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History of Western Civ 1815-Present Week 2 notes

by: Katharine Anthony

History of Western Civ 1815-Present Week 2 notes HIS 104

Marketplace > Pace University > History > HIS 104 > History of Western Civ 1815 Present Week 2 notes
Katharine Anthony

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About this Document

Notes from Week 2
History of Western Civilization 1815-Present
Michael Rosenfeld
Class Notes
History of Western Civ 1815-Present, Western Civ, history
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katharine Anthony on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 104 at Pace University taught by Michael Rosenfeld in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see History of Western Civilization 1815-Present in History at Pace University.


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Date Created: 02/21/16
Isaac Newton Integral in the SR Knew the universe was more complex and his books like the Principia Mathematica revolutionized science. Scientific Revolution The Scientific Revolution was a key intell dev in the 17th C, led by IN, that, through exploration and dbs est a whole new way of understanding nature and the universe. Galen Ancien Regime Denver Broncos Won the Superbowl. Basically, when we write for his tests we need to have precision and clarity. Enlightenment Brings in the light and takes away the darkness Religion  made people dependent believing what they were told and not exploring.  Free people ought to be free to use their own minds and education had to be taken away from the Church.  Education grounded in reason and rationality would lead us to liberation. Saint  Holy person  Miracles  Canonization Everything needs to be rationalized and proven but it isn't before the Enlightenment. Some organized Christianity were super cruel so they wanted to leave these things behind. Sinners Witches  Black magic  Black Arts 1776: American Revolution Declaration of Independence “We the People…" 1789-1815- French Revolution Louis XVI  “I am the state” – quote from him. Marie Antoinette Bastille (Day) th  An old prison that fell July 14during the French Revolution  Outbreak of the French revolution symbol Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen Barber of Seville  Says the aristocracy is dumb and the working class is intelligent  Beaumarchais Diving right of kings- absolutism  Allowed the king to rule without question Philosophes o Voltaire o Diderot o Hume o Rousseau o Beccaria o Condorcet Aristocracy Ancien regime Birth Privilege Why do humans suffer? Lisbon Earthquake, 1754 Are human beings by their nature good? Are all children innocent at birth? Where did evil come from? Humanity Individualism Tolerance Understanding Perfection Progress Rights-law Talent- ability Sinners- original sin  Commits one of the seven deadly sins o Kills the soul  Sloth  Lust  Wrath  Gluttony  Avarice  Pride  Envy o We feel guilt for these mortal sins o Non-theologically they are those who violated the moral laws o Traditional Christian thinking we're all born sinners (original sin)  We get original sin for Adam and Eve  Humans are inherently evil if we believe in this Free Will  Catholic teaching, good or bad we make our own choices  We can think clearly and have the capacity to make an independent decision  Therefore we can be held responsible for what we do. Human nature Tabula rasa  Clean slate  John Locke’s theory  Children born with a clean slate  You depend on what is written on your “slate”  Good environment = good child  Bad environment=bad child John Locke-empiricism  Psychologist/ Philosopher Encylopedia ( Britianica) Information Knowledge wisdom? Data Homework  Put Geographical features on either map


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