet delivery I TCP sender assumes that a packet loss has occurred if it receives three dupacks consecutively 3 dupacks are also generated if a packet is delivered at least 3 places beyond its insequence location almostordered w 5 unnecessary 220 ill 39 I Congestion Control in TOP 25 After timeout 20 20 ssthresh 10 ssth resh 8 Congestion window segments O 01 O 01 I I I osoog 3 m Time round trips 221 39 1i Hand ing Wireless Errors MH I Problem D In TCP Packet Loss gt Congestion gt TCP reduces sending rate i i But in Mobile Networks packet loss can be caused by disconnections handoffs high bit error rates t 1 Solution hide wireless errors from TCP sender Retransmissions at base stations Notification to TOP sender modification at end hosts 222 11 11 Snoop I lmprovinq TCPIP Performance over Wireless Networks Mobicom 95 Hari Balakrishnan Srinivasan Seshan Elan Amir Randy H Katz I Key idea li Data from CN gt MH Cache unacknowledged TCP data Perform local retransmissions li Data from MH gt BS Detect missing packets Perform negative acknowledgements 223 39 I Snoop Protocol I Per TCPconnection state TCP connection application transport network link physical application transport network A rxmt link Ill 4 physical application A transport network link physical wireless 224 39 1 Snoop MHgt BS I New pkt can be used to estimate RTT on 1 Forward packet Wireless 2 Reset local rexmit I Outofseq cached counter earlier it 1 If ack ed by MH retransmit an ACK 1 7 Else forward to MH Packet arrives Sender rexmission 1 Mark as cong loss 2 Forward pkt ln sequence Congestion loss 1 Cache packet 2 Forward to mobile Common case 225 39 I quot ACK from MH III I Spurious ACK 1 Free buffers neither new or dup 2 Update RTT estimate 3Propagate I Dupack ack to sender Common case 1 Not in cache or marked restranmission route dupack to ON quot If in cache rst one Retransmit lost retransmit packet with high priority Ack arrives Discard toi iz si g QSSf Next pkt lost I Retransmission from BS based on timeout 226 39 I quot Data Transfer from MH gt FH I MH timeouts for packets lost in first link will happen much later than they should I NACKs sent from BS to MH when 1 l Threshold no of packets from a single window have reached 1 No new packets from MH for certain time Based on TCP SACK 227 39 1 L39 Performance I Error rate 39x106 I Snoop 1MbpsTCP 025 Mbps 12907 Snoop Regular TCP vr39 5 1 e07 a 8906 Se06 Sequence number 4e06 2606 100 150 200 250 300 350 Time seconds 228 39 1 quot Handling Mobility An End Host Approach I Benefits of End Host Solutions 3 No triangle routing l l No change in the IP substrate Cl TCP peer can suspend an open connection and reactivate it from another IP address transparent to an application that expects uninterrupted reliable communication with the peer I An EndtoEnd Approach to Host Mobility Alex C Snoeren and Hari Balakrishnan the sixth ACM MobiCom 2000 229 39 L39 Migrate Architecture Location Update Dynamic DNS Update DNS Server Connection Migration Correspondent quotU Host Mobile Host 00 bar edu yWWyWyyyy xxx 230 39 I Implementation in TCP I Provide special Migrate option 1 Sent on SYN packets of new connection l l Indicates new connection should be joined to a previous one I Use previous sequence space 1 Works with SACK FACK Snoop I Preserve threeway SYN handshake 1 l Works with statefull firewalls 231 xed xmwszy 5115mm ImgmLcOk Km ummmmp Tm SYN owzmxsszuoy xck 531522 migmltDk m umcsmmp m wk 1231522 TCP Connection Migration 1 InitiaISYN i i 2 SYNACK 3 ACKWith data TCP Connection Migration mobile XEd 54501545957636 4 ad mm 4 Normal data transfer TCP Connection Migration mobile XEd 3 1092197 Imam mm 1 R I 5 M lg rate SYN 968 Mlgrate 7 ACK With data CLOSED TCP State send nothing h a I O 1 quot LISTEN senilezcsv il CK SWeSENT 2 new transitions between existing states and 1 new state handes pathological race condition recv SYN migrate T R send SYN ACK MIGRATEJNAIT 2MSL tnneout Q Migration Trace 36533 I I I I I I E Era 8438 4 BE a M m a SIN Am 3 E m 5 82686 6 E A o J E m I A 9 E I 3 o E I w seam o a II I E 9 I a v o a s o g E 3 I3 I a 78686 3 z III lt gt g Buffered 3 7saaa c g 93 Packets 9 3 old address 74662 a o o I b 9 3 a a G quot new 9 Ingmar 3 39 H Before Data 0quot QCKS w quot After Data a Hm I 73982 I I I I I I a e 4 5 3 1a 12 Time secs 236


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