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SOC 3422 Week 6

by: Danielle Notetaker

SOC 3422 Week 6 SOC 3422

Danielle Notetaker
The U
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Notes from Week 6 of Social Movements
Social Movements
Wade Cole
Class Notes
sociology, Social Movements, Week 6, SOC 3422
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Notetaker on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 3422 at University of Utah taught by Wade Cole in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Social Movements in Sociology at University of Utah.

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Date Created: 02/23/16
Social Movements – Week 6 February 16 thand 18 th2016  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon o Universal suffrage is the counter-revolution  What is universal suffrage?  Everyone has the right to vote  How is this counter-revolutionary?  You aren’t revolutionizing anything, you are just channeling current grievances  You give people a voice through a system; Can be seen as the illusion of a voice o Before these people had to mobilize and make something happen.  It is argued that voting in conjunction with other things will make for social change   Laws said that if you are a white male, you must have a certain amount of property in order to vote  Virginia o At least 25 acres of land with a dwelling or 50 acres without a dwelling  These laws kept those individuals who were a part of the poorer classes from having a voice. They have the most reason to be angry about things and want change. It keeps the rich rich and the poor poor.  A puzzle o  Why did governments extend the right to vote to poor people and workers?  It was an attempt to control the ways in which they were asking for change in government and policies  Extending the Franchise o  Welfare: A Similar Logic o Manifest Function  To help people in need  To prevent people from going hungry o Latent function  During economic crisis, prevent the poor masses from causing problems  During economic expansion, push individuals into the low-wage labor market  Modern Welfare in England o o  Workhouses vs. Prison o Work house schedule  o North Carolina Department of Corrections Schedule   Modern Welfare in the United States of America o  The threat of communism is what prompted change in the United States government at this time  o  Value – Added Approach o Stock market crash of 1929  Structural conduciveness; Structural strain; Generalized belief; Precipitating factors; Mobilization; Social Control o How bad was it really?   The United States lost jobs steadily for THREE YEARS  At this point people did not see it as a personal problem but a problem for society  Preconditions o GDP, 1920-1940  o The “Roaring 20’s” were great for SOME   Preconditions o The fundamental strength of the Nation’s economic life is unimpaired  Hoover o  Presidential Election 1928  Hoover’s acceptance speech  We are closer to the elimination of poverty than ever before o  Presidential Election 1932 o  Presidential Election 1936 o New Deal legislation  Federal emergency relief act  Reliefgrants to states for the unemployed  Emergency banking act  Supply unlimited amounts of currency to reopened banks; deposit insurance  Works progress administration  Employed 8 million in public works projects  Civilian conservation corps  Employed people in reforestation, construction, flood control projects  Social security act  Established unemployment compensation & old age insurance  Established welfare  Tennessee valley authority  Created an independent public corporation to construct dams and power projects  National labor relations act  Reaffirmedlabor’s right to organize and bargain collectively  National industrial recovery act  Guaranteed the right to organize and bargain collectively  National housing act  Authorized low-rent public housing projects  Federal housing administration  Insured home loans  Fair labor standards act  Established minimum wage of 40cents/hour and maximum 40 hour work week   Unemployment was still high, but he made a lot of progress quite quickly    Government Spending (% GDP)   Government Spending (% GDP)  Disruptive protest  The Workers Alliance  o People are harassing their local government rather than state or federal. o What happens is the local governments run out of resources in order to deal with the protesting that is rising. The local government then appeals to state and federal government for help  Direct protest + local fiscal strain + national electoral upheaval = federal relief  Organizing o Little organization at first  Harnessing the disruptive potential of the poor  Aimed at local concessions  Protests fizzle when concessions won o Call for systemic change  National organizations needed  Local concessions = handouts  Favorable structure of political opportunities  Unintended consequences o Inter-organizational competition    The communist party did not waste their time on speeches and different things that only members of their party would hear. They attempted to create organizations that all people would be interested in being a part of in an attempt to have more people hear their views and decide to stand with them


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