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American History I, Exam 2

by: Devon Potter

American History I, Exam 2 HY 201

Marketplace > Jacksonville State University > History > HY 201 > American History I Exam 2
Devon Potter
Jacksonville State University

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About this Document

These notes are part of what will be on the test
American History 1
Class Notes
american, history, colonies
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Devon Potter on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 201 at Jacksonville State University taught by Mrs.Hudson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see American History 1 in History at Jacksonville State University.

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Date Created: 02/23/16
Life in the Colonies Medicine: ● lacking in both the colonies and Europe ● sterilization was not yet practiced ● a person could enter the medical field whenever they wanted ● women could enter the medical field as nurses or midwives ● nurses and midwives were more popular than the male doctors ● there were very few doctors and they lived far away; especially in the South and  the Chesapeake ● they believed in humoralism­ a belief that the human body was controlled by 4  humors and these humors were connected to 4 bodily fluids: black bile, yellow bile,  blood, and phlegm ● if a person was healthy, all 4 humors were balanced ● if you were sick, one or more of the humors were out of balance ● nurses relied on laxatives and pukes to balance the humors ● doctors would bleed the body to balance the humors; they would use leeches or  make a cut in a strategic place ● if there was no doctor to bleed you, you were taken to the barbor In all 13 colonies: ● women were not equal ● children had several step parents ● unskilled people had a place to meet  ● had a crime rate In the South and Chesapeake: ● large agrarian culture ● had good land suitable for growing crops ● developed a slave culture (colonial culture mixed with some African slave culture) ● women had a slight advantage (still seen as inferior but could wait to choose a  male to marry) ● males outnumbered females 3:1 ● lived on farms far apart ● had many out­of­wedlock births ● large number of illiterate people New England: ● Puritans controlled everything ● church=government ● the church would be the biggest and most beautiful structure ● only male church members could vote  ● everyone paid taxes for the upkeep of the church, whether you were Christian or  not ● children could not play on Sunday ● absolutely no work of any kind on Sunday ● no carnal pleasure on Sunday ● everyone had to learn to read and write ● established the oldest American university (Harvard) ● people lived close together ● not as many out­of­wedlock births as the South and Chesapeake ● people lived longer because coldness retards the growth of germs and bacteria ● step parents were not uncommon ● it was not unusual for women to take care of children at age 60+ ● Puritans saw the family unit as the main economic and religious unit of the  society ● although women were inferior, they had a lot of responsibility to raise good  children and to work in the house/on the farm


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