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Feminist Interpretation

by: Courtney Notetaker

Feminist Interpretation English 491-01 (3674)

Courtney Notetaker
U of L
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English Interpretive Theory
Karen Hadley

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About this Document

Feminist Vocab
English Interpretive Theory
Karen Hadley
Class Notes
Feminist Interpretation, Eng 491, Interpretive Theory




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Notetaker on Monday February 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to English 491-01 (3674) at University of Louisville taught by Karen Hadley in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see English Interpretive Theory in Foreign Language at University of Louisville.

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Date Created: 02/22/16
English 491 Karen Hadley Ch 4 Feminist Criticism Terminolo artial list Feminist Criticism Feminisms examines the ways in which literature and other cultural productions reinforce or undermine the economic political social and psychological oppression of women Patriarchy Privileges men by promoting traditional gender roles A system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it It disempowers women in the real world When Patriarchy tries to undermine something they give it a feminine portrayal Ex hes a sissy sister negative Habit of seeing p 81 The Gaze The one who looks is in control the one who is being looked at is being objectified referring to how women are viewed in televisionmedia Guy behind camera guy with the girl the audience Ex Great Gatsbythe perspective is Nick gazing at Daisy and Jordan Patriarchal woman when women have been socially programmed not to see the ways in which women are oppressed by traditional gender roles Ex when girls are told that they don t need to be good at math they are socially programmed by teachers parent etc The internalization that your culture values men over women You are blinded by the way women are oppressed in this culture Western Literarv Canonheavily in uenced by patriarchal ideology The collected texts that are considered important good valuable classics and what you need to read A lot of women were excluded from this cannon Sexistpromotes the belief that women are inferior to men Biological essentialism Social Constructionism women are not born feminine and men are not born masculine Rather these gender categories are constructed by society Cultural programming of gender EX blue for boys pink for girls Sexour biological sex male or female Genderour cultural programing as feminine or masculine Traditional gender roles Femalecast women as emotional irrational weak nurturing and submissive EX housewife caregiver Traditional gender roles Male cast men as rational strong protective and decisive EX Breadwinner head of house Women s eitheror identitv formation The Angel in the House is a woman who only serves her husband and children She has no needs of her own and is completely satisfied with serving her family In Victorian culture in England women were the angel in the house She made the home a safe haven for husband to get away and relax from his hard day in the workplace Children would receive care and moral guidance needed to eventually assume their own traditional roles in the adult world Phallogocentrismthinking that is male oriented in its vocabulary rules of logic and criteria for what is considered objective knowledge by educational political legal and business institutions Male specific language that is thought to be universal EX studslut mankind males and females but we would never call the world Womankind lady doctorbecause you assume just the word doctor is a male Freud s frame works and feminism Freud s idea that women suffer from penis envy and feminist theory disagrees They may envy the power that patriarchy possesses but they don t feel castrated Fem theory thinks that is an extreme comparison Marx s frameworks amp Feminism Marxism fails to realize the sexism in the proletariat world female labor isn t considered real work And therefore aren t paid for the hours they put in in the hometaking care of children Certain occupations tend to count as women s work less pay Not see as a desirable positionnurse teacher Subjectivity as problem of one s own French Materialist Feminism Simone de Beauvoir essential subjectscontingent beings Christine Delphy Colette Guillaumin sexage appropriation it was interested in the social and economic conditions under which women live Men are considered the essential subjects independent function indepedently of women women are the contingent beingsthey depend on men are not independent Sexage occurs French Feminist Psychoanalytic Theory Language Helene Cixous Patriarchal Binary Thought Fcriture feminine Luce Irigaray The Gaze Womanspeak Julia Kristeva SemioticSymbolic dimensions of language Multicultural Feminism white women fighting for womens rights perhaps excluding the other races African American women excluded Gender Studies 0 IntersexualIntersexed you don t fall under male or female or clearly defined sex catagories Ex if a baby is born with both genitaiaa doctor will remove one and literally assigned your gender without knowing the future gender identity of the child 0 Transgenderborn one sex changed to another You don t identify with the sex you were born into 0 Gender Identity 0 Androgeny 0 Questioning 0 CrossDressersomeone who adopts just the attire more of a private thing 0 Transvestitesomeone who adopts the attire and the behavior of the opposite sex amboyant for show Questions from Tyson s chapter on Feminist Criticism a How are patriarchal gender roles destructive for men as well as for women It puts a lot of pressure on men to be super providers for their wife and children They aren t encouraged to express feelings Male rape victims aren t given the attentionbecause of the idea that men are powerful When men don t achieve the stereotypical gender roles violence can occur as a means of emotion b When women are seen as good girls or as the angel in the house they are place on a pedestal what s wrong with being placed on a pedestal In American culture today what s a middleclass cultural equivalent of the woman on the pedestal Being on a pedestal takes away the ability to have control Ex I want to treat you like a lady that s somehow controlling her identity Pedestals are small you are left little room to move based on those parameters Super mom Job and home and kids and fulfill husband etc Unrealistic c How might feminine clothing be seen to promote patriarchal ideology Skirts and high heelssymbolic feminine clothing restricts the ability to run or walk Keeps her weak restricts mobility small pockets or no pocketsexpected to carry purses makes you more sexually availableyoga pants tight everything d What could be said is the ultimate goal of feminist activity Challenge gender norms equality f Explain Simone de Beauvoir s famous claim that One is not born a woman one becomes one How culture decides what it is to be a woman or a man Societies gender norms g Why is the study of language especially important to French psychoanalytic feminists Language is inherently masculine women can accept it or be silent Feminist Reading of Gatsby Cultural Context the roaring 20 siazz aoe 0 quotNew Womanquot Cuts her hair more active more independent clothing became more androgynous less hips pants at chest They can contribute to government right to vote women speaking out Reading with the Grain how does Fitzgerald feel about the new woman he represents the new woman and acknowledges her and shows her to us in Gatsby with Jordan and Daisy even Myrtle and the women at the parties Reading against the Grain Jordana cheat and a liar She s in a male dominated sport and the only way she can keep up is to cheat New womanShe is portrayed as very closed off body of a boy independent from nick emulating characteristics of a male Never takes the compassionate caring role typical of women 0 Myrtle she is sexual loud obnoxious phony sexually aggressive sex appeal speaks her mind Fitzgerald portrays her as a sexual being in relation to Tom FG kills Myrtle off in the novel by cutting off one of her breasts sexual object even in the end Mouth ripped open in the end after she gets hit by the carsymbolic of silencing women who speak their mind Daisynot maternal she sleeps with Gatsby spoiled brat very sel sh


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