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Lecture 9 Death and afterlife in New Testament

by: Rachel

Lecture 9 Death and afterlife in New Testament 01:840:112

Marketplace > Rutgers University > Religious Studies > 01:840:112 > Lecture 9 Death and afterlife in New Testament
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

These notes are on Death and afterlife in New Testament
Death and the Afterlife
Class Notes
Death and afterlife
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel on Monday February 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 01:840:112 at Rutgers University taught by Myladil in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Death and the Afterlife in Religious Studies at Rutgers University.

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Date Created: 02/22/16
Lec 9 Death and afterlife in New T estament Christian bible two parts  Old and new  New Testament has 27 different books with 8 different authors with diff places and addresses to diff Christian communities o Answering and responding to their needs o Written between 50-150 AD o Written by the early Christians ( originally written in Greek) o Testament  Covenant that God made with the people of irseal through mediator Moses  New covenant that god made with people through mediator of Jesus Christ  4 parts o First  Four gospels  Narratives of the life teachings death and resurrection of Jesus  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John o 2nd  Acts if the apostles  Narratives of activities of the disciples of Jesus in the early church o 3rd  21 epistles  Letters written by various authors addressed to different Christian communities, contain doctrines, counsels and other instructions o 4th  Book of revelation or apocalypse  Visions of the end of the world  Signs of the coming of the end of times and end of the world  Central figure of new testament is Jesus Christ o Born around 4BC died around 30AD o He was a jewish teacher from region called galiaie o Performed miracles of healing and exorcism o Teacher, preacher, miracle worker o Called 12 Jewish men to follow him, to work with him and to carry out his work  The 12 disciples of Jesus and later know as the 12 Apostles o Christianity began has jewish religion movement o Crucified under potious pilot the roman governor  Claimed he was the king of the jews o On top of crucifix numbers were INRI (reason for crucifixion)  Here lies the king of the jews  Resurrected 3 days after death o Appeared several times to his followers and disciples and then ascended into heaven  Death and afterlife in New Testament there are different views on the subject matter o Sees death as enemy and not good o Believes is not in human hands and humans have no power of death o Death has complete and total power over human beings o Very well that the authors studied Greek philosophy  When person dies they whole person body and soul will resurrect in contrast to Greek philosophy that say only soul can.  Don’t agree with the fact that death is the end of everything- old testament  New testament says everything will rise again body and soul o Whole person becomes immortal through resurrection  But doesn’t explain what happens at resurrection exactly o For Jesus it says that Jesus afterwards seemed to have previous body o Appears to disciples to see his wounds and Thomas was asked to touch his wounds o Eats and drinks with them- functions as human body  Reanimation of body or resuscitation of body? o No it’s a transformation of the body  But it also says that Jesus passed through locked doors, in new resurrected body.  Appears and disappears instanteously  Person is transformed into a resurrected body o St paul says spiritual body o Matter, body, or spirit so its like whaaattt o Immortal, glorified body o People who died will be resurrected into a glorified body o It is transformation of the body  Resurrection will happen at end of the world o Second coming of Jesus will come in glory o All humanity will resurrect at the end of the world o Final reward or punishment  Exceptions o One being who resurrected earlier- Jesus on the 3rd day.  So what happens to people who die now, if resurrection wont happen till end of the world o New testament doesn’t have an answer to that question very vague o People will sleep until resurrection o St. Paul, people who die now will be with Christ o People who die now will be in the heavenly realms o People who die now will be waiting for resurrection  No clear answers to anything  General view of afterlife in the testament o Resurrection which will happen at the end of the world o Questions that are not fully answered  How resurrection happens  What about those who die now Personalities of new testament and afterlife  Jesus o Nothing was written by Jesus o Did not discuss afterlife at all in teachings  Taught how people should live in this life o Went along with the idea of afterlife that was prevalent during his time o Was forced to say something about resurrection  Powerful group of jews (Sadducees) who didn’t believe in resurrection and pressured Jesus into answering a question about it o Wanted to trick Jesus bc it was a difficult question o Wanted to tell Jesus that resurrection was ridiculous idea o "there was a women and married a man. But then he died without children. If man died without children then wife is married to brother. So the brother marries, died, 3rd brother married,………. All married all died." question; after resurrection whose wife will she be, she had 7 husbands. o Trying to tell Jesus resurrection was an absurd idea o Jesus's answer was "when they rise from the dead, they neither marry or are given a marriage but are like angels in heaven. " o Jesus is telling them theyre question makes no sense bc no marriage after resurrection  Jesus silenced the Sadducees  Paul o Many views idea and teachings on resurrections. Influenced many about afterlife/resurrection o Background  Was a jew like all followers in Jesus  Belonged to Jewish group known as Pharisees  Powerful group of jews at time of Jesus and believed in resurrection  Believed in resurrection even before he became a Christian o Resurrection of Jesus was proof and evidence that all humans beings can rise and will resurrect o Just as God raised Jesus from the dead God can raise all humans from the dead General idea is resurrection St. paul - v important author in new testament  Completely agrees in resurrection  Agrees that resurrection is a body that’s transformed  In the beginning when God created human beings there was no death o All humans were naturally immortal  But then something happened that caused death  Sin and death are defeated by resurrection of Jesus  Resurrection of Jesus is victory over death  Paul doesn’t say anything about hell or hades  Doesn’t speak about heaven either or the state of the soul btw death and resurrection These are the views of st paul on the afterlife


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