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The Great War and the Roaring 20s

by: lena metcalf

The Great War and the Roaring 20s HIST 2620

Marketplace > University of North Texas > HIST 2620 > The Great War and the Roaring 20s
lena metcalf

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About this Document

Notes towards Exam 2
United States History since 1865
Dr. Andrew J. Torget
Class Notes
history, Great War, KKK, WWI, World War 1, Mexico, America, Roaring 20s
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by lena metcalf on Thursday February 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2620 at University of North Texas taught by Dr. Andrew J. Torget in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 146 views.


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Date Created: 02/25/16
The Great War and the Roaring 20s Outline: 1. The Great War 2. America by 1920 3. Excitement and Fears of cities 4. Rise and fall of the New KKK 5. Prosperity of Half of America Names to know: - Allied Power - Central Powers - Lusitania - Zimmerman - Telegram - League of Nations - Treaty of Versailles - Henry Ford - Black Harlem - The Second KKK - Prohibition - Al Capone - Red Scare - Birth of a Nation - Earle B Mayfield Review: Progressives were changing American life. They had been having tremendous success through the 19-teens. There was a progressive party, but it was so much bigger than that. The 18 amendment outlaws alcohol, th and the 19 amendment that gives women a right to vote. ½ million people fled to the us from Mexico during the Mexican American war. World war 1 breaks out… Allied Powers: England, France, Japan, Russia Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey How do Americans react to all of this? “no thanks!” Americans watch from across the ocean, as Europe ruins itself. In trench warfare, people would build tunnels, to kill people across the way. In 1916, France lost 500,000 men, and so did Germany. By 1915/1916; problems were created because us had been trading with Europe. Germany had started using torpedoes to hit ships that were going back and forth from enemies, no matter what the ship was for. Lusitania was sunk by a torpedo sent from Germany. This caused 1,280 deaths. The next year there was another ship that was sunken. The Zimmerman Telegram- sent from Germany to Mexico in 1917. By 1917, Germany was convinced that the US was going to join the war against them. So Germany tries to bring in Mexico with them, against the Americans. “If you come on our side, and when we win, we will give you back the entire American southwest. (texas, new mexico, California….)” United states got upset that Germany was trying to do that. Mexico didn’t take the offer, because they were still consumed with the Civil War. There is now anger towards Germany. And now, United states goes into war, on the side of France, and Japan. Its time to build an American army, where there isn’t really one already. At this time, there are only 120,000 men in the army. The founding fathers never wanted a large army, because they saw it as a threat to democracy. People begin to be recruited for the US army, 24 million men were being registered for the draft. 5 million people had been brought into the army over the course of 1 year. About ½ of those 5 million had offered to be in the war. The other half had been drafted. Soldiers are being sent over seas, where 10s of thousands will die from war, but also from the Flu (1918). The flu alone, kills about 30-50 Million people (worldwide) about 700,000 (U.S.). In the war for about 18 months. The war comes to an end, and Woodrow Wilson, and the Americans are hailed as heroes, from Europe, for helping in the war. Wilson goes to Europe (first pres. to do so), and was excited about taking the ideas of progressivism, and use them to solve world issues. ‘Let’s set up a world government (League of Nations) to save all of our world problems.’ Wilson wasn’t as good as convincing the Europeans as he was with the Americans. League of nations started to pick up off the ground, but didn’t ever really take off. Treaty of Versailles: States world war will happen again. 1920; war is over. US emerges from progressive era, and WWI as a new United States. 52% of Americans live in cities by 1920. Great migration- white and black southerners abandon south, moving to northern cities. When WWI breaks out, Europeans stop migrating to the US. 90% of African Americans at the end of the civil war, lived in the south. After WWI, there was a demand for more workers in the north, so African Americans left the south to go north. Black population of Cleaveland goes up 300%. Henry ford gets the credit for mas producing car. By the 1920s, the KKK is back but this is a different than before. This clan is the most organized and terrifying version of itself. Its different than that of before, because they defined ‘real’ Americans as “White, protestant, & native to the United States.” 1915 they are ‘reborn’. At stone mountain in Georgia. One of the reasons their appeal spread so quickly, is from the movies. “Birth of a Nation” was a movie smash sensation for its era. This was in theaters for years. It was fantasy, but portrayed to be a documentary. In the movie, the KKK is the “hero” to save white America from the blacks. This movie was used as a recruiting tool for the KKK. The KKK would set up outside of the movie theatre, and ask audience members if they wanted to join. By 1920s there are 5 million members in the clan. They are not hiding, like they were before. They have their faces open and showing. They want to make sure native Anglo-Americans are the ones in charge of this country. The epicenter of the clan was in Dallas Texas.  Indiana becomes another center. Look up Hiram Wesley Evans. 1922 nominate Klan’s-men of senator of Texas. Earl B. Mayfield. He is running in 1922. March on Washington 1929. This clan is being supported by the middle class. Klan turns violence against middle class in late 1920s, and middle class leaves the clan, and the clan collapses


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