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IR Notes Week Of 2.15

by: Caylin Enoch

IR Notes Week Of 2.15 PSCI 2223

Caylin Enoch

GPA 3.5
Introduction to International Relations
Dr. Jaroslav Tir

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About this Document

Covers Liberalism
Introduction to International Relations
Dr. Jaroslav Tir
Class Notes
international relations
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Caylin Enoch on Friday February 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSCI 2223 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Dr. Jaroslav Tir in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Introduction to International Relations in Political Science at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Date Created: 02/19/16
Lecture 21516 Liberal Theory vs Liberalism in US politics Intellectual Origins o Locke Mill Kant Rousseau US Founders The main strands of liberalism 0 Commercial Free market private property rights trade 0 Republican idea of limited government Limits on state power Institutionalized rules laws 0 Ideational Ideas identity legitimacy Basics of Liberalism 0 Contrast with realism view of human nature a selfinterested behaviormaximizing own welfare a What is being maximized Money power wealth fame control etc 0 Still selfish like realism but open to more things than power a How do you know when you are well of 0 Compare yourself to your own past 0 Absolute gains matter a What makes the world go round Pursuit of preferences Conflicting and harmonious 0 Interaction can benefit everyone a Power is important but 0 Its not the endallbeall and its not necessarily about military power 0 Can be derived from institutions Lecture 21716 0 Major Actors 0 Anything expressing people s preferences 0 States MNCs 105 groups individuals 0 State as a unitary actor International politics as an extension of domestic politics Anarchy o Realists A huge problem leads to war 0 Liberals Presents problems but not insurmountable n Makes contracts hard to keepcheating a Solution 0 Repeated interactions institutionalized rules enforcement mechanisms 0 Examples of Liberal Concerns o Minimizing war war puts you behind on your preferences 9 your resources are shifted towards war instead of your preferences 9 wars introduce a lot of uncertainty 0 Enhancing Economic Relations The Rule of Law the more rules you have the less uncertainty there is Human Rights 0 Typically achieved through the building of international relations Recitation 2 1716 Quick Review of Realism Accumulate as much power as you can to survive NeoRealism Anarchyfeeing unsafe fear of security 0 Build up military seek allies 9 Make others insecure 9 n Repeat 9 0 Conflict arms races war Liberalism Liberalism does not think that neorealism is right liberalism thinks that cooieration between states is iossible Anarchy no world government And that States are selfinterested The implications of this knowledge a Liberalism thinks cooperation between countries is possible Realists say prisoner s dilemma represents world politics Liberalists say yes but countries play this prisoner s dilemma game repeatedly and have to be strategic n Liberals play tit for tatquot ie don t confess this time confess next time What states care about is crucial Where do preferences come from n Moravcsik Individual preferences 9 state preferences Depends on government structure 0 States work to maximize preferences in international interactions


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