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LIN3041 -- Intro to Linguistics -- Week 6 Notes

by: Gabrielle Isgar

LIN3041 -- Intro to Linguistics -- Week 6 Notes LIN3041

Marketplace > Florida State University > Linguistics and Speech Pathology > LIN3041 > LIN3041 Intro to Linguistics Week 6 Notes
Gabrielle Isgar
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Chapter 3 - Phonetics
Introduction to Linguistics
Dr. Gretchen Sunderman
Class Notes
phonetics, Language, Linguistics, LIN3041
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabrielle Isgar on Friday February 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to LIN3041 at Florida State University taught by Dr. Gretchen Sunderman in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Linguistics in Linguistics and Speech Pathology at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 02/19/16
LIN3041 – Intro to Linguistics – Week 6 Notes Chapter 3 -- Phonetics Phonetics  The study of the inventory and structure of the sounds of language Articulatory  Physiological mechanisms of speech production o Acoustic  Measuring and analyzing the physical properties of sound waves Oronyms  Difficult to break up the flow of speech into individual units  "The sky is falling" "This guy is falling" o Can't really tell the difference  We tend to focus on the meanings of words and phrases  Madgabs competition** o Putting your mind to work on the sounds, have to fight the words you're looking at Units of Representation  Segments/sounds/phones  Segments are composed of features  International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) o A p sound is a p sound Orthography problems  Ghoti o Fish (gh as in tough, o as in women, and ti as in nation) o Not really fish, but it could be  English has a "deep orthography" Getting the glob of air into the world  Describe in detail, starting in the lungs, how we make the sound /b/ for example o Use lungs o Use your mouth o Touch your lips o Mini air explosion o Vibrating vocal chords *Insert little head picture  Google Iowa phonetics sounds of American English to find animation and step-by-step description of sounds o LIN3041 – Intro to Linguistics – Week 6 Notes Survival vs. Speech Organ Survival Function Speech Function Lungs Exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide Supply airstream Vocal cords Prevent food/liquid from entering lungs Produce vibrations Tongue Moves food in mouth Articulate sounds Teeth Breaks up food Passive articulator Lips Seals oral cavity Articulates sound Vocal folds  Apart --> voiceless o Fish, sing, house  Together --> voiced o Zip, vow LIN3041 – Intro to Linguistics – Week 6 Notes Sound classes  Voiced/voiceless  Consonant/vowels/glides Vowels and consonants Vowels Consonants Relatively little obstruction in the vocal Complete closure or narrowing of the vocal tract tract More sonorous Less sonorous Glides  Sound that shows properties of vowels and consonants  Yet, wet, boy, now  /y/ and /w/  Semivowels/semiconsonant Syllabic and nonsyllabic sounds  Syllabic --> vowels (and some consonants)  Nonsyllabic --> consonants and glides o Sometime consonants and glides can be syllabic Consonant Articulation  Tongue o Tip o Blade o Body o Back o Body+back=dorsum o Root LIN3041 – Intro to Linguistics – Week 6 Notes  Place of articulation o Labial (bilabial, labiodental)  Bilabial -- /b/ -- peer, bin, month  Labiodental -- lips and teeth -- fire, vow o Dental -- hitting the teeth o Interdental -- between the teeth  /th/ o Alveolar -- top, deer, soap, zip, lip, neck  /l/, /s/, /n/ o Alveopalatal/palatal -- in the middle of the alveolar ridge and hard palate -- show, chip, measure, judge  /ch/ o Velar -- call, guy, hang o Uvular -- the r in French o Pharyngeal o Glottal -- heave, hog Manners of articulation The way the air comes out of the mouth  Stops o Sound made with a complete and momentary closure of the airflow through the vocal tract  [p], [t], [k]  Fricatives o Consonants produced with a continuous airflow through the mouth accompanied by a continuous audible noise  [f] o Continuous airflow  Affricates o Mix of both o Noncontinuant consonants that show a slow release of closure o Stop + fricative o The noisier fricatives and affricates are called stridents or sibilants  Nasals o A sound made with the velum lowered  [m], [n]  Liquids o General class o A class of consonants containing L and R o Lateral -- a sound made with the sides of the tongue lowered -- [l] o Retroflex -- a sound made by curling the tongue tip back into the mouth -- [r] o Flap -- a sound identified with [r] and produced when the tongue tip strikes the alveolar ridge as it passes across. [bitter]  Glides o Sounds that are produced with an articulation like that of a vowel, but move quickly to another articulation  [j], [w]


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