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GLBL 210 Notes 2/22/16-2/24/16

by: Hadley Ashford

GLBL 210 Notes 2/22/16-2/24/16 GLBL 210

Hadley Ashford
GPA 3.776
Global Issues
Jonathan Weiler

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About this Document

These notes cover the rest of Theories of Third World Development and the "Life and Debt" video.
Global Issues
Jonathan Weiler
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hadley Ashford on Wednesday February 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GLBL 210 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Jonathan Weiler in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Global Issues in Global Studies at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 02/24/16
GLBL 210 Notes 2221622416 22216 Theories of Third World Development cont Escobar39s view on Truman doctrine o Began new era of understandingmanagement o Intent of doctrine US as model for success that every country should follow 0 Model for success increased industrialization urbanization new agricultural techniques increased growth material production and living standards modern educationcultural values Criticisms of modernization theory 0 Ethnocentrism idea that there is only one acceptable set of cultural values superior to all others 0 Nai39ve optimism US had relatively peaceful development process and abundant resourcesgeographical location D easier to develop In other words using US as model of development is awed because they began with favorable contextualhistorical conditions 0 Fails to recognize economic dependence interval attributions lead country to sink or swim on world scale Rist39s criticism of modernization theory 0 Conquest imperialism shaped much of modern world modernization theory ignores this historical context 0 Colonization modernization theory disregards its impacts 0 Slave trade ignores impact 0 Culturalhistorical context in which countries develop Assume that cultures are xed D wealthy countries are successful because have speci c cultural values that promote development Ex anxiety of US about Japanese success in 1980 s believed thatJapanese possibly had values that US lacked focus on mathscience child discipline etc o Breaks up indigenous structures ignores that industrialization damages socialeconomicpolitical structures of quotunderdevelopedquot countries lmplies that poor countries are miserable just because they don39t follow Western standards not necessarily true Generaloverall criticism of modernization theory one size ts all for development Current development discourse language has changed ex no longer use world quotbackwardsquot but general ideas have stayed countries must be understood in context of entire world system cannot be understood in isolation from international economic order 0 The game is rigged current system encourages economic disparities between countries 0 Rejection of linear view of development quotunderdevelopedquot countries are not failed mirror images of developed countries o quotComprador classquot local elites of poor countries convinced by world powers to adopt certain valuespractices that bene t external power and elites not necessarily whole country 0 Centerperiphery relations idea of center powerful wealthy countries US EU China and periphery poorer countries Sometimes includes semiperiphery 0 Third World should leave world economy and become selfsuf cient in order to develop 0 Strong state needed to overpower local elite willing to compromise country for personal interests Keep out foreign capital 0 selfsuf ciency and independent development out ofjungle luxurious even though most of country lives in poverty government accused of corruption 22416 quotLife and Debtquot Video Depreciation ofJamaican currency result of IMF practices 0 Bene tted world powers voices of other countries unheard Jamaican liberation created nancial problems 0 Not set up under colonization to be selfsuf cient Forced to go to IMF for help because lacked capital to nance public health and food 0 IMF only nances loan for short period of time not interested in long term development IMF devalued Jamaican currency on purpose 0 IMF says it was helpful because only way to development is by increasing exports and decreasing imports devaluation made foreign goods more expensive so unable to purchase imports o Jamaicans view this negatively because so dependent on imports just hurts economy and livelihood Market ooded with cheap foreign goods from US Jamaica had trade agreement with Europe for banana exports 0 US protested is as discriminatory 0 Jamaica forced to compete with large US multinationals Chiquita Dole Del Monte produced in Latin America extremely cheap labor 0 HurtJamaican banana business Clothes factories created importing of materials avoids Jamaican import laws so basically independent factories 0 US companies protected against unionization o Unfair payment practices 0 Jamaicans paid in Jamaican currency not US dollar so don39t make as much money World powers control 80 of vote in IMF so other countries can39t make changes without their approval


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