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Creative Writing Story Idea and Example

by: Ejere Okorie

Creative Writing Story Idea and Example 20782

Marketplace > University of California Riverside > Media > 20782 > Creative Writing Story Idea and Example
Ejere Okorie
Intro to Media and Cultural Studies
Freya Schiwy

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About this Document

How a creative writing story example looks like and a rough idea of what a short story should include.
Intro to Media and Cultural Studies
Freya Schiwy
Class Notes
Creative writing, Essay, stories, creative, writing
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Ejere Okorie on Saturday February 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 20782 at University of California Riverside taught by Freya Schiwy in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intro to Media and Cultural Studies in Media at University of California Riverside.


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Date Created: 02/20/16
Okorie l Ejere Okorie Creative Writing November 13 2015 Professor Williams Final Story I guess it wasn t the same as most people Guys especially If it wasn t for the promise I made to God so long ago then maybe things would have been different Maybe things would have been better Maybe my life would not have been so rough when it came to relationships What am I saying My life was already basically in a downward spiral and thought maybe if I made this difficult promise then things would be better Don t get me wrong I ve been blessed every since and my life got turned around But I ve had struggles within myself in wanting to break that promise at times If only I wasn t a goody goody that stuck to his promises I guess that s just how I was raised But I m not complaining Among many things that s one of the things that distinguishes me from others I ve always been the type to try to be different from other typical black guys When people would say I m black I would say No I m African People would tell me that it was the same thing And I would tell them No it isn t I m cultured I took big pride in that I didn t want to only talk the talk But my actions also showed that I walked the walk See relationships were a problem for me Ask all the females I ve dated I always saw it as easy and I never understood why people over complicated things Maybe they were too childish to understand what a relationship meant I mean how hard was it to keep your girl happy if she was happy to be with you All you had to do was just send a cute text now and then compliment them regularly Especially their looks because lets be honest the only reason we got with each other when we were younger was because of their looks Yes most of us were that shallow of a human being and write a cute love note once in a while No owers needed everyday unless you got it like that And the big one honesty These girls have trust issues with guys cheating on them and lying and all that I never saw the reason behind all that I figure if you re not sure if that s the person you want to be with then don t be with them Simple as that Or at least it seemed simple to me If you no longer feel the need to be with the person anymore just break up We re young You re boyfriend and girl iend Not husband and wife That being said my relationships never did last long Females at that age were a fickle bunch of creatures Never knowing exactly what they wanted Did things off a whim and before you know it had feelings for this bad boy that is no good for them Good guys really do finish last I guess Funny thing though is that I ve never been dumped I ve always dumped the girl cause of something they would do that quite did not meet what I considered in a good relationship Was I just as fickle as them Or maybe I actually knew what I wanted and expected out of a relationship and they just did not have what I think would make a good one Oh well At least things never really end on bad terms Because my relationships never last that long anyway I just settled with just fooling around and just testing the waters so to speak Talking to girls left and right trying to peak their interest I guess many people would consider me a man whore Just because I would irt But I feel that my kindness and complimentary attitude is confused with irting At least I didn t see it that way But these females were playing the same game too Only difference with me is if someone wanted to make things serious then I would cut the rest off and give my effort to the one who s also making the effort And that s exactly what happened When it came to talking to girls I didn t care how I got it done And social media was my best friend Instagram was the easiest way to express interest in people in the most indirect way If I happen to come across a girl I thought was cute I would add her and like all her pictures at least the one s that I thought were cute That would always cause some attention that would result in a thank you or a beginning of a conversation that most of the time did not go anywhere This time I got a friend request from some girl I was not familiar with Katie Ramos Hmmmm I ll see whats up with this chick I accepted her because I m always into meeting new people anyway or just increasing my networking base and follower count Right after I added her to allow for her to look at my pictures she started going through my profile and liking a good amount of my pictures and commented on a couple of them saying cute or leaving smiley face emoji s I was already interested a little because this was my technique to catch someone s attention that I had a general interest in So I went to check her profile But it was locked so I couldn t secretly stalk her like I planned So I was forced to send her a request to follow Her profile picture was alright but you know you got to put you best foot forward when it comes to putting out on a profile picture She accepted right after And hey what do you know she was really cute So I did my usual thing I double tapped to like her most recent picture Then I went on and liked a couple more As I was scrolling through her pictures I saw a trend on her profile that caught my eye She plays basketball and used to run track Just like I did So that will make the conversation starter really easy But I can t just slide into the DM s direct message like that yet I don t want to look thirsty So I decided to leave a comment on her basketball picture Hey I see you ballin but are you any good tho Just as a little teaser to see where her interest level lies Not too long after she replies Play me and find out winky face emoji I m so in there I thought to myself So I replied You don t want this you can t even handle evil grin emoji She replied You don t know what I can handle Or maybe you re too scared that you ll get beat by a girl smirk grin emoji Sounds like a challenge Maybe I ll take you up on it I said Alright then I look forward to it she replies I think that went well Now lets wait and see how this goes So a couple of days go by and I continue on my regular routine in adding and liking pictures of cute girls Just because I talked to Katie a couple of days before doesn t mean that we would become something It might sound a little harsh but I ve done this many times and not all conversations have led to anything more than a friendly conversation But whenever Katie Okorie 2 would post a picture I would always like it right away and sometimes comment a witty remark along with it to show that the interest was still there She would always return the favor I don t want to get my hopes up but I can t help but think that maybe there might be a chance with her Oh well only time would tell About 2 days later since her last post she posted up a picture saying Like for a TBH TBH standing for to be honest For some strange feeling I can t help but think that this post was for me So I liked her post with the quickness and now the time to wait I checked back in about four hours later or so after doing some homework and all that and checked her post She had 34 likes on it Dang this is gonna take a minute before she gets to mine then probably It was almost like she had heard me because right after that I get a noti cation saying that she had left a comment on one of my pictures Which was typically customary of people when doing a to be honest post So I clicked on it to see what she had said She commented on one of my selfie pictures I think that your cute and maybe you should hmu hit me up one time so we can get to talkin See I knew it And now I had a perfect excuse to slide into the DM s without looking like a thirsty dude Although I wanted to talk to her pretty bad I had to try to play it cool and not rush into it So I waited until the next day to send her a message Hellow how are you doing Eh it seems bland but it s better than nothin I guess Hey hooper I m doing well and you she replied Hooper I already have a nickname This is looking pretty good for me right now I m well too Thank you for asking So when are you trying to catch these L s loses in basketball Had to keep it casual yet get the conversation going in the right direction of interest I m ready whenever you wanna take this beating real quick She replies 0000 She s gutsy and bold I like that A little smack talk don t do anybody no harm Haha We ll have to see about that but first tell me a little about yourself This started o well I thought to myself And as the conversation went along it got more and more interesting and I grew more and more fond of her as I started losing sleep just to stay up to talk to her Our conversation spanned many days Why do you take so long to reply sometimes She would ask It s because I don t have too much data to spare when I m outside of the house and away from wif1 so I have to wait til I get home I responded Oh I see That sucks You re not a good gentleman having a lady wait on you like that Lol she replied And it was at this moment that I finally saw my chance to figure out a way to get her number Because we were still talking on Instagram and the app is a wi and data enabled service I ve been wanting her number for the last couple of days for this particular reason but just did not see any openings Until now Just need a way to phrase it to be a little sly while getting my intentions across Well maybe you should let me fix that Maybe if you would give me your number I can be a better gentleman and not keep you waiting so long I said Haha Sounds good Here you go Mission accomplished I said to myself As I sent her a text right away After talking through text message for a while she told me goodnight It s starting to get late and I got an early morning class I ll ttyl talk to you later Goodnight she said Goodnight to you too May God bless you and your family I replied back Awww your so sweet Thank you Sweet dreams Sweet dreams to you too I said as I went to sleep And it was at that moment I cut off the other two girls I was talking to also


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