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PSY 315 Week 5 notes

by: Lauren Toomey

PSY 315 Week 5 notes PSY 315

Lauren Toomey
Social Psychology
Jennifer Harman

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About this Document

These notes cover February 15th and 17th (we had an exam on Friday the 19th).
Social Psychology
Jennifer Harman
Class Notes
social psychology, PSY 315
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Toomey on Monday February 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 315 at Colorado State University taught by Jennifer Harman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 02/22/16
Lecture 12 The self ch 4 215 0 Selfesteem review 0 High self esteem can be associated with three things 1 Healthy self confidence 2 Exaggerated sense of self 3 Conceited egotistical arrogant sense of self 0 Associated with high self esteem via 1 type 0 Don39t worry about failure rejection etc 0 Have a clearer more confident understanding of their identity 0 Less likely to change opinions and attitudes in the face of persuasion 0 Positive affect mood O Positivity bias rate others more positively not threatened by others High Selfesteem characteristics via 2 type 0 More cockyobnoxious interrupt others not listening etc 0 More violentaggressivedefensive perceive it as a threat 0 More threat to social identity of selfsocial life increased retaliation 0 Studies on crimeterrorismrapists show this retaliation 0 Under threat they 0 Use selfdefensive mechanisms to protect the self Use terror management theory 0 Threats to self esteem alert us to possible social rejection sociometer theory I Acts as a buffer to the threat I We can39t survive if rejectedisolated self esteem helps us gauge if we are accepted 0 SelfRatings 0 We can39t all be above average at a task because then there wouldn39t be an average to compare to ie above average would become the new average 0 We view others as average and we see ourselves as better at certain things 0 Biases O The self serving bias 0 Good outcome internal attribution quotI m so smartquot 0 Bad outcome external attribution quothard testquot 0 Unrealistic optimism most people believe they won39t get seriously ill but it is bound to happen 0 We have to be positive because it39s too much to worry about it 0 False consensusuniqueness 0 Assume the rest of the world shares our opinions consensus 0 Also underestimate how different people are from us uniqueness 0 Cognitive conceit over confidence 0 If others around me agree with me we think it has to be right Flattery persuaded influenced easily when flattered Basking in reflected glory Burging of someone else39s glory 0 This makes us feel betterjust by affiliation 0 Example wearing Broncos gear after the SuperBowl win 0 Selfesteem motivation Selfassessment seeing what you39re good at your abilities independent of other people diagnostic of you as a person Self verification seek out information to confirm what you believe is true about yourself Selfenhancement comparison with others to see how you should feel about yourself It39s too threatening to our self esteem to compare yourself to someone who usually does better than you Selfesteem maintenance comparing your performance to your closest lovedfamily members is threatening to us 0 We envy them so we want to tear their self esteem down 0 quotf look bad they should look bad tooquot 0 What is self presentation 0 It is the process through which we try to control the impressions people form of us aka impression management 3 goals 0 To be liked To be seen as competent To be seen as powerful Public self consciousness chronic awareness of oneself as being in the public eye 0 Spotlight effect I People have the tendency to overestimate how much others look at them Self monitoring Chronically concerned with one39s public image and to adjust one39s actions to fit the needs of current situations 0 Selfmonitoring O O High self monitors inconsistent across situations 0 Good at assessing what others want and tailoring behavior to fit demands Low selfmonitor consistent across situations 0 Self Presentation O 0 False modesty Selfserving statements quotI look fatquot even if you know you don39t so others compliment you Self handicapping form of protection 0 If you feel like you39re bad at something you create situations where you don39t have to demonstrate your lack of skill in that area 0 We sabotage our chance for success 0 Selfcontrol O Self efficacy your belief that you can overcome an obstacledo somethingreach a goal Learned helplessness ex Seligman experiments with shocking animals in a cage animals give up trying to run even when they are offered an escape Humans do this too in challenging situations Locus of control do you have control over what39s happening in your life 0 Internal vs external 39 Internal control ability to control the self 0 Ex The marshmallow test with children Lecture 13 End of the Self Ch 4 21716 Monday February 22 2016 503 PM 0 Stigma negative labelmeaning to someone39s self worth because of the social group they belong to O Emotional consequences self esteem is effected 0 Cognitive consequences we don39t think as well we can39t process information 0 Behavioral consequences self fulfilling prophecy 0 Academic testing stereotype threat 39 If you39re stereotyped it creates anxiety and we can39t focusprocess as well cognitive which effects our performance 0 Self objectification theory 0 Sexual objectification leads to self objectification for women women see themselves as objects Negative consequences 39 Shame eating disorders plastic surgery etc I Anxiety appearance anxiety makeup hair etc I Peak motivational states performance compromised 39 Awareness of internal body states decreased sexual satisfaction less reliance on physiology for subjective states


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