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FRIT-F313 Chapter 3 Verb Constructions

by: Kathryn Brinser

FRIT-F313 Chapter 3 Verb Constructions FRIT-F313

Marketplace > Indiana University > French > FRIT-F313 > FRIT F313 Chapter 3 Verb Constructions
Kathryn Brinser
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

This is a very detailed and organized chart of different French verbs, constructed with nouns and adjectives, which use certain prepositions.
Advanced French Grammar
Aiko Okamoto-Macphail
Class Notes
frit-f313, frit f313, french, french grammar, advanced french grammar, verb constructions, prepositions
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Brinser on Monday February 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FRIT-F313 at Indiana University taught by Aiko Okamoto-Macphail in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Advanced French Grammar in French at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/22/16
Verbs Constructed with Nouns (usually a person) In all examples listed, the same subject of the sentence is not the subject of the infinitive; the subject of the infinitive is indicated by « prép + qqn » Verb + à + noun accorder (qqch) à qqn to grant (sth) to sb appartenir à qqn to belong to sb apporter (qqch) à qqn to bring (sth) to sb confier (qqch) à qqn to share (sth) with sb, to entrust (sth) to sb demander (qqch) à qqn to ask (sth) of sb devoir (qqch) à qqn to owe (sth) of sb dire (qqch) à qqn to say (sth) to sb distribuer (qqch) à qqn to distribute (sth) to sb donner (qqch) à qqn to give (sth) to sb écrire (qqch) à qqn to write (sth) to sb en vouloir à qqn to be mad at sb envoyer (qqch) à qqn to send (sth) to sb expliquer (qqch) à qqn to explain (sth) to sb faire peur à qqn to scare sb faire plaisir/de la peine à qqn to please sb, to hurt sb’s feelings faire un sourire à qqn to smile at sb mentir à qqn to lie to sb obéir* à qqn/qqch to obey sb/sth offrir (qqch) à qqn to offer (sth) to sb parler à qqn to speak to sb préférer (qqch/qqn) à qqch/qqn d’autre to prefer (sth/sb) to (sth/sb) else proposer (qqch) à qqn to suggest (sth) to sb rapporter (qqch) à qqn to bring (sth) back to sb réclamer (qqch) à qqn to demand/claim (sth) back from sb rendre (qqch) à qqn to return (sth) to sb répondre** (qqch) à qqn/qqch to answer (sth) to sb ressembler à qqn to resemble sb sourir à qqn to smile at sb suggérer (qqch) à qqn to suggest (sth) to sb téléphoner à qqn to call/telephone sb *If someone obéir à quelqu’un, one can also obéir à quelque chose (laws, regulations, orders, etc.). In that case, use the pronoun y. Ex. Elle n’obéit jamais à sa mère. → Elle ne lui obéit jamais. Le soldat a refusé d’obéir aux ordres. → Le soldat a refusé d’y obéir. **If someone répondre à quelqu’un, one can also répondre à quelque chose (letters, questions, a demand, etc.). In that case, use the pronoun y. Ex. Elle répond aux étudiants. → Elle leur répond. Elle répond à leurs questions. → Elle y répond. Verb + à + noun (subject of inf.) + de + inf. accorder à qqn + pour/de + inf. to grant sb to do sth commander à qqn + de + inf. to command sb to do sth conseiller à qqn + de + inf. to advise sb to do sth défendre à qqn + de + inf. to forbid sb to do sth demander à qqn + de + inf. to ask sb to do sth déplaire à qqn + de + inf. to displease sb by doing sth dire à qqn + de + inf. to tell sb to do sth écrire à qqn + de + inf. to write to sb to do sth interdire à qqn + de + inf. to ban sb from doing sth offrir à qqn + de + inf. to offer to sb to do sth ordonner à qqn + de + inf. to order sb to do sth pardonner à qqn + de + inf. to forgive sb for doing sth permettre à qqn + de + inf. to allow sb to do sth persuader à qqn + de + inf. to persuade sb to do sth promettre à qqn + de + inf. to promise to sb to do sth proposer à qqn + de + inf. to propose to sb to do sth recommander à qqn + de + inf. to recommend to sb to do sth suggérer à qqn + de + inf. to suggest to sb to do sth reprocher à qqn + de + inf. to reproach (blame) sb for doing sth téléphoner à qqn + de + inf. to phone sb to do sth Verb + à + noun (subject of inf.) + à + inf. apprendre à qqn + à + inf. to teach sb to do sth demander à qqn + à + inf. to ask for permission from sb enseigner à qqn + à + inf. to teach sb to do sth Verb + noun (subject of inf.) + à + inf. aider qqn + à + inf. to help sb do sth amener qqn + à + inf. to bring sb to do sth autoriser qqn + à + inf. to authorize sb to do sth décider qqn + à + inf. to persuade sb to do sth encourager qqn + à + inf. to encourage sb to do sth engager qqn + à + inf. to bring sb to do sth exhorter qqn + à + inf. to exhort (urge) sb to do sth forcer qqn + à + inf. to force sb to do sth inciter qqn + à + inf. to incite (stimulate, urge) sb to do sth inviter qqn + à + inf. to invite sb to do sth obliger qqn + à + inf. to make sb do sth pousser qqn + à + inf. to push sb to do sth provoquer qqn + à + inf. to provoke sb to do sth réduire qqn + à + inf. to reduce sb to doing sth surprendre qqn + à + inf. to find sb doing sth Special case: décider + de + inf. to decide to do sth The subject of the sentence is also the subject of the infinitive Verb + noun (subject of inf.) + de + inf. blâmer qqn + de + inf. to blame sb of doing sth charger qqn + de + inf. to charge sb with doing sth décourager qqn + de + inf. to discourage sb from doing sth dissuader qqn + de + inf. to dissuade sb from doing sth excuser qqn + de + inf. to excuse sb from doing sth féliciter qqn + de + inf. to congratulate sb on doing sth menacer qqn + de + inf. to threaten to do sth to sb obliger qqn + de + inf. to make sb do sth prier qqn + de + inf. to ask sb to do sth remercier qqn + de + inf. to thank sb for doing sth soupçonner qqn + de + inf. to suspect sb of doing sth supplier qqn + de + inf. to beg/implore sb to do sth Verb + noun (subject of inf.) + inf. écouter qqn + inf. to listen to sb doing sth entendre qqn + inf. to hear sb doing sth envoyer qqn + inf. to send sb to do sth laisser qqn + inf. to leave sb to do sth, to let sb do sth regarder qqn + inf. to look at sb doing sth sentir qqn + inf. to feel/smell sb doing sth voir qqn + inf. to see sb doing sth Verbs Constructed with Adjectives Verb + adjective + de s’apercevoir de qqch/qqn to notice sth or sb s’approcher de qqch/qqn to come near sth or sb avoir besoin de qqch/qqn to need sth or sb avoir envie de qqch/qqn to feel like having sth, to desire sb avoir peur de qqch/qqn to be afraid of sth or sb discuter de qqch/qqn to discuss sth or sb entendre parler de qqch/qqn to hear about sth or sb être (in)capable de qqch to be (in)capable of sth être (in)certain de qqch to be (un)certain of sth être convaincu de qqch to be convinced of sth être (mé)content de qqch/qqn to be (dis)pleased about sth or sb être fier/honteux de qqch/qqn to be proud of sth, to be ashamed of sth être (mal)heureux de qqch/qqn to be (un)happy about sth or sb être ravi de qqch/qqn to be delighted with sth or sb être (in)satisfait de qqch/qqn to be (dis)satisfied with sth or sb être surpris de qqch to be surprised by sth jouer d’un instrument to play an instrument se méfier de qqch/qqn to distrust sth or sb se moquer de qqch/qqn to make fun of sth or sb s’occuper de qqch/qqn to take care of sth or sb parler de qqch/qqn to talk about sth or sb se passer de qqch/qqn to do without sth or sb penser de qqch/qqn to think about sth or sb, to have an opinion about sth or sb profiter de qqch/qqn to take advantage of sth or sb rêver de qqch/qqn to dream about sth or sb se servir de qqch/qqn to use sth or sb se soucier de qqch/qqn to care about sth or sb se souvenir de qqch/qqn to remember sth or sb sortir de + lieu to leave a place tenir compte de qqch/qqn to take sth or sb into account


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