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BIO 366 notes 2/16-2/18

by: Kiley Rosier

BIO 366 notes 2/16-2/18 BIO 366 (Ecology, Dr. Zac Long

Kiley Rosier
Dr. Zac Long

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About this Document

Covers Animal Adaptations and most of Life History Patterns
Dr. Zac Long
Class Notes
Ecology, Biology, bio 366, animal, life, adaptations, Patterns, reproduction
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kiley Rosier on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 366 (Ecology, Dr. Zac Long at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Zac Long in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see Ecology in Biology at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 02/23/16
Tuesday 21616 Animal Adaptations 1 Homeostasis maintenance of a relatively constant internal environment despite a varying external environment a generally with animals it is homeostasis of temperature 2 Mechanisms used by animals to maintain homeostasis 3 Relationship of size and homeostasis and energy use Animals Must Maintain Homeostasis Feedback property of a control system to use its output as part of its input 0 a cause and effect loop Positive feedback a deviation in the controlled quality is further amplified Negative feedback deviation in controlled quality is counterbalanced dampened by the control system Classification of Temperature Regulators Endothermy internal heat production Ectothermy obtaining heat from sources outside the body Homeotherms organisms that use endothermy to regulate body temperature Poikilotherms organisms that use ectothermy to regulate temperature Heterotherms organisms that use both endo and ectothermy 0 there is no such thing as an endotherm they would be called a homeotherm Tradeoffs Endothermy o advantage organism isn t limited by climatic conditions can use a variety of habitats and can be active when it s cold 0 disadvantage it has to use more energy Ectothermy o advantage most energy can go to growth development and reproduction o disadvantage limited habitat limited activity when cold Acclimation organism adjusts to its environment Concurrent heat exchange physical arrangement of arteries and viens that allow transfer of heat shown in fig b it can heat or cool the blood cooling process shown in figure on right Cooled Cooled arterial venous blood blood Evapration quot Warmed b b arterial blood Allens Rule animals in colder environments tend to have shorter and more round limbs 0 experiment performed where in just 1 generation of mice they saw differences in limb length in the ones raised in colder temperature Allometry the study of the relationships between body size shape anatomy physiology and behavior 0 example ratio between body and head size changes from when humans are babies v adults babies have much bigger heads in comparison to bodies 0 bigger organisms can retain heat more than smaller organisms Bergmann s Rule within a species individuals will be larger in colder environments 0 example white tailed deer larger in north and smaller in the south because southern deer don t need to retain heat the way northern deer do Metabolic Theory body mass and metabolic rate are correlated o slope of the line between them is 075 even though it was predicted to be 066 and we still don t know why how much resources an animal needs and metabolic rate also scale to 075 Energy equivalence rule the energy used by any population does not depend on the size of the organisms in the population 0 a population of elephants and a population of mice use the same energy there are just more mice in the mice population to even out the energy use Thursday 21816 Life History Patterns growth development and reproduction of a species Sexual v Asexual Reproduction asexual reproduction reproduction without fertilization o advantage don t have to find a mate or court them do a mating dance etc it can be faster sexual reproduction o advantage genetic variation 0 disadvantage only 50 of single organism s genes are passed on parthenogenesis birth of offspring which results from development of unfertilized eggs 0 some lizards snakes and sharks can do this and technically possible in humans though not feasible kleptogenesis females mate but won t use sperm to fertilize egg use it for nutrition or to stimulate parthenogenesis Sexual Reproduction takes a variety of forms protogynous female flower is first protandrous male flower is first 0 these are called sequential hermaphrodites it helps limit self fertilization by the plant only having male or female flowers at once but if the male flower does not get fertilized a female one will grow and vice versa 0 there are almost endless variations plants perform through this some switch sex every year some every season some every flower etc simultaneous hermaphrodites have male and female parts active at the same time Pollen Competition femae can make some pollen tubes grow faster than others selected through chemical compatibility so they will be fertilized by the one they are most compatible with Simultaneous v Sequential parrot fish are all born female and there is one male in the group that mates with all of them then when he dies the biggest female will become male and replace him all clownfish are born male there is one dominant male and one dominant female and subordinate males when the female dies the dominant male becomes the dominant female and a subordinate male becomes the dominant male 0 so in Finding Nemo after Nemo s mom died Nemo s dad should have become female and nemo should have mated with his now female dad o disney didn t like that storyline Mating Systems monogamy 0 positive two parents to raise the offspring polygamy polygyny o polyandry promiscuity Sexual Dimorphism intrasexual selection causes differences in form between individuals of different sexes they are more colorful than the other bigger etc intrasexual selection selection based on differential attractiveness of one sex to another the male bird performs a dance to attract female his dance has to be the best for her to pick him


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