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notes week 6

by: odette antabi

notes week 6 Mkt 340

odette antabi
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Unit 2 class 1 and 2 includes Videos
Professional Selling
Ian Scharf
Class Notes
Sharf note weeks week 6 prospecting MKT340
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by odette antabi on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Mkt 340 at University of Miami taught by Ian Scharf in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.

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Date Created: 02/21/16
Unit 2 Part 1 I. Prospecting  Referrals: Existing client introduces you to somebody else. It is the transfer of trust and friendship For 3 referrals you use to get 1 client  COI: Centers of influence: people who have not but from you but are in a position to introduce you. Lead group: from a COI. Group of non-competing professionals who exchange names.  Networking: People who get together for a common purpose. Meet at least once a month. In a social setting / happy hour All charge fees Multiple comities Different levels of membership Two type of people join these membership 1. To drink and meet/date people 2. Prospecting plan Tips: How to conduct yourself at organizations themselves  Only join organizations you believe in. If you are only joining to do business they will know  Limit the number of organization you join 2 appropriate 3 too pushy  Join a committee inside the organization. The best is the membership committee  meet most people  Go to the meetings  Join the highest membership possible  Be patient How to conduct yourself in the meetings  Meet 1 friend each meeting  Do not discuss business at functions  What do you do for living give them a personalized mission statement  If they ask more ask for their card to go later for coffee  Do not bring card to the networking meetings sell yourself first  If they ask for your card I ran out of cards  If they give you their card write on the back a fact about them warm up the conversation later Mailings: 1-100 Don’t buy things with much value Cod Calling: Calling people unannounced Builds rejection Disrespect one asset you cannot get back time II. Approaches for developing Knowledge Read  Read 3o min a day with something about your industry or about your competition Ask for feedback on what you are doing  From people who don’t love you Analyze your success and failures  Learn more from failures  Success luck Part 2 Video: the joint work video Partners: Dennis + Rudy Prospects: Tom + Pat Tom is a driver and visual. What makes a good joint work partnership 1. Complementing personality types 2. An orderly agenda: know from before who is doing and saying what 3. Put your ego on the shelf. They just need to like one of the two When presenting multiple people: have your prospect sit next to each other You take always the lead of the table Planning a sell call”  To increase productivity  Not waste time Before meeting someone. 6mandatory pieces of info you need 1. Name 2. Address 3. Telephone number 4. Occupation 5. Income 6. Family status 3 objectives for sales calls 1. Visionary objective: exceeds expectations 2. Primary objective: equals expectations 3. Minimum objective: the best expectations to walk away Comfort zones: never stay away 10% in either direction unless it is shifted. A good manager shifts people comfort zone u II. 5 stages sale cycle 1. Discovery:  the average first meeting should be 15-20 min  make 2 promises before:  not try to sell you anything  would not stay longer than 20 min unless you ask me too purposes:  is there a need?  It is a single need or multiple?  What is our next step Components of first meeting 1. Introduction: all meetings start with an intro .  Normal or standard intro: give your name and company  Referral intro: mention the referral source + name + company 2. Report after intro it is not good to go right into business  Have them at clients office or home (look to the walls or desk to get something to start on)  Only build reports sincerely  Under no condition build up on religion, sex or politics  Some people are so good on building reports eat up time 3. Personalized mission statement  Benefit statement of what you do for living  Break up every product or service in 2  Features: something inherent to the product  Benefit: what the feature does


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