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Art 100 Week 5 Notes

by: Alexis Conley

Art 100 Week 5 Notes ART 100 - 03

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Art > ART 100 - 03 > Art 100 Week 5 Notes
Alexis Conley
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Here are week 5 notes. These will be on the up coming test
Art Appreciation
Michael Fenton
Class Notes
Art 100
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Conley on Friday February 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 100 - 03 at Colorado State University taught by Michael Fenton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Art Appreciation in Art at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 02/19/16
Art 100 Week 5 Early Asian Art  Things to pay attention to:  New Material, New Technique, & other art terms  Major religious & philosophical association  Main Characters & Scenes  Various forms of symbolism like numbers or symbols Axial Age 1. Asia: Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism 2. West of Asia: Rabbinic, Judaism, Classical Philosophy 3. Ancient Art of South Asia i. Stamp Seal – pressed, writing on the stamps ii. Yoga Asano – yoga posture, lotus position iii. Prana – “breath” or energy used to move, “cosmic breath” iv. Drishdi – a gaze that the statue has b. Hinduism i. Indo – Aryan Migration ii. The Vedas – earliest text of Hinduism iii. Vedantic Hinduism 1. Samara – death & reaction, cosmos 2. Karma – iv. Pantheon – Hindu temple for Shiva 1. God Shiva, dancing with Shiva 2. Eternal Shiva – 5 fold nature v. Mudra – hood positions with specific languages vi. Buddha – halo around head meaning enlightenment vii. Hindu – supernatural beings c. Buddhism i. Theravada Buddhism 1. Prince Siddhartha Gautama & Shakyamuni Buddha ii. Enlightenment/ Nirvana – when you die you won’t be reincarnates 1. Getting out of the cycle of life & destruction iii. Wheel of the Law - how to live one’s life sometimes on sculptures iv. The Four Nobel Truths – other known as chakra’s v. King Ashoka – king becomes a Buddhist 1. Ashoka Column – stand-alone column, people wall around it, circled like the wheel of the land a. Capital – national symbol & on the Flags still around today i. Lion became Buddha his own nobility ii. Wooden wheel used to be on the back on the Capitol vi. Stupa Sanchi 1. A Buddhist temple, mass/ column in center of temple a. Anda – dome b. Chattra Spire – umbrellas, symbol of his prince upbringing c. Axis Mundi – mast, “access of the world” d. Torana – gate way leading into temple, figurative imagery vii. Yakshi figure – Buddhism, fertility, half naked, symbolic of Buddha’s mother viii. Ushnisha – symbol of wisdom, top knot on head rd ix. Urna - whirl of hair between eyebrows, 3 external signs of eternal events x. Enlightenment at Bodh Gaya – downward hand 1. When hand is up means have no fear xi. Mahayana Buddhism 1. Multiple Buddhists 2. Bodhisattvas – new Buddha, not a figure that has not been enlightened, blend between monk & priest a. Wants global enlightenment b. Princes’, shown as wealthy religious figure xii. Mural Painting – large continuous wall painting/ scene Early East Asian Art a. Oracle Bones – cow or livestock bone used to communicate with gods to get answers b. Tortoise Shell – turtle shell used to communicate with gods c. Qi (Chi) – ‘breath & energy’ like prana d. Tian – ‘heaven & earth’, all of the cosmos in the earthly realm, a will to choose who the next ruler is. e. Emperors refer to themselves as son heaven f. The dragon – symbol of the emperor, being that which lives between heaven & earth g. Piece-mold Casting – bronze, physically carved molds that uses as a cavity i. Used as fine art ii. Super heavy 2. Zhou Dynasty – 100’s of philosophies i. Confucianism 1. how the men should behave in home, government, with order to the cosmos ii. Daoism 1. “map is not the territory”, no matter how perfect you think there are thing that do not fit the system b. Incense Burner – mortality, land of the mortals, Daoism st 3. Qinshihuangdi – 1 emperor of china a. Standardized the written language of China b. Started the Great Wall c. No one is allowed in the Tomb of the Emperor d. Tomb at Xian – 8,000 full sized terracotta warriors, highly detailed, specific 4. Buddhism in China a. Spread by the silk roads b. Monumental Buddha – in far east particularly in China, loess mounds & rock-cut dwellings, sand stone 5. Calligraphy – highest form of art, highest of all art 6. Paper – invented in China 7. Ink – red & black ink 8. Stamp Seals – red ink seals, gives information of thee owner of the artist & everyone else who owns the document adds their own stamp seal 9. Silk – woven & painted a. Unraveled & boiled from silk worms 10. Jade – highly prized material in Chinese culture, expensive a. Sometimes people would be covered in a shroud of jade Architecture a. Temples – “anything you loved in life that you then bring with you in death” b. Nanchan Temple – tall watched towers blends with Indian stupp c. Pagoda – Chinese structure, has interior space & multiple levels & layers d. Ceramics – lead glazed, dripping of lead paint became accepted and the style


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