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ARCH 226, Notes 02/18-02/23

by: Nadege Fuller

ARCH 226, Notes 02/18-02/23 ARCH 226

Nadege Fuller

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About this Document

These notes cover which buildings might be present on the weekly quizzes. The weekly quizzes are mainly set up in multiple choice and matching. The dates and details of each building are important ...
History of World Architecture II
Professor Cynthia Field
Class Notes
architecture history, Architecture, history




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nadege Fuller on Monday February 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 226 at University of Maryland - College Park taught by Professor Cynthia Field in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see History of World Architecture II in Architecture at University of Maryland - College Park.


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Date Created: 02/22/16
Notes: 02/18 - 02/23 Early Gothic (in text notes) The Gothic is considered to be the final architectural phase of the medieval era. Many architectural styles crafted Gothic architecture: - Pointed arches - Ribbed Vaulting - Flying Buttresses - Windows w/tracery* *Tracery — the decorative intersecting stonework in the upper sections of the windows. Gothic churches went by a skeletal-like structural system. Early Gothic architecture originated in France. An example of this type of architecture is the Abbey of Church of St. Denis. Early Gothic cathedrals also coincided with the increase of veneration* of the Virgin Mary. *Veneration — phrased: veneration of Saints; the great respect of. English/French Gothic Cathedrals (in class notes) -Remains of exterior of St. Bartholomew the Great, c.1123 —London —12th Century cathedral —Transept & east end were shortened —Thick columns (trait of Norman cathedrals) —Minimal ornamentation and relief sculptures, rounded arches -Iffley Church (St. Mary the Virgin), Oxford, c.1170-1180 —Romanesque style —decorative, round arches —Purbeck marble (a dark marble that was used decoratively) - predominantly found in English Cathedrals. -Durham Cathedral, England, 1093-1133 —Thick columns, decorated —Colonnades —Rose Window —Quarditite vaults Characteristic lengths of English Gothic Cathedrals were typically longer than that of the French Gothic Cathedrals. Example: — St. Albans Abbey (nave length 275 ft) overall 460 ft., c.1077-1088; extended c.1325-4 -Lincoln Cathedral, 1174-85, 1192-1280 —Perpendicular decoration on west facade —Entering the 13th Century —Ambulatory, nave, complex vaulting —Tier-cords*-extra ribs that give extra strength to the vault; more decorative than structural. —Lincoln Chapter House (umbrella-like vaulting) -Salisbury Cathedral (13th Century), 1220-1258 —Chapter House, Cloister —Ambulatory unusually long (representation of English, not French cathedral) —Round building with complex vaulting RECAP: —French Gothic vs. —English Gothic Amiens Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral


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