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History of Photography: Week 4

by: ChristopherMetallo

History of Photography: Week 4 CNPH 24000-01

Marketplace > Ithaca College > Film > CNPH 24000-01 > History of Photography Week 4
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About this Document

War photography, cultural photography (carte-de-viste), and their impact on society.
History of Photography
Rhonda Vanover
Class Notes
Photography, history
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by ChristopherMetallo on Sunday February 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CNPH 24000-01 at Ithaca College taught by Rhonda Vanover in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see History of Photography in Film at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 02/21/16
FEB 16, 18 2016 History of Photography Week 4: Day 1 - Matthew Brady • NY, 1840s became a celebrity photography shooting political figures • personal interests was portraits • Credited with first photos of Lincoln - Alexander Gardner • Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg, Plate 41, Wet Collodion - they staged a dead body - Even if the image is staged, and staged to create an important message, the people will get the idea of war - Is a representation of the war - Is not improbable the way the man looks • Execution of the Lincoln Conspirator’s, 1865 - One of the first documentation of a live event - A succession of events - He photographs the accused in portraits • top right guy doesn't look of the era, good looking - Southern POW camp • pictures are taken to show the harm - Remembrance Photos William Howard Mumler, Mary Todd Lincoln with the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, after • 1865 • Called spirit photographers Helped families grieve • 1 FEB 16, 18 2016 - Conflits • The War of the Triple Alliance - Esteban Garcia • In the line of fire • John Murray - Panorama of West face of the Taj Mahal John Thomson • - Traveled to far away remote places to photograph the exotic, something unusual to the Western eye • Photography was used for political reasons, posing Exposing the differences and and exoticism of others in the Western world • • Lots of photographers are photographing nude figures in far away places, usually highly sexualized women - Alexander Gardner • Documenting something exotic in America - Andrew J. Russell • Meeting o the Rails, Utah, 1869 - celebrates engineering feats - Aludes to Emanuel Deutz’s painting • Hired by the US government - Review • Introducing a romanticized way of seeing new territories • becomes more global • Photo market has improved - 1870’s 2 FEB 16, 18 2016 • Met founded in NY • War (use of the photograph as evidence) • Platinum Print process (1873) - Rich tonal range - beautiful hues - crips rendering of details - subtle grays - Invented by William Wills • Nadar’s photo exhibits in Paris • The Telephone invented (1876) • Photography is increasingly recognized as a medium with its own process and merits. This independent status was accepted more readily in America than in Europe. • Artists use photography as inspiration - Millet, Delacroix, Courbet uses daguerreotype for nude studies - Claude Monet • Boulevard des Capucines, 1873 - perspective - Similar to a photograph - Duchime • Noted the way shocks distorted facial expression • Studied the way facial expression effected and conveyed emotion • Used mentally disabled patients as his subjects • Man getting shocked - being held back by two - Two men on the side of him are well dressed 3 FEB 16, 18 2016 - Photographers sought to highlight - The exotic= Sexuality or Ethnicity - The normal = Referenced those with mental disabilities - Photography as Science • Anna Atkins - botany and plants prints • Louis Agassiz - Resistance to Darwin’s theres of evolution - Wrote on the idea that races were created separately, that they could be classified on the basis of climactic zones, and they were endowed with unequal attributes. - hires photographers to take front and side views of slaves • JT Zealy - Jack, 81850’s, Daguerreotype • considered exotic, not normal by european standards • Looks old and tired but strong Rendered lighting, romanticizes the subject • • Sad expression - For purposes of Examination • Examination (compare/contrast) of races increase • People of India - Binjara and Wife,1868, Paper Print • Clothing is different • Positioned with tools they would use in that culture • John Lamprey - uses a grid behind the subject to study height and weight • Orientalist 4 FEB 16, 18 2016 - social labeling of non western peoples as passive rather than active - childlike rather than mature - feminine rather than masculine - timeless not progressive like Western ideas/ culture - Targeted mostly women, described as sexually aggressive - Arab and Turkish Women, 1870, Albumen Print different clothing • • Posture, clothing color are different - yin and yang o the image • Holding a tambourine • Not liking at the photographer - Portrait - William Henry Jackson - Edward Muybridge - Julia Margaret Cameron - Unknown Week 4: Day 2 - Review • The ethnographic stereograph/ Carte-de-viste (calling card) and album were in wide circulation • Ethnographic photog Was popular, encapsulating western fascination with people seen as exotic or primitive - Kimbei • Geisha Resting, 1885, hand colored albumen print 5 FEB 16, 18 2016 • Mostly nude people • Colored images adds depth and makes the photo more lifelike • Men he photographs are clothed - Lalla Essayad • Subject doesn't look to the viewer • Blending the figure into the surroundings - Art & Photography • Woodburytype - Print is produced in the process - Method of printing photos for book illustrations - Thickness of gelatin coating resulted in different tones • Platinum Prints - late 19th century - paper saturated with light sensitive chemicals - expensive but long lasting - crisp images with wide tonal ranges • William Carrick - Russian Water Carrier, 1860-78, Carte-de-Viste • Figures stand out against a plain background • As European cities • Thomas Annan - From the old closes and streets of Glasgow, 1868 - Considered photos - Linear Perspective - Parallels - Calling attention to street life 6 FEB 16, 18 2016 • Showing the working lass - Photos of laborers are popular - became subjects of carte de vista - urban poverty associated with industry wasn't seen till urn of the century - Newspapers are marketing towards upper/ middle class - Photos of strikes and labor unrest are rare “The camera should be a power in this age of instruction for the instruction of the • age” - John Thomson - one is calling attention to the other - No only is it photographers job to photograph but also to explain what is in the frame • Street Life of London - John Tomson • The crawlers, 1877, Woodburytype - Reminiscent of the virgin Mary - Slouched over, tired, and weather looking woman - Wrinkled clothing, not a formal portrait • Mostly Observation, documentary photography • Thomas Bernarodo - Before and After photographs of Young Boys, 1875, Albumen prints • Examined the child's poverty and improvement • Oliver Wendell Holmes - As Photos became more popular, they seemed to encourage the reading of inner character - A new human possibility called “photographic intimacy” - Photos of wounded veterans drew attention to hospitals and doctors • These photos improved battlefield care, recovery, and prosthetics 7 FEB 16, 18 2016 • Matthew Brady - Clara Barton, 1866, Albumen silver print • REVIEW - Medium, title, date, country, photographer (if known) - Essay (2) • clear and concise Write legibly • • Will consist of two essay questions • follow direction - 33.3% of grade - Will cover readings in book and on sakai - Review sheet will be uploaded to Sakai • images 8


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