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Sociology Movie notes- The Mean World Syndrome

by: AlliSlaten

Sociology Movie notes- The Mean World Syndrome Soc 100-001

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Sociology > Soc 100-001 > Sociology Movie notes The Mean World Syndrome
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About this Document

Notes on The Mean World Syndrome movie with the questions from the essay prompt
General Sociology
John R Brouillette
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by AlliSlaten on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 100-001 at Colorado State University taught by John R Brouillette in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see General Sociology in Sociology at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 02/21/16
- Impacts of Watching Violence in TV: (HINT: Be sure to discuss the mean world syndrome and what is meant by “cultivation.” Be sure to give several specific examples from the video.) (25%) • the meaning of the violence and its effect on people is what means the most to the researchers not how much violence we encounter. • “monkey see, monkey do” watching violence causes violence and the increases the idea of violence • the pain fund study shows that media violence has long term effects on its viewers • ex. Halloween 1938, reading of War of the Worlds, caused wide spread panic. This only added to the conclusion that mass media effects us. magic bullet theory (media is the bullet and our reaction is the blow up of a jug of juice) • heavier viewers have an increased sense of insecurity and fear • They live in a meaner worlds, they encounter more violence, the entire media effect • The mean world syndrome- news media is a “nightly carnival of violence”, 61% of local news • stories cover some kind of violence, we are more afraid of the world because of the exposure to mass media, perception causes you to always be on guard, mean people are angry and this causes violence. • cultivation- the amount of television they watch and they amount of fear they have, clear correlation of the amount of media we consume and the amount of fear we have • even though statistics show that crime has dropped, society believes the opposite and gun sales are going. fear is not going down. Protecting themselves from chaos and fear and gives them power • Why is fear rising when the threat is falling? 2/3 of those who believe this get their news from television, media is changing their perception They don’t want to believe that the world is getting less violent because media doesn’t portray that is less violent - Human Costs of Watching Violence on TV (HINT: The negative portrayal of different categories of people? Be sure to give several specific examples from the video.) (25%) • media dehumanizes many minorities by only sharing things like illegal immigration (latinos) and destroying their reputation • over the last century 90% of media portrayals of aribs and muslims are negative which are influencing a violent reaction to the violence going on as well as our thoughts of those minorities and individuals of that decent • AfricanAmericans- blacks are twice as likely to be seen as law breakers than whites, heavy viewers are more likely to view all blacks as violent People are less likely to believe that there is a repression of crime because it changes their view on • what is going on in the world because it would change their insecurities - Impact of the Video on You? How will having viewed the video affect your thinking about or the way you watch TV in the future? (20%) •


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