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Understanding Human Sexuality Chapter 8 and 15

by: Anne Farley

Understanding Human Sexuality Chapter 8 and 15 psych 300

Marketplace > University of South Carolina > Psychlogy > psych 300 > Understanding Human Sexuality Chapter 8 and 15
Anne Farley
GPA 3.2

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About this Document

Detailed notes on Chapter 8 and 15 of Understanding Human Sexuality book, used for Psychology 300.
Human Sexual Behavior
Elaine Belton
Class Notes
Psychology, Human Sexual behavior, Understanding Human Sexuality, Chapter 8, Chapter 15
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anne Farley on Friday February 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to psych 300 at University of South Carolina taught by Elaine Belton in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 02/19/16
Chapter 8: Sexual Arousal  The Sexual Response Cycle o Progresses in 3 stages: excitement, orgasm and resolution o Vascongestion- an accumulation of blood in the blood vessels of a region of the body, especially the genitals; a swelling or erection results o Myotonia- muscle contractions in the genitals and throughout the body  Excitement o Excitement- the first stage of sexual response, during which erection in the male and vaginal lubrication in the female occur o Vascongestion  Erection in the male  Vaginal lubrication in the female o Orgasmic platform- tightening of the bulbospongiosus muscle around the entrance of the vagina- vaginal entrance gets smaller o Upper two thirds of vagina expand dramatically “ballooning” cervix and uterus also pull up o “Sex flush”  Orgasm o Orgasm- second stage of sexual response; an intense sensation that occurs at the peak of sexual arousal and is followed by release of sexual tensions  Resolution o Resolution- third stage of sexual response, the body returns to unaroused state o 15-30 mins or an hour if orgasm did not occur o Chapter 15: Sexual Coercion  Rape o Nonconsensual oral, anal or vaginal penetration  By force  By threat of bodily hard  When victim is not capable of giving consent  Drunk, unconscious, drugs, intellectual deficiency or age o Impact  Post- traumatic stress disorder  Long term psychological distress because of a terrifying event  Anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and attempts  Post-traumatic growth  Positive life changes and psych development following trauma  Some increase ability to take care of themselves, sense of purpose, greater concern for others in this situation  Date Rape  One of the most common forms of rape o Especially college campuses o National study of college women: 57% of rapes involved a date, often a steady dating partner o 6% high school seniors were victims  Two factors- why sexually aggressive men misperceive women’s communication  Men tend to misperceive women’s warmth and friendliness as sexual interest  Likely to have a “suspicious schema” o Believe that women do not communicate honestly o Cognitive therapy- cognitive restructuring necessary (treatment and prevention)


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