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by: Janie


Marketplace > University of North Dakota > History > HIST 103 > NOTES FROM FEB 15 FEB 19
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About this Document

Covers England's Post War Problems, The In Class Writings, ect.
U.S. to 1877
Eric Burin
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Janie on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 103 at University of North Dakota taught by Eric Burin in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see U.S. to 1877 in History at University of North Dakota.


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Date Created: 02/21/16
Hist 103: Test 2 Notes England’s Post-War Problems Big debt, global empire to defend, taxation without representation (virtual representation, connect to in class writing “should children be allowed to vote”) In Class Writing: Should North Dakota Join Canada? England’s Post-War Problem Solutions What constitutes a nation? Many Americans at this time don’t think of themselves as “American”, but rather New Yorkers, English, ECT. Proclamation of 1763: Won’t let Americans settle West. Made them feel like they were being denied the fruits of their war labor. Sugar and Revenue Acts: England highly regulated sugar. The Sugar Acts made them enforce more rules, it also lowered the price of sugar. Revenue Act adds more commodities to England’s important commodity list. Stamp Act Crisis (1765) Require stamp on any paper documents (books, newspapers, ect.). Direct taxes (tax payer ant transfer them onto someone else) which made Americans mad. England had never passed a direct tax (important movement on the road to revolution), it had the potential to offend ANYONE not just merchants, unlike previously passed acts. Particularly upset people of the public sphere (lawyers, politicians, statesman’s) who are good at publicly expressing their discontent. Begin to resist, boycott from committees of correspondence which begin the make them think of themselves as Americans (states coming together to demolish stamp act). Sons of Liberty formed where they took matters into their own hands. Repealed the law but also passed the Declaratory Acts, which said they repealed it for their own reasons, but they could pass any other act whenever they wanted. Boston Massacre (1770) Fight between the colonists and the soldiers. 5 Bostonians died. Why call it a massacre? One of the people who died, Attucks Christius was black, becomes important about human rights, anti- slavery, liberty, going on when he died. Important because he became a symbols for those fighting against slavery/racisms, said to be the first black man to die for independence. Symbol for 1 martyr to die. John Addams is asked to defend soldiers in court case, a very unpopular client. Addams is so committed to a fair trial that he doesn’t care about the social consequences, and eventually gets them off the hook. Paul Revere makes engraving of massacre depicting the middle class as unarmed people being fired at by the military, which is untrue. Important because it shows that controlling images of what people see (think today with the radio, internet, social media). Tea Act/Tea Part The Tea Act promises to lower the price of tea by having the government pay for it. But this now means that there will be a tax on it. Tax without representation for cheap tea means sacrificing liberties. Sons of liberty disagree, dress up as Natives, and dump tea causing 3mill in damage. In response England passes… Coercive (Intolerable Acts) Closes harbor, curtails democracy in Massachusetts, Quartering Act (government, can enforce people to quarter soldiers in their home) Partial Administration of Justice Act (trying a British official in England even if their crime was committed elsewhere). England clamping down because they don’t think people are safe with these rebels. Military Affairs Lexington & Concord (1775) 49 Americans killed, 73 members of the army, take Fort Condaroge, major military engagement. What are they fighting for? Independence? Not clear what political objective is. Massachusetts is in favor for independence (John Addams) Virginians are also in favor because: Lord Dumore (governor of Virginia) issues proclamation saying slaves get independence if they ran away from their masters and fought with the army. Dunmore raised the stakes possibly making Virginians agree with independence. New York and Pennsylvania unsure, more likely to be attacked by British so they didn’t want t guess wrong. Concerned that they won’t be able to control the rebellion of the chose independence. Even if they win, could they control everything else after beating the British? Thomas Paine, Common Sense Makes arguments about politics, saying they have been dragged into wars because they are associated with British and the Republics are better than monarchs. Says they would be much better without the British, and that they could make their own unique “Asylum for mankind” The Declaration of Independence (July 1776) Has 2 main parts: The Preamble and the Accusations. The accusations were against the King of England. This section is the least talked about in the Declaration of Independence. Also the part Congress focuses on, Congress takes out 25% Jefferson thinks they mangled it but Congress made a GOOD decision because by accusing the king instead of England’s people (which is what Jefferson had) was better. Jefferson was a better writer than Addams, and less obnoxious (According to Addams himself) Virginia wrote something similar, but was uneasy about it nd Philadelphia focused on the 2 part Timmothy McVey blows up federal building, wearing Jefferson t-shirt. This is was Philadelphia was afraid of back in the day.


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