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02.22.16 --Progressivism, Mexico, and World War I

by: lena metcalf

02.22.16 --Progressivism, Mexico, and World War I HIST 2620

Marketplace > University of North Texas > HIST 2620 > 02 22 16 Progressivism Mexico and World War I
lena metcalf
United States History since 1865
Dr. Andrew J. Torget

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About this Document

First Set of notes after 1st exam.
United States History since 1865
Dr. Andrew J. Torget
Class Notes
History 2620, Progressivism, Mexican Revolution, Mexico, World War I, industrialization, Urbanization, UNT, University of North Texas, history
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by lena metcalf on Friday February 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2620 at University of North Texas taught by Dr. Andrew J. Torget in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views.


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Date Created: 02/19/16
Progressivism Mexico and World War 022316 Outline 1 Progressivism and Amendments 2 Mexican Revolution 3 War in Europe 4 Gearing up for World War 5 America by 1920 Names to know Eugenics Theodore Roosevelt Hepburn Act Progressive Party Woodrow Wilson Sixteenth Amendment Nineteenth Amendment Portfolio Diaz Pancho Villa Pershing Expedition Franz Ferdinand Allied Powers Central Powers Lusitania Zimmerman Telegram League of Nations Treaty of Versailles Review Progressivism Really important the modern America is forged in many ways during 19001920 progressive era because there are so many laws that were passed that you and I would recognize today Rise of Progressivism result of rapid urbanization and rapid industrialization Raised wages lowered prices of goods but also brought many problems The working and living conditions were dirty and dangerous Both wives and husbands were working as well as their children Even 10 year olds were working 80 hour weeks around Christmas in life threatening conditions Progressivism is a broad reform movement to nd solutions to each issue Progressivism Reacting to industrialization and urbanization Use government to solve all of these issues Progressives believed in science and experts to solve any problem The government would put this in place 0 Usually middle class sometimes upper class people that would look down on lower class like quotlife sucks for you doesn t itquot and would turn to the government to solve the issues 0 Women and children were the main concerns and progressives are the reason we have child labor laws today quotMaking Human junkquot Taking healthy young children putting them into factories for work and when they leave they are emotionally and physically ruined They are now quotjunkquot quotAge of consentquot Age of which you can marry and have sex with another adult Today its 17 or 18 in some states but at this time it was 12 years old In Mississippi the age was 10 Progressives made it a point to raise that age Progressives also focused on protecting women They were upset that women didn39t have a political choice just like children This became a big issue in progressivism because it was seen as a key to many other reforms Prohibition Outlaw of alcohol Life was so uncomfortable back then that people would just drink to feel better about life Progressivism sees this as an issue because some men are abusive towards their children or wives The men also could lose theirjobs which would leave the kids and wives with no income US Steel and US Oil Progressivism was upset about the monopoly in this industry and would try to break things up into different ways These are all good things but there were scary things they did as well Eugenics Movement early 20th century quotCertain people should have kids and certain people should not have kidsquot ie those with mental illness alcoholics those who can39t read If someone is committed to an Asian asylum they could be forcibly sterilized by the government Indiana is the rst to pass in 1907 Progressives were against immigration Were discouraging immigration and working to cut it off quotpassing of the great racequot AngloSaxons are going to be pushed out of the us Effort to quotpurifyquot the US in ways they thought were right Progressivism started to heavily affect politics National political gures start new progressive ideas and endorsing these progressive acts Teddy Roosevelt McKinley39s vice president McKinley was assassinated in 1901 and Roosevelt was booted President at the age of 42 He endorses so many progressive ideas Breaking monopolies regulating US steel and US oil During Roosevelts tenure when the Pure Food and Drug act that is passed Hepburn Act 1906 Regulates the railroads Regulates what the railroads can charge farmers Standard Oil 1911 Break up standard oil into 33 companies This is when Rockefeller becomes more rich because it39s more pro table as different companies This is where Chevron and Exxon come from Progressives are affecting national politics and breaking up standard oil These are huge accomplishments They continue to in uence national politics Taft becomes president in 1908 Taft and TR don39t get along very well In 1912 TR decides he wants to be president again but Taft is already president They ght but Taft remains president TR doesn39t give up TR begins his own campain in 1912 quotA square deal all aroundquot This was very successful Roosevelt wins 6 states 27 of vote populist wins 4 states 10 Taft wins 2 states Woodrow wilson wins the election Progressivism wasn39t just de ned as a party called the progressive party It39s bigger broader and more powerful than ever before Wilson endorses not all but many progressive ideas He was antimonopoly and endorses ideas TR would39ve been happy with Biggest area of constitutional change since the bill of rights The Progressive Amendments to the Constitution 0 In 1913 the 16th Amendment instituted a national income tax 0 In 1913 the 17th Amendment provided for the direct election of Senators o In 1919 the 18th Amendment outlawed alcohol 0 In 1919 the 19th Amendment recognized that women have the right to vote Alcoholism was dangerous for children and women Poster39s would say quotvote for the children outlaw liquorquot quotLips that touch liquor should not touch oursquot They go state by state to outlaw alcohol in each county before attempting to pass the law on a federal level In 1908 North Carolina outlaws alcohol 1911 Vote in Texas on Prohibition 237393 to keep alcohol legal 231 096 to outlaw alcohol After building up in every state then the quotUS voted dryquot at a federal level Most Americans thought this was a good idea which shows how many people were behind the progressive movement 19th amendment State by state ght for a long time Women have been trying to vote since 1848 State wide campaigns form that are focused on building up the support behind this act Some women opposed this because they were afraid of how this would change society Some women were concerned that politics would come into family life the way that it hadn39t been before This had a lot to do with the economic status of each family Western states were some of the rst to allow women to vote because they had little population and were trying to bring people to their state by this advantage How do we make this a national change Women look to the election of Woodrow Wilson as an opportunity because he is behind a lot of progressive acts If he can get behind this then that would be huge About 5000 women go to inauguration and confronted him about it He doesn39t like to be confronted so he said no In 1916 he was reelected and so women decided to begin protesting ln Jan 1917 women line up outside the white house and protest quotMr President what will you do for woman39s suffragequot Wilson tries to ignore them thinking they will go away but they don t It only grows to more and more women This was effective because it began to embarrass Wilson In June 1917 Wilson has some of these women arrested The women would serve theirjail time and then would return back to protest once they got out They were not giving up This furthered Wilson39s embarrassment Women would go on hungerstrikes in prison and then would have to be forcefed to keep them alive Finally Wilson agrees to back women39s suffrage In 1918 JAN Wilson takes it to the house of representatives and it passes with 1 vote Then it fails in the senate by 2 votes Vote again and it fails by 1 vote Congress goes into recess and can39t get this thing passed In June 1918 It was nally passed 2 wars Mexican revolution and ww1 Mexican Revolution 1876 Por rio Diaz a military man takes over the government in Mexico Life for Mexicans which was already hard gets even worse The people who have land increase their land and money and those who don t the people who are working on the land are becoming more and more upset This leads to ghting and then the war People want to have their own land so they can feed themselves and families Huge armies form in Mexico to ght each other or the government They get machinery and begin ghting and killing Many are trying to escape this war and not watch the painful ght happen 500000 people run from the violence of Mexico and come into the US half of which come into Mexico Violence blows up in the valley of south Texas by Texas rangers who were sent to take care of it Increased tension of the governments of US and Mexico Woodrow Wilson is focused on what things to be for and against Pancho Villa ghting for power and control in Mexico In 1916 decided he would raid the US He comes across Mexico and raids Columbus a city in Mexico and burns it to the ground They were trying to raid in order to get military supplies They killed Americans and also lost 70000 of their own men US calls for war They are going to catch Pancho Villa US marches thousands of men in Mexico to chase after Pancho He ran away and was never caught This brings hundreds of thousands of people into the US At the same time World War I 1914 Franz Ferdinand assassinated and hungry declared war on Servia then everyone declares war on everyone else Allied Powers England France Japan Russia To be continued


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