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Psych of EC chapter 10

by: Caoimhe Notetaker

Psych of EC chapter 10 psyc3250

Marketplace > Tulane University > Psychlogy > psyc3250 > Psych of EC chapter 10
Caoimhe Notetaker
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

Chapter 10 notes
psychology of early childhood
Dr. Jung
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caoimhe Notetaker on Monday February 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to psyc3250 at Tulane University taught by Dr. Jung in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see psychology of early childhood in Psychlogy at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 02/22/16
Psychology of early childhood 02/18/2016 ▯ Chapter 10: Physical Development  Traditionally physical development was seen from Maturation theory o Maturation, stages.  Gessel  Recently seen from a perceptual motor o Motor behaviors lead to cognitive abilities  Piaget  Gross motor: skills involved in control of large muscles in legs, arms, back and shoulders needed for tasks like running, jumping etc.  Fine motor: skills involved in using small muscles of fingers and hands  Sensory-perceptual development: giving meaning to info gained by senses  Ballistic skills: throwing ▯ ▯  Early age infants reflexively grasp and hold objects but cannot let go at will  At about 9 months master pincer grasp  Grasp development o Palmar tripod ▯  Include ALL senses in curriculum o Puzzles Legos—encourage hand-eye coordination o Explore new tastes through food  Make sure anything that may go into children’s mouth is safe (they will put anything into their mouth) o Tactile experiences and opportunity to verbally discrimination  All movement experiences add to children understanding of what their bodies can do o Build confidence o Increases control of body ▯  Perceptual info= multisensory o Sensory integration: translation of sensory info in to intelligent behavior ▯ Physical Fitness  Children must have opportunities to move freely, use large muscles and engage in vigorous movement  Teachers often neglect gross motor development o Curriculum should include play, games, and sports ▯  Blocks o Very important o Versatile o Support all domains of development o By 3 =: children begin putting blocks together in more deliberate constructions o By6: representational—begin naming their creations  Manipulatives: increase fine motor skills o Puzzles o Bingo o Dominoes o Candy land o Construction toys o Legos o Lincoln logs ▯ ▯ Sensory activities are very important  Sand and water play  Provide a variety of pleasurable sensory experiences o Colorful interesting object, pleasant sounds (music) variety of textures and tactile experiences ( fingerprints)  Object identification o Touch o Hearing o Smell o Taste  Children can use sensory info to discriminate as they match, seriate or classify  Integration of info can be promoted through Cross-modal inter- sensory activity  Nutrition education and cooking experiences should be included in curriculum o Cooking= multisensory  Health should be actively taught as part of curriculum o Explain allergies especially any found within the class ▯ ▯


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