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Pol 101, Week 1 of Notes

by: Michaela Musselman

Pol 101, Week 1 of Notes Pol 101

Marketplace > University of Mississippi > Liberal Arts > Pol 101 > Pol 101 Week 1 of Notes
Michaela Musselman
GPA 3.35
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Introduction to American National Government
Heather Ondercin

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About this Document

First week of notes, including "Check your Knowledge" with answers at bottom of last page
Introduction to American National Government
Heather Ondercin
Class Notes
Introduction to American National Government, political science




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michaela Musselman on Saturday February 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Pol 101 at University of Mississippi taught by Heather Ondercin in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 139 views. For similar materials see Introduction to American National Government in Liberal Arts at University of Mississippi.

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Date Created: 02/20/16
Government Words to Know Politics 0 De nition from Harold Laswell quotwho gets what when and how 0 Decisionmaking process behind government M o The ability to get people to do what you want them to do Government 0 A system or organization for exercising authority power over people Authority 0 Legitimate use of power National Sovereignty 0 Authority to control citizens within national borders Popular Sovereignty 0 Where the authority in government comes from the people Governments are made up of words and institutions 0 Rules and institutions help politics 0 Rules are generally laws 0 Institutions make up the laws and help enforce and execute Quasilnstitutions Political Parties and groups Purpose of Government Maintain order Provide public goods Promote equality Maintaining Order Without order there is no government Hobb s says the state of nature is quotsolitary poor nasty brutish and shortquot 0 He asks why would anyone consent to be governed o Hobb s came to the conclusion that the natural state is how life would be without government oThe best way to preserve life is through government Laws help prevent crimes such as murder theft rape etc therefore boosting quality of life oThe social contract states that in exchange for protection people give up certain things The people consent to be governed in exchange for safety 0 John Locke Life liberty and property Said government should be used to protect our lives personal freedoms and what we own 0 In contrast Karl Marx did not see individual property ownership as important for government Providing Public Goods Government provides bene ts and services that are available to everyone 0 Ex Roads Government provides public goods for two reasons 0 It s hard to provide and divide up goods for certain individuals o It is more efficient to provide goods for everybody Promoting Equality Promoting equality helps keep up the social order 0 People are happier therefore listen to the government and stay obedient and content Economic policies are designed to promote economic equality 0 Minimum wage is an example of this Social equality is promoted through laws at local state and federal levels Different Types of Government Government is on a continuum from nondemocracy to democracy Parts of Democracv 0 Popular sovereignty People give government authority 0 Free and fair elections You are free to choose who you want as your leader There are no inherent barriers to voting Every vote counts equally 0 Different Institutional Structures Presidential system and parliamentary systems Winner takes all Proportional representation 0 Parts of Authoritarian Governments nondemocracy 0 Sources of powerMode of selecting government Dictators An individual takes power for his or herself MonarchsPower comes from quotroyal bloodquotPower is inher ed Theocracy Power comes from a higher power ie God Fascism The state takes power for itself Oligarchy The power is in the hands of a selective few who gave themselves power Check Your Knowledge What is power What are the reasons government provides public goods What is the source of power in a theocracy Different Types of Governments Continued Characteristics of Democracies o Tension between social order and individual freedom 0 Provides expensive public goods 0 Modern democracies concerned with political and social equality Characteristics of Authoritarian governments 0 Strong social order limited individual freedoms 0 Provides some public goods 0 Often not concerned with political and social equality Economic Systems and Governments Type of government does not determine type of economic system On one end of the spectrum is capitalist economies and on the other end is socialist In the middle is mixed economies Socialism Features of a socialist economy 0 Decisions made by the state 0 State owns property and means of production Government economic system combinations 0 Totalitarianism Authoritarian government and socialist economy 0 Marx s Radical Democracy Capitalism Features of capitalism 0 Decisions made by individuals through the free market 0 Private ownership of property 0 No true laissezfaire system of capitalism can exist Combinations of government 0 Authoritarian capitalism Social democracy 0 Regulated capitalism O 0 Political culture What makes a country unique 0 Americans share a political culture that has similar views of freedom even with different political parties our political views are fairly similar and close together on the spectrum Citizenship o If you re born on US soil you are a citizen jus soli If you re born to two US citizens even on foreign soil you are a US citizen 0 Women African Americans and Native Americans were not always allowed citizenship as citizenship used to be dependent on other factors such as property ownership 0 Core Values A set of beliefs that a society overwhelmingly agrees on 0 Freedom De ned as restraint from the state or lack of and focuses on the individual Equality is the idea that all men are created equal 0 There are multiple ways to think about equality Economic social and political equality Equal opportunity Answers to Check Your Knowledge 0 The ability to get others to do what you want 0 It is more efficient to provide for everybody and harder to provide for select individuals 0 Power comes from religion or is quotgodgiven


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