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Class Note for POLS 3311 with Professor Aleman at UH


Class Note for POLS 3311 with Professor Aleman at UH

Marketplace > University of Houston > Class Note for POLS 3311 with Professor Aleman at UH

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
University of Houston POLS 3311 Professor Ed uardo Ale man 2102009 o In fact Przeworski s analysis ofthe post 1950 period shows the opposite to what Lipset had predicted in those countries where there are more Catho cs democmcyappears slightly more likelyto survive there is a small but statistically significant effect Some possible explanations a According to huntington 1991 this reriectsmaior changes in the doctrine appeai and social and poiiticai commitments or the cathoiic church that Occurred in the 19605 and 19705 a According to Lipset 1994 these changesare primariiya resuit or the deiegitimation orso caiied ultrarrightist or ciericai rascism in cathoiic thoughtand poiitics an outgrowth orthe dereat orrascism in Europe and considerapie economicgrowth in many maior cathoiic iands in postwar decades Economic Development and Social Values 0 Inglehart amp Welzel s 2006 chapterfocuses on the link between economic development and cultural change The authors examine the implications of two advances indust zation and postindustrialization 0 Evidence from a world survey covering 81 societiesthat account for 85 ofthe world s population fourwaves of surveys between 1981 and 2001 Religious Values Catholics and Protestants o Lipset 1994 continued emphasizing the historical association between Protestantism and the emergence ofdemocmcy Vet statistical analyses do not find evidence forthis association 0 Statistical analysis investigate whetherthe size of particular religious groups is associated with democracy According to Przeworski et ai 2000 neitherthe proportion of Protestants nor that or Musiims seems to have an errect on the emergence or durapiiity ordemocracy These rindings are con rmed by Eoix and Stokes 2003 and Epstein et al 2006 Religion and Economic Growth other questions in a recentpaper two proressorsrrom Harvard University Barro and McCleary study the errect or church attendance and peiierin Hell on economicgrowth Some interesting ndings JrCcovonilr r arrm1 cnnien A39iehnanne er Economic cumin Ami Sahel ii HKI mam Fain luneluiumea mm tmnm upi rhh Cl we A39rnndmn mm rilumtdi Haliql iir mi nunniuiwtui Industrialization and secular values 0 Inglehart and Welzel 2005 agrarian production 1 industrial production traditional values secularization amp rationalization 0 They argue thatthe process of industrialization was about as likely to produce authoritarian forms of mass participation as democratic ones as Barrington Moore noted earlier 2102009 Industrialization and secularvalues ingiehart 8 Weizei expectmfind seouiarvaiuesto be more prevaient in societies With high ieveis oi inoustriaiizationthan in oountriesthat are predominantiv agrarian Based on survevs the authors ciassw countries aiong a Hadilinnalversus sesuiai valinnal oirnension gt This dimensinn ieiiettsthe tentiastbetween sotietiesinwhith ieiuion isveiwrhpnrtant and these in whith is Hut The impnitante nHarhiiv is aisn a ieieuant nineiente iiauitienai setieties ieiezt uiveite and take a pieeiire stante mi abmtmquot euthanasia and suitiue tradi onal versus secular rational dimension 7n39l dahan i39ndkionuiSccnli Rmimml Value m n gsuuipioomierauawmg Smulzi mum ii vnlucs cmphnsm iie anaemi Rzlizmn a my museum in cspmdzm39x no 9 impede oeiieios i Huiiii as one at uspundcnz39s auu We in me has bcczi m link In M Ivar Maine mni i111 itepanue bchsvr in He 7s Respondent attends chirrzh quotgrimy m Rupmidenl In u 5m tieei ofmn dmcc i1 memoms amines 1 Respondtnrgus mmlon anti Strength meidigmn 71 chpundcmdcscnbzs HUI quot1 mi gin persen is eatienaeia is never inm ablr 5 chL is my memes ui inventions me a nine should mime imiseii aching fumign goods ham 5 Suicidn is we inm ahlt use mm t 1 meme oiinaumiiiiizaiiim iii iriiiiimnaimuiemnomi iaiua Are peopie iess reiigious in noh countries than in poor ones wiin shimmy i mini mi aimi mm m neieieiyanessueuoineunreeieninuamaineiraniaauitn a reiesennnetnenm reieiauspesinan neoanueneuereeiuens 1 itineroeiieveisitninoeuisneeeawiar quotmum1 1 itneeyreieianisuenimpenantintneiriiueanas 1 itinerniayuiaast amaz zv sauree PawGwmiAnnu quianJ OT United State 7 oipeopie sav that one rnustoeiieiie in God to have good vaiues and be rnoraiwhiie41 disagree Univ 30 oi Canadians beiieue moraiitv is impossioie Withoutiaith Throughout Western and Eastern Euroge majoritiessav iaith in God is not a precondition ior moraiitv PostIndustrialization and SelfExpression Values ingiehartano Weizei aiso notethat as inoustriai countries oeveiop iurther a new phase emerges gtthe service sector eithe eoenemy grews atthe expense at the industrial sector The transiorrnation to a pnsxindumial sometv is iinheo With another change in vaiue gtthe nse ei seifeexpressionquot values 2102009 PostIndustrialization and SelfExpression Values ng ehzn KWeze srguetnstwnen survwz rs uncenzm cu tum dwemty appears tnreetemng a many peap e 5o peap etendtodmgtutrzdmunz m es absumtem es andfzrmhzr norms m an sttempttomsxrmrze preeretsomty m an uneerternworm autwnen sumvz bsgmstu betaken torgrsnteeetnnresne cu tum dryersrty bemme rneressrngw acceptzme merers 2 ensngetrom en empnssrs an emnumm andphysmz semmty award rneressrng empnssrs an se frexpressmn tu erance and quzhty o rte cnsngrng gender ru es and sexua norms nu unger seem tnreetemng PostIndustrialization and SelfExpression Values asseeonsurveystnesotnorsexsssrtyeoortrressxongs survival versus szllrgxpmssion ermensron SEllrzxpmssion values are assumzted wrtn 2 gruwmg empnssrs on en nonmesz pnoteetion tne womenrs movement and c zmvmn Survival values are assumzted wrtn re ztwe y uw eve s uf someetwe weH bemg uw mterpersunz trust erssgreemert wrtn tne nutmn uf genderequzhtyznd 2 re ztwe yfavumb e wew uf sotnorrtsrrsn regrmes gt Equa rrgrtstor women gays torergners and otner umgruups tendtu be re ned m socretreswneresorwsx seemsuncenzm surviwl versus selfexpression dimension 39x2 gnanumthmumm tla lovam Wv39wpmmnvd mnmnWWW on memeo Hummer on u rtmertterwm tenlnernnomu x R3314mrmiwaumrrwrmr mommm or mm moment 5m r t mm mmp m mm n V a mel m m mm m mower 7 Mn em n rm e m m M Mr m m nmrtrmnm n no mommnmm mnsmw women 7 f m E m g m w mmquot r r 1 r t We r o m we rt mrwnmrmrro quotMnmm 7 Z 5 we n newrwmmnormoamterm nt n t r n r n 4 m i me n 39 tnmuwmomr mnmmmmn hmnmm en mmmmm u mommiomquotmin Muir gumy wmoem wnwwmmm w v We mm o new m onan momma smmuseu woe Economic development and the homogenization of cultural values 5 r i ng ehznznd We m zrguethzt buthtrznsfurmztmnsmdusmzhzztmn g m and then pustwdusmzhzatmngavensetu mpunzntcukurg g WM enengestnetposneesooetresm preereteexeerreetrons a overeu soclozconomlc development rs assumzted wrtn 2 eooety39s quot cultural uzluzsmext uur 1 met 39nmnnsnc39zl39s rankre atwt vmgh anhathimuhrindizw avlsihnIIus M g n i z mwrimnnninc39rlksrankre atwwnghanhmhlndhmnilindiuwiwl g 3 villus E 5 meoeinmmemmeemonareosperseeheweennemnerw gen mmmtgmuvs We wen 2102009 W quot Emmuny High m M mm m WMWHJ m Mam mama mnmamm vmnamnmumnm new Mme mm he m a mm h mm mm M ww mm wew Wm hm V21lcgzlh21 w II IIst syizmztic cultural changeswe mm lhz pzlsistzncz 01 d nine culluml chalz zv s Rehgmusmdmuhs CD EIFHE Us and hmhczx hehtzgezh have an Endu rg mam uh the vzme waem uf vzrmus sumehes These Endu ng mus defy swmphsuc HEIUEIHS uf cu tura humugemzztmn Themczuuh uf each Sammy nthe g ubz cu tura mapquot re eas these new ch2r2denslmssee hen iwde Cunnra Ousters meehauhhg mvanarehgmustradmans Ca amames ammwm mum vrlww emmmme m xucssinnvlmu quotmm mm monk haw


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