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Tuesday 2/23

by: Carson Lopez

Tuesday 2/23 125

Marketplace > 125 > Tuesday 2 23
Carson Lopez


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About this Document

These are the major plot points of the chapters we read, just a little review as well as some themes she told us we ought to know
World Literature and the Human Experience
Ms. Brenda Craven
Class Notes
Things Fall Apart, brenda craven
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carson Lopez on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 125 at a university taught by Ms. Brenda Craven in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views.


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Date Created: 02/23/16
02/23 Tuesday Review of the chapters we read: CH. 13:  Intense, dramatic funeral with wailing women and men swinging machetes around and firing guns off  Son of dead warrior is accidentally shot by Okonkwo  Okonkwo is banished for 7 years, after he leaves to go live with his mother’s relatives the villagers destroy his farm and home to cleanse the land of his polluted sin  Obierika starts to question tradition, why he had to throw his twins away in the forest when they didn’t do anything to deserve it CH 14  Oke isn’t enthusiastic anymore about working because he’s depressed about what he has lost  Uchendu’s, Oke’s uncle, son gets married  Uchendu says to Oke, “Mother is supreme”  Uchendu tells Oke that if he keeps being so disheartened and not paying attention to things, he’ll get his family killed CH 15  Obierika visits Oke in 2 year of Oke’s exile  Caucasian man comes to the village on a bicycle and gets killed  Uchendu says killing a silent man is foolish CH 16  Obierika visits Oke again & tells about spread of missionaries  Nwoye converts to Christianity  In villages, missionaries preach gospel  Oke wants to chase them out with a whip  Nwoye is captivated by stories of missionaries, they make him question his own beliefs CH 17  Missionaries ask for land to build Church  Villagers give them Evil Forest where twins & outcasts are tossed  Villagers expect missionaries to die but when they don’t the villagers begin to ask questions  Oke beats Nwoye for going to Church CH 18  Missionaries continue to get stronger, they turn the other cheek and are polite while Oke is having none of it  Church accepts the outcasts of the land and start their own congregation  Church grows MAJOR THEMES:  Acceptance  Tolerance  Peace seeking  Social taboo


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