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NFS 3020 Week 8 Notes

by: Aurora Moberly

NFS 3020 Week 8 Notes NFS 3020

Aurora Moberly
GPA 3.91
Sports Nutrition
Artis Grady

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About this Document

These notes cover protein and nutrition assessments.
Sports Nutrition
Artis Grady
Class Notes
Sports Nutrition
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aurora Moberly on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NFS 3020 at Southern Utah University taught by Artis Grady in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Sports Nutrition in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Southern Utah University.

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Date Created: 02/21/16
Test 2 3416 Goal 94 Protein Amino acid building blocks contain nitrogen Essential Amino Acids Not made by the body must get from food NonEssential Made by the body Complete Foods Have all essential amino acids Incomplete Foods Don39t have all essential amino acids Can get all amino acids by having a varied diet Functions of Proteins and Amino acids in Human Metabolism Structure enzymes hormones neurotransmitters movement transport immunity acidbase balance uid balance energy Body builders get a lot of protein Runners gymnasts don39t get a lot of protein Amino acids aren t stored anywhere in the body they reside in the blood and body uids If there are excess amino acids in the body they are deanimated broken down in a process called deamination in the liver which means they take out the nitrogen and turn it into urea excreted in the urine this leaves a carbon residue that is converted into carbohydrate fats Nitrogen balance studies are used to determine usage of protein Amount will vary with an increase in exercise In an athlete their protein requirement is dependent on energy intake degree of training intensity of training Chart represents how protein travels through the body Dietary protein l Pool of amino acids in blood and body fluids 1 Synthesis gt Body tissues Hormones Degradation Enzymes Antibodies Deamination in liver Nitrogen L Urea excretion Protein needs will increase with growth starting an exercise program calorie restriction Carbon residue e l Carbohydrate Fats due to diet anorexia depleted glycogen stores How well a person utilizes protein depends on body composition activity level energy and CH0 adequacy protein quality hormones illness and injury To build muscles it takes extra exercise appropriate protein intake adequate calories from ca rbs To add 1 pound of muscle requires additional protein of 1014 grams per day Body can add only two pounds of muscle per week under the best of circumstances Person gmkg Sedentary Adult Recreational Exerciser Adult 08 11 16 Endurance Athlete Adult Growing Teen Athlete Adult Building Muscle Mass Athlete Restricting Calories Upper Requirement for Adult NNl l l Nl l l l OOOOOOQOQQW Examples Body builder 200bs 07089lb 1401609 proteinday Marathoner 150bs 0607glb 901059 proteinday Young Gymnast 80lbs 0709glb 5672g proteinday If intake is too low there is decreased muscle mass greater risk of injury chronic fatigue and poor muscle strength BMR becomes depressed major cause of amenorrhea possible sports anemia during early stages of exercise If intake is excessive there is often eating protein instead of getting adequate CHO increase urination and possible dehydration possible calcium loss longterm ketosis may occur high protein is often also high fat unbalanced diet costly so less money for other foods Guides for protein are for resistance exercise aerobic exercisers require less 4 equally spaced proteincontaining meals per day 02503g proteinkgmeal 1 presleep meal 6g proteinkgmeal No bene t of eating protein during exercise Studies have found no difference in protein synthesis if given before 1hr post 3hr post exercise Amount needed to stimulate muscle recovery is small Complete proteins are best Repeated small doses of protein over time are more effective than one large amount Giving greater amounts shows no added bene t Post Exercise Protein Intake Less protein is needed if carbs are included Ratio of carbs to protein should be 254 g carb to 1 g of protein Examples of foods with this ratio Chocolate milk Banana 14 cup almonds 1 apple 1 c skim milk bagel with peanut butter ect Leucine Hypothesis Amino acid leucine triggers muscle protein synthesis 25g leucine per meal is suggested with 30g protein Leucine is plentiful in whey protein If meal includes high quality protein foods enough leucine is likely to be present Nutrition Assessment Nutrition Assessment Detailed information that is nutrition related and relevant is obtained Critical steps to success Assessment nutrition diagnosis goal setting action plan evaluation and reassessment Nutrition Assessment done using A to E guidelines Anthropometric Body composition analysis All body fat measurements have a percentage error of about 34 Methods Hydrostatic weighing body plethysmography Bod Pod skin folds bioelectrical impedance BIA infrared interactance Futrex Medical Methods DEXA Dual energy xray absorptiometry MRI Magnetic resonance imaging CT Computer tomography Hydrometry Neutron activity Whole body potassium Body Mass Index BMI Uses height and weight to estimate body composition not very helpful in athletes moderately correlated to body fat single value used for all genders heights if 20 The problem with athletes using BMI is that if they are muscular their weight will be off on the BMI chart Body Fat Ranges General Optimal for Risky for Health Population Athletes Men 1518 512 lt5 Women 2025 1220 lt10 Body Fat Standards Classi cations Image Males Females Essential Fat 35 1113 Very Low Fat Skinny 710 1417 Low Fat Trim 1013 1720 Average Fat Normal 1317 2027 Above Normal Fat Plump 1725 2731 Very High Fat Fat 25 31 Biochemical Lab tests on biological uids Macronutrients micronutrients organ function Clinical Medical history review of physical systems energy requirements Dietary Collection of food intake information evaluation of the diet Prospective Food diary details research methods happening right now Retrospective Food frequency 24 hour recall usual intake thinking back The analysis is only as good as the data that is collected Evaluation of diet Computer programs if you have detail Exchange groups Food group recommendations Environmental What affects ones ability to obtain prepare or consume foodsbeverages Living conditions lifestyle daily routine culture psychological in uences willingness Stages of Change Once you have the assessment give your nutrition diagnosis goal setting action plan


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