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Sexuality across the lifespan notes

by: Shabree Bost

Sexuality across the lifespan notes CDFR 4006

Marketplace > Child and Family Studies > CDFR 4006 > Sexuality across the lifespan notes
Shabree Bost
GPA 3.621
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About this Document

Notes for sexuality through the lifespan. The notes address the sexuality of humans from 0-17. The notes describe different stages of sexual understanding.
Families, Sexuality, and Gender
Dr. Kate Harcourt
Class Notes
CDFR, HDFS, Human Development, child development, development, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shabree Bost on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CDFR 4006 at a university taught by Dr. Kate Harcourt in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views.

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Date Created: 02/21/16
Sexuality across the Lifespan During Childhood  Learning about body parts  Explore body o Self-touching (normal for children to masturbate for comfort not for sex)  Start to form a gender identity  Ask about basic reproduction  Show affection appropriately  Want body privacy Age 0-3  Are curious and explore their body and others bodies  Talk about their body  Mimic parents of same sex  Able to achieve an erection and vaginal lubrication  Able to understand and use appropriate words for body parts (need to be taught what appropriate words to use) Age 4-5  Still curious  Feel sure about their gender  Able to recognize males and females  Recognize traditional gender roles  Become conscious of their own body (appearance, function, etc..) Age 6-8 (less questions more learning from peers)  Believe in cooties  Recognize social norms around sexuality and ask less questions (understand not appropriate to ask questions in public)  Look at peers, media, and other sources to get information about sex  May engage in same-gender exploration Adolescence  Communicate and make decisions regarding sexuality  Choices, consequences, responsibility of sexual behavior  Human reproduction and conception  HIV/AIDS and other STDs  Relate to the other gender appropriately  Sexual orientation  Positive body image Ages 9-12  Emerging since of self  Conscious of sexuality and how to express it  Understand jokes with sexual content  Concerned about being normal  Feel weird about puberty  Feel shy about asking questions to caregiver  Highly value privacy Ages 13-17  Understand they are sexual, options and consequences of sexual expression  Recognize aspects of a healthy and unhealthy relationship  Clear understanding of possible consequences of sexual intercourse  Have ability to make reasonable choices about sex (pre-frontal cortex not finished growing until 25-26 years old) (pre-frontal cortex helps process logical thoughts)  Recognizes the role media plays with sex  Capacity to learn about intimate, loving, long-term relationships  Have an understanding of their own sexual orientation (sexual orientation different than sexual behavior) Global Perspective  USA teens and European teens have similar rates of sexual activity but European teens use contraception more often  Worldwide half of all teen births happen in seven countries o Bangladesh o Brazil o Congo o Ethiopia o India o Nigeria o United States


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