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Membrane Movment

by: Domonique Hood

Membrane Movment BIOL 1111

Domonique Hood
Clayton State
GPA 3.0
Introduction to Biology I
Ann showalter

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About this Document

Introduction to Biology I
Ann showalter
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Domonique Hood on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1111 at Clayton State University taught by Ann showalter in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.


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Date Created: 02/21/16
BIOL 1111 Showalter 1 HW 3 Applications of Movement across Membranes Directions Use your notes and the worksheet you completed in class to apply what you know about the movement of molecules across the cell membrane to real world issues Answer the questions below for the three scenarios Submit your answers to Dropbox by 335pm on Monday February 8 This assignment is worth 10 points Scenario 1 Hypertension 3 pts People with high blood pressure are often told by doctors to limit how much sodium they consume 1 Sodium is an ion a charged atom Is sodium hydrophobic or hydrophilic Hydrophilic Can sodium move across the cell membrane via simple diffusion No because being a charged ion Sodium cannot freely pass passively across a biological membrane 2 When a person eats salt sodium enters the bloodstream and this blood contains more sodium than the surrounding cells Is the blood hypertonic or hypotonic compared to the surrounding cells The blood is more hypertonic than the surrounding cells 3 Now think about osmosis If sodium cannot cross the membrane without a transport protein then water will want to move instead Will water move into or out of the blood Water will move outside the cell Imagine that a person s veins are like pipes where the more water you try to squeeze through the pipes the higher the pressure will be Do you think the movement of water you identi ed above will increase or decrease a person s blood pressure It will increase the blood pressure BIOL 1111 Showalter 2 Scenario 2 Photosynthesis 4 pts As you will learn later in the semester plants use carbon dioxide to build glucose a process called photosynthesis 1 What type of molecule is carbon dioxide ls carbon dioxide a small and nonpolar molecule or a large molecule or a hydrophilic molecule It s a nonpolar Covalent Molecule Does carbon dioxide need transport proteins to move across the cell membrane No it can roam in and out the cell membrane freely Because plants are constantly using up their carbon dioxide to make glucose there is less carbon dioxide inside plant cells than outside Therefore is the inside of a plant cell hypertonic or hypotonic compared to the outside of the cell The inside is hypertonic What process will move carbon dioxide into plant cells Diffusion What type of molecule is glucose ls glucose a small and nonpolar molecule or a large molecule or a hydrophilic molecule Glucose is small and hydrophilic Can glucose move into cells without the assistance of transport proteins No glucose needs the help of transport proteins Photosynthesis generally occurs inside leaf cells of plants which means the leaf cells have more glucose than the area outside the leaf cells Therefore are the leaf cells hypertonic or hypotonic compared to the area outside the leaf cells Hypotonic What process will move glucose out of leaf cells Photosynthesis BIOL 1111 Showalter 3 Scenario 3 Cystic brosis 3 pts Cystic brosis is a genetic disease caused by a nonfunctioning transport protein called CFTR Normal CFTR pumps chloride ions Cl39 out of mucusproducing cells see below This movement of chloride ions helps regulate the movement of water into and out of the cells which helps the cells excrete thin mucus The cells of people with cystic brosis cannot pump chloride ions out which alters water movement out of the cells and causes the cells to excrete thick mucus This thick mucus interferes with many biological processes particularly in the lungs of people with cystic brosis Normal cell Cystic fibrosis cell Outside cell Nollnfurlctioning lnside cell 1 What process is moving chloride ions across the cell membrane in normal cells Facilitated Diffusion 2 In the normal cell which side of the cell membrane is hypertonic inside the cell or outside the cell Inside the cell is hypotonic How will water move across the membrane of a normal cell will it move into or out of the cell It will move into the cell 3 In the cystic brosis cell which side of the cell membrane is hypertonic inside the cell or outside the cell Outside the cell is hypertonic BIOL 1111 Showalter How will water move across the membrane of a cystic brosis cell will it move into or out of the cell It will move out of the cell


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