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Week 5 Notes_Gc 444

by: Allie S

Week 5 Notes_Gc 444 GC 4440

Allie S
GPA 3.46

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About this Document

Mailing notes
Current Trends and Deviations
Dr. O'Hara
Class Notes
GC 444, Mailing
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Friday February 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GC 4440 at Clemson University taught by Dr. O'Hara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Current Trends and Deviations in Graphic Communications at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 02/19/16
POWER & PROFITS OF DIRECT MAIL Mary Ann Bennett March 2014 U.S.P.S. FABRIC OF AMERICA The mailbox is an image and a perception that is interwoven into the fabric of America. Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved USPS RELIABLE TRUSTED SECURE Even in an increasingly digital world, the Postal Service remains part of the bedrock infrastructure of the American economy. The core function of the Postal Service is the safe, reliable, affordable delivery of mail and packages to every address in America and its terri152.1 Million Delivery Points The Postal Service is the only organization in the country that has the manpower, network infrastructure and logistical capability to deliver to every residence and business in the U.S. Federal laws protecting the sanctity of the U.S. Mail are enforced by the U. S. Postal Inspection Service. Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved US POSTAL SERVICE FACTS - 2012 65 Billion 2012 Revenue in Dollars 160 Number of mailpieces processed Billion 40% World’s mail volume handled by the USPS 1.8 Dollar amount paid every 2 weeks in salaries & benefits The Postal Service has Billion the world’s largest retail network—larger than McDonald’s, Walmart and Starbucks Tax dollars received for operating combined. (in the US) 0 the Postal Service Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved HIGH-TECH INNOVATION Every postal program, every piece of equipment; every postal requirement is designed to facilitate the efficient and accurate movement of mail from the acceptance dock to the mailbox. USPS has the world’s largest Gantry Robotic Fleet USPS is the world leader in • 174 robotics systems Optical Character Recognition Technology • 98% of all hand-addressed letter mail • 99.5% of machine printed mail Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved MAILING INDUSTRY SUPPLY CHAIN Employment & Economic Activity • Mailing industry generated $1.3 Trillion in economic activity in 2012 • Total number of related jobs: 8.4 Million • Mailing industry represents over 8.6% of nation’s GDP • 6% of nation’s jobs studies  organized  and  funded  by  the  Envelope  Manufacturers  Association  Foundation Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Direct Marketing Media Allocations – 2013 Customer Acquisition Direct Mail – 31.3% Customer Retention Email – 16.7% Direct Mail – 37.5% Email – 29.2% Business to Customer (B2C) Marketers: Direct Mail is ROI King Media Usage Forecast by Thorin McGee Target Marketing March 2013 Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved USPS Internal Costs per 1,000 ”LETTER”s $50 Manual $15 Mechanization $5 Automation CONCEPT TO DOORSTEP If you are in the business of putting ink on paper that gets delivered to a customer’s mailbox…….. USPS CERTIFIED MAILING SOFTWARE Your mailing hold the least expensive, most efficient method to get into the fast lane of initiatives and postage discounts. USPS CERTIFIED MAILING SOFTWARE CASS Certified Software Using CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software can provide the mailing industry with many more benefits than just identifying a DELIVERABLE address and a ZIP+4. CASS certified software is really the cornerstone of barcode discounts. PAVE Certified Software Using PAVE (Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation) certified software to meet US Postal Service sortation requirements also provides mailers with a significant number of benefits. Many software developers also provide their users with features and capabilities that allow them to operate their mailroom with ultimate efficiency. USPS CERTIFIED MAILING SOFTWARE Desired Destination of Mail If you are placing an address on a mailpiece, you must be planning on that mailpiece being ultimately delivered to the addressee’s mailbox. Following that logic, you are not planning on a dumpster as the destination of that piece. USPS wins national recycle awards annually 14 DPV ZIP+4 / CASS Encoding 15 16 ZIP+4 DPV Encoding 17 Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb) 18 Barcodes provide greatest design flexibility! Barcoded mail pieces are processed by the USPS most efficiently Barcoded mail pieces claim the largest postage discounts CASS-DPV Processing Return Codes • Markers • Flags Return Code Examples 10 Invalid Address 11 Invalid City/ST/ZIP Mailing lists that are passed through the CASS-DPV process 12 Invalid State 13 Invalid City will receive multiple return codes, 21 Address Not Found markers or flags that can be 22 Multiple Response invaluable in performing very basic mailing list maintenance 23 DSF Error in Primary 24 DSF Error in Secondary 26 Box Closed 27 No Forwarding Address 28 Foreign Move 33 Non-Deliverable 20 FONTS General Recommendation – SANS SERIF HELVETICA VERDANA ARIAL if barcode applied - Use whatever font Barcode Reader can recognize Use CAPS Use ‘address standardization’ No kerning or nesting T he The OPTICAL CHARACTER READERS USPS MLOCRs can read cursive handwriting BASIC MAILPIECE ADDRESSING LAYOUT Return From: $ $ $ Postage Address To: Delivery Address ADDRESSING FOR WINDOW ENVELOPES USPS acceptance personnel will conduct the “tap test” to check insert motion. The piece is tapped on the left, right and bottom. BARCODE TO BOTTOMLINE | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 5 DGT MARY ANN BENNETT PRESIDENT/CEO BENNETT GROUP 370 SUMMIT POINT DR STE 120 HENRIETTA NY 14467-9629 The barcode must be clearly visible on your mailpiece. If the USPS can’t see it, they can’t read it and you can’t claim barcode automation postage discounts. For far too many the database rules Short sighted view - Bigger has to be better - Print orders, mailing processing charges, department allocations, headcounts are based on the size of the database supported - Efforts to decrease the size of the database have far reaching, negative economic ramifications Long point of view - Educate your customer—an informed customer does more business - Experiencing reduced postage - Reduced print and processing charges - Increased response rates - “Greener” process 27 Impact of Address Quality • Improves more efficient automated processing of mail. • 1% improvement in delivery point sequenced mail volume = USPS savings of $70 million/year Mail with Complete, Correct and Current addresses are more accurately delivered - Protects customer privacy - Reduces the customers’ receipt of unwanted mail - Improves the customer’s perception of mail as an effective means of communication 28 De DUPE Lists! 7 mail pieces all received same day 29 CUSTOMERS: CASS-DPV Processing – Suggested Policies & Procedures • Always ask for the DPV counts from your list processor. • Consider deleting any records that cannot be Delivery Point Validated from any mailing list. • Ask for a listing of return codes or flags from your CASS processor and work with the various codes to improve the general hygiene of your mailing lists. Copyright 2011 Bennett Group All Rights Reserved 30 Copyright 2011 Bennett Group All Rights Reserved 31 ÒZIP code order looks nothing like Presort Sequence. Ò1,048 pieces for SIP 14450 were placed in three separate trays based on the presort performed by the USPS certified mailing software. ÒPresort Sequence output will be different based on class of mail and whether you are Illustration is for demonstration purpbarcoding or not. 32 Letters are Packaged in Trays 1 foot trays 2 foot trays EMM trays – 2’ only Trays must presented to the Post Office with sleeves and tags. DESIGN “The mailpiece design and planning process is a series of decisions that represent a balance between the purpose of the mailing and the potential postage costs.” -US Postal Service SHAPE & POSTAGE Postage on all First Class mail is now calculated using a combination of weight AND shape. USPS Rates Effective January 26, 2014 Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved 1. Fold  in  half
 11  Sheets  of  20  lb  
 8  1/2  x  11  paper   4. Fold  over  Flap  and   seal   3. Fold  envelope
 in  half 2. Insert  into  bottom  of
 9  x  12  envelope Weight  3  oz      Shape:  Flat Postage:  $1.40   Weight  3  oz    Shape:  Le r   Postage:  $.91   Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Printed  Piece  17  x  11    Tri-­‐ folded  to  5  ¾  x  11
 Tabbed  –  
 Fold  at  bottom Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Mailpiece is a LETTER Printed Piece 17 x 11 Tri-folded to 5 ¾ x 11 Tabbed – Fold at bottom Printed  Piece  17  x  8  ½    Tri-­‐ folded  to  5  ¾  x  8  ½     Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Mailpiece  is  a  FLAT                                  Height  is   more  than  6  1/8” Length  of  mailpiece  is  the  dimension  parallel  to  the  address Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Length  of  mailpiece  is  the  dimension  parallel   to  the  address—this  is  not  a  letter Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved Square  8”  16  Page  alog Surcharges  apply   Not  Automation  Compatible   Does  Not  Meet  Aspect  Ratio Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved PAPER OR PLASTIC? Tabs & Wafer Seals USPS prefers paper tabs or wafer seals Problems with Plastic tabs or wafer seals . Adhesive “floats” on the plastic and is not absorbed . Adhesive can “ooze” out on the edges . Can be more difficult to apply to mailpieces . Can interfere with USPS automated processing equipment . Tend to dry out and become brittle faster than paper tabs The  USPS  uses  only   water  soluble  ink.       They  apply  an  opaque   paper  strip  to  glossy   stock  mailpieces.       Avoid  placing   customer  critical  info   in  this  space The  USPS  may  use  the  5/8   inch  space  on  the  top  and   bottom  /    front  and  back  of   your  mailpiece  to  apply   internal  processing   barcodes.   Copyright 2014 M. A. Bennett All Rights Reserved No Postal Barcode No Address Standardization No ZIP+4 DPV encoding Postage discounts lost USPS applied barcode Opaque paper strip Covers graphics on mail piece Post Office will apply barcodes to any pieces that they handle. All mailpieces will have a barcode on them when they reach the customer’s mailbox


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