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Gender, Race, Class Notes Ch. 31

by: Anaya Curry

Gender, Race, Class Notes Ch. 31 WS266

Marketplace > Pace University > Women and Gender studies > WS266 > Gender Race Class Notes Ch 31
Anaya Curry
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Gender, Race, and Class
Jason Whitesel

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About this Document

A race, class, and gender lens on the Economic Downturn. Citations included to reference the article in the textbook.
Gender, Race, and Class
Jason Whitesel
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anaya Curry on Wednesday February 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to WS266 at Pace University taught by Jason Whitesel in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Gender, Race, and Class in Women and Gender studies at Pace University.

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Date Created: 02/24/16
Anaya Curry February 23 2016 Gender Race amp Class 3D View on the Economic Downturn Difference between 1D view of inequalities and 3D view of inequalities 1D viewwhen society believes that everyone suffers from the recession economic downturn in the same way ex When newspapers have headlines like quotjobless Rate Hits 102 With More Underemployedquot The New York Times November 11 2009 as to say that Anderson 263 3D view taking into consideration that people are affected by the economy differently based on their gender class and race US Unemployment The national jobless rate reached 10 by 2009 for both black and white 0 Black employment has been this way for 60 years Anderson 264 2nOI paragraph 0 1954 the ratio for the jobless rate bw blacks and whites was 21 0 African Americans 99 Whites 5 Anderson 264 2nCI paragrah 2009 Unemployment between White and Black Americans was almost equal Latinos fell bw Whites and African Americans in the jobless rate 0 Most Latinos that lost their job were overrepresented in the manufacturing and construction elds 0 Unemployment was higher in Afr Ams and Latinos in the age range of 2024 Anderson 264 2nCI paragraph 0 Afr Ams 26 Anderson 264 2nCI paragraph 0 Latinos 17 Anderson 264 2nCI paragraph Women s Unemployment Reasons women s are not reported in the impact of recession Money tends to be a bigger issue for women Anderson p 265 Public sector jobs over represent women more than men Anderson p 265 Private sector has job growth not public Anderson p 265 o Woman s unemployment is less than Men s however it has risen in the recession era Anderson p 265 Women are given more volatile wages 0 Jobs like waitressing and temp work don t pay minimum wage so tips are relied on Anderson p 265 Black Women s Unemployment Suffered more job loss Even during recession recovery they faced even more job loss Black men still hold higherjobless rates 1D perspective on women s unemployment individual achievement is at a premium and individualism is rugged which means unemployment is seen as a personal problem 3D perspective on women s unemploymentunemployment can t be solved on a personal level because it is a social problem Solutions 0 Train women forjobs in which they are underrepresented Anderson p 267 0 Give higher wages for jobs where they are overrepresented Anderson p 267 o In job s that are considered quotwomen s workquot raise bene ts Work Cited Andersen Margaret 2012 quotSeeing in 3D A Race Class and Genders on the Economic Downturnquot Pp 26369 in Race Class amp Gender An Anthology 9th ed


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