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Episodes in Western Art: Week 4

by: ChristopherMetallo

Episodes in Western Art: Week 4 ARTH 11100

Marketplace > Ithaca College > Art History > ARTH 11100 > Episodes in Western Art Week 4
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About this Document

Roman art, Roman history, Commemoration in Rome, and Roman Temples.
Episodes in Western Art
Frances Gallart-Marques
Class Notes
Rome, empire, episodes, Western Art, Art, history
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by ChristopherMetallo on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 11100 at Ithaca College taught by Frances Gallart-Marques in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Episodes in Western Art in Art History at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 02/21/16
FEB 15, 17, 19 2016 Episodes in Western Art Week 4 Day 1: Episode 3: Deadly Charades: The Flavian Amphitheater - Recap • Archaic Tradition - Egyptian frontality • Classical - contraposto - Roman Republic • Intense desire to represent realism • Shows wisdom in old age and helps to develop a familial lineage - Roman empire • Augustus - Adopted son of Julius Cesar - Bust • Looks very young, not interested in showing his age in sculpture • Idealized perfect face • Breaks with the pictorial tradition of rome and goes back to idealism like the Greeks • Recapturing the glory of the past, making himself immortal - Made the empire very wealthy - Didn't have a predecessor and adopted his wife son The Julio-Claudians • - No blood relation but all represent themselves as similar to Augustus - Nero • Built a huge palace called the Golden house with an artificial lake 1 FEB 15, 17, 19 2016 • Built himself a colossus statue where he is represented as the sun-god • All of his images and possessions were destroyed • Flavians - Vespasian • not representing himself like the Julio-Claudians • more realistic - Destroys the Golden House and returns the land to the people. He builds the Colosseum in its place - re-carved the face of the Colossus to represent the sun god - Amphitheater Two theaters put together and presented in the round • • Possible because of concrete and the arch - Concrete: Rubble and mortar composed of lime - Arch: Curved structural member spanning an opening and serving as a support - Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum) • Capacity of 50K-75K people • Seated and separated by class • Adorned with sculptures in every arch • Series of trapdoors for animals to travel underground and surprise fighters - A day at the games • precession of the gods • Venationes - Animal hunts and fights - Would sometimes throw prisoners to fight the beasts • Execution 2 FEB 15, 17, 19 2016 - recreate famous myths in the form of execution to increase entertainment • Gladiatorial Fights - Not meant to be fights to the death because they were expensive trained athletes - Gladiators • Infamia: had no right over their body because hey gave up their body for entertainment • Had different classes • Women could be gladiators • Gravestones - Name, age, fighting skills, commemorator Week 4 Day 2: Episode 3: Trajan & Commemoration - Trajan • Optimus Princeps • Representing himself like augustus. Never shows signs of aging • Timgad - Based city off of the way they built their military camps • Gridded, walled, two main crossing streets - Entertainment, temple, theater, baths • Forum of Trajan (112AD) - Large open area with building used for public business - Took down a large hill and built the largest forum in Rome - Large equestrian statue of Trajan - Large Basilica - Latin and Greek Library 3 FEB 15, 17, 19 2016 - Temple - Columns shaped lie defeated men - Trajan’s Column • Not much space around the column to view it • Top of the column has a statue of Trajan represented as a Greek hero • Hollow on the inside with a spiral staircase Exterior of the columns is carved as a continuous spiral relief • • Base - Low relief carved with trophies which are tree trunks dressed as soldier • Spiral Relief - Roman crossing the daneeu • Slightly more depth than the Egyptian or Assyrian relief • Similar idea of frontality, but somewhat broken with a few individuals • Boats are on top of each other, allows them to show more things in great detail - Leading ox to sacrifice • Not full frontality, bull is looking backwards • A lot of overlapping • Men are still idealized - Romans Attacking • Barbarians are clueless, disorganized, and have wild hair and beards • Romans are very organized - Romans Constructing • Shown building so that they are seen in a positive light - Commemoration • US 4 FEB 15, 17, 19 2016 - commemoration of losses as well as wins - Commemorate those we know and those we don't know • Romans - Only commemorated victories - Would only get commemorated if a soldier died in a time of peace - Tombstones shows what they did in the military, how many victories, what legion he served • under, how long he lived Week 4 Day 3: Episode 3: - Commemoration • Was important to be remembered - Remembrance depended on the type of marker you had • The crazier and bigger the monument you made for yourself the more it will be noticed. • If you had the money yo would want to have a portrait made - Roman Mummy • painted portrait on the face - Large eyes - More realistic representation of the people, may have been painted while they were alive - Women are painted with lots of jewelry - Palmyra (in Syria) • The original city was Romanized adding a temple, bath, theater, etc. • Zenobia - Ruled Palmyra 5 FEB 15, 17, 19 2016 - Revolted against the Roman empire and conquered a large amount of land. Was later destroyed by the Roman empire who destroyed all of Palmyra. • Temple of Baalshamin, Palmyra (115AD) - Temple resembles a Roman temple - One main entrance with real columns in the front and then fake columns presenting the illusion that columns wrap around the entire temple - Made out of the Local stone • Temple of Bel, Palmyra (Dedicated on 32AD) - Entrance is on the long side instead of a short side and the entrance is not centered - Crenelations are babylonian and or assyrians, more local - One large room instead of two but maintains similar dimensions - No columns inside the temple - Exterior has columns all the way around - Emulates greek temple plans - It has windows which is different than Greek - Monumental entrance (possible a call back to the Egyptian temples) - Skinny, tall columns give the impression of a grander and larger temple • Large towers were built to house the dead - they had many floors with compartments for bodies - There was a place for portrait to be held, their call to be Roman - Portraits • Similar gestures to show that they are Roman and wearing toga properly • Not as realistic, calling back to the stylized portraits of the Assyrian empire • woman are wearing headdresses and are adorned with lots of jewelry • Inscribed in the local language • Mixture of Roman and Local 6 FEB 15, 17, 19 2016 • Temple of Portunus, Rome 7


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