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FILM 2120 Intro to cinema 02/22

by: Kay Patel

FILM 2120 Intro to cinema 02/22 FILM 2120

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Fine arts > FILM 2120 > FILM 2120 Intro to cinema 02 22
Kay Patel

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About this Document

Covers analysis on Citizen Kane and introduces sounds
Introduction to Cinema
Dr. Seiving
Class Notes
Intro to cinema 02/22
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kay Patel on Monday February 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FILM 2120 at University of Georgia taught by Dr. Seiving in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Cinema in Fine arts at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 02/22/16
02/22 Narration, style, and thematic unity in Citizen Kane  Thematic meaning comes from close observation from the way the film is put together and  its motifs  Citizen Kane: Plot segmentation 1. Xanadu—Kane dies 2. Projection room—news on the march 3. El Rancho night club—Susan is drunk and refuses to talk 4. Thatcher library—thatcher’s flashback; sells his newspaper chain 5. Bernstein’s office—Bernstein’s flashback; Kane takes over the Inquirer 6. Nursing Home—Kane loses family and election; Susan’s opera premiere 7. El Rancho night club—Susan’s opera career and her life at Xanadu 8. Xanadu—Raymond’s flashback; Rosebud  Thompson would first go to the only living ex­wife Kane has  Susan’s opera portrayal has 2 perspectives: one from the audience perspective and one  from her own perspective  Flashbacks in classic Hollywood cinema frequently cheat  Some use it to tell a story out of order  Kane is a different type of protagonist than a classic Hollywood film  Idea of fragmentation emerges early as a motif  First cue: breaking of the snow globe  Developed though out the style: the jig­saw puzzle  News on the March: the most discontinuous and quickest scene editing in the entire  movie  Each flashback has its own quality that gives a particular perspective of Kane  It’s the dissimilarity that further explain the fragmentation  Sound: contribute in their own way to take on Kane  Ex: sound track is contributing to the energy that Bernstein wants to convey when he goes to the Inquirer  Jig­saw puzzle­scene:   Sounds camera work, style combine to give stasis  Tick­tock sound motifs  Used sound to create a dramatic space  Deep focus exaggerates the emptiness in the palace  Choices the director makes have nothing to do with the classic Hollywood form Introduction to Sound:  Sound is usually taken for granted  Sound designers try to make it natural   Recreate a lot of sounds; especially body movement  Sound is a very powerful and an important aspect  It adds depth and texture to the film  Ex: silence of the lambs: garage scene  Cue that something scary is about to happen  Contributes to the emotional impact of the scene


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