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POLI 362, Week 4 Notes

by: Rachel Stein

POLI 362, Week 4 Notes Poli 362 001

Rachel Stein
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

These are notes from in class, including a guest speaker.
Politics and the Mass Media
Donald Fowler
Class Notes
political science, Mass Media
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Stein on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Poli 362 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Donald Fowler in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Politics and the Mass Media in Political Science at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 02/23/16
Poli 326: Politics and Mass Media 2/4/16 Guest Speaker: Michelle Kwan  Most decorated United States figure skater  Here on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign  Her husband ran for governor of Rhode Island o Had studied political science but had never experienced the behind the scenes o He didn’t win but it was a learning experience  Job as a Surrogate o On the campaign where Hillary cant be there is a surrogate o Generate excitement and attention  How did you go from figure skating to politics? o When she finished skating in 2006 she was 26 years old. o Went to university of Denver where she studied political science and international relations o Got her masters degree o Got a “real job” at the state department serving as a senior advisor  Despite how close Iowa is the campaign remains confident in the primaries  What attributes make her appealing to college students like us? o The college compact. o There are admittedly other appealing candidates but they have ideas and not execution. o Kinda floundered with this answer.  What was Hillary’s biggest accomplishment as secretary of state? o LGBT rights, women’s rights to choose, ect.  Hillary’s relationship with congress o The relationships she’s made over her career with foreign leaders and with members of our own government and know where things are at gridlock/where they need to get moving. Hillary would be able to move them but other people don’t have those relationships  What’re some of the biggest challenges in the campaign o Surrogates department is under the communication department  Rapid response team is amazing o Flights being delayed o Different types of voters o Finance team meeting deadlines  For someone who wants to pursue a career in poli or media what is your advice? o To get involved in any way you can.  How does Hillary plan to balance the deficit o Let me get back to you  What has been the biggest challenge and reward with the campaign? o Challenge: endurance, its nonstop  How is it balancing campaign life and personal life? o Its trying to figure out how to make time for yourself  Try to get to yoga a couple times a week Poli 362: Politics and Mass Media 2/9/16 Newspaper Reporting  There’s the generation and the reporting of news  Most of the time people try to generate news that is good about themselves o Ex: everyone that runs for public office  Not only are individuals concerned about this but public bodies are as well  Three groups: individuals, groups, candidates  If you are interested in elected office/are an elected official you will have multiple meetings to deal with the media o There are right and wrong ways  Person representing the media have a certain set of standards and have loyalties, so there are certain things they wont do to compromise objectivity o EX: accepting gifts  The need for media applies at all levels of government o Becomes more complex as you get into higher levels of government


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