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Quiz Packet #1

by: Kortney Keane

Quiz Packet #1 151

Kortney Keane
GPA 3.8
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About this Document

These are notes for the first quiz packet assigned in this class.
American History to 1877
Chad Hauser
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kortney Keane on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 151 at Iowa Central Community College taught by Chad Hauser in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see American History to 1877 in History at Iowa Central Community College.


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Date Created: 02/23/16
Kortney Keane American History Hauser January 4, 2016 Quiz Packet #1 Pre-humanity America (Land and Animals) Learning about the land and animals is important to American History because it explains why we have that plants and animals we have and why other countries have their plants and animals. We learned about the continents separating and when they did, they took their plants and animals with it. This all started at 150 million years and the continents were largely separated by 50 million years. The animals are important to learn about because they are what eventually helped humans survive. Animals were either a food source, or a form of power. The animals who survived extinction and the ice age were huge assets to humans. North American Mound Builders (Cahokia Civilization) The North American Mound Builders were located in Illinois, close to St. Louis. They abandoned the mounds around 1400. They had the largest earthwork in the world pre-modern construction, that wasn’t stone. It was the central mound or the Monk’s Mound. This civilization existed around 500 BCE and 1400 CE. The civilization eventually collapsed because of environmental factors such as disease, over farming, and drought. It’s important to learn about the North American Mound Builders because they were one of the first civilizations in existence. We can learn from their mistakes like over farming to help us perfect the craft. The New World was far from a helpless collection of Native American Tribes when encountered by the Spanish explorers. Discuss why Spain had such great success in Kortney Keane American History Hauser January 4, 2016 conquering the New World empires and at detail at least three of the major advantages they possessed in comparison to the native populations Spain was so successful in conquering the New World because they had many major advantages in comparison to the Native American Tribes. One advantage the Europeans had was their greed. This may not seem like an advantage, but the results of their greed were. They came to the New World not to settle, but to recover the wealth from the land. The Europeans had no desire to make friends and didn’t care that the Native Americans were there first. They didn’t recognize the New World as belonging to the Native Americans because all they wanted was to suck all of the money and wealth out of the land as possible. Another advantage the Europeans had was the technology difference between them and the Native Americans. The Native Americans focused on advancing their non-military technologies. They were more focused on things like farming and hunting. This made it easier for the Europeans to take over the New World. The Native Americans didn’t have the tools or knowledge to defend themselves. The third advantage the Europeans had when conquering the New World was their religion. Some Europeans thought that they had found the Garden of Eden. They believed that God had lain and prepared it for them to Kortney Keane American History Hauser January 4, 2016 find. The Europeans were convinced that it was their destiny to take control of the New World. They used work and discipline to shepherd the Native Americans until they were properly educated and were able to take their place on the Christian Nations side of the Earth.


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