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Social Issues & Marketing Society-Feb 23

by: Jayne Johnston

Social Issues & Marketing Society-Feb 23 MKTG2001

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > Business > MKTG2001 > Social Issues Marketing Society Feb 23
Jayne Johnston
GPA 3.33
Advertising and Society: from Ancient Greece
Richard Sweeney

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About this Document

These class notes cover what will be on Exam 3.
Advertising and Society: from Ancient Greece
Richard Sweeney
Class Notes
Advertising, Society, Marketing, history, sweeney
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jayne Johnston on Thursday February 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MKTG2001 at University of Cincinnati taught by Richard Sweeney in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Advertising and Society: from Ancient Greece in Business at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 02/25/16
Social Issues amp The Marketing Society 0 Advertising paid form of communications from an identi able source delivered through a communication channel designed to persuade the receiver to take some action now or in the future 0 Advertising can I Inform l Persuade l Remind 0 Society I The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community I The community of people living in a particular region and having shared customs laws and organizations 0 Social Aspects of Advertising l Advertising Educates Consumers Advertising Educates amp Informs 0 Advertising is Super cial amp Intrusive How educational is advertising really I Advertising Improves the Standard of Living 0 Advertising Lowers the Costs of Products By advertising more people will buy a product creating more revenue to increase efficiency in manufacturing especially the high quantity of products that are manufactured Advertising Wastes Resources and Raises the Standard of Living for Some l Advertising Affects Happiness and General WellBeing Advertising Addresses a Wide Variety of Basic Human Needs Different types of cereal food smartphones It addresses those wantsneeds By seeing something advertised it addresses those needs we need to ful ll Advertising Creates Needs Some people say advertising exists so that you buy something that you don t need Advertising doesn t actually physically or mentally force you to buy a product I Advertising Demeaning and Deceitful or Liberating and Artful Advertisers are Showing Much More Sensitivity Some ads may be offensive to some people and completely ne to others 0 Advertising Perpetuates Stereotypes Ex Guys do dumb things when they drink beer Cheerios had an ad with an interracial couple with their daughter Some people had a problem with that l Advertising Had a Powerful Effect on Mass Media 0 Advertising Fosters a Diverse and Affordable Mass Media Social Issues amp The Marketing Society We are able to have access to a diverse mass media especially different television channels advertisers have ads on particular channels they want to be shown on Or magazines radio stations etc 0 Advertising Affects Programming If an advertiser doesn t have an ad during a show then that television show is not creating any revenue Does advertising foster diversity or does it have control over television shows 0 The Marketing Society I Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs 0 Pyramid Bottom to top Physiological food water clothing shelter survival a Pur water lter commercial ad Safety free from harm Car alarms insurance house alarm system nancial security aBrinks Home Security commercial ad Love Facebook matchcom different organizations a 1800SandalsSandalscom Esteem feeling better about ourselves Airlines or hotels High fashion design lines aPreference by L Oreal Selfactualization as goodstrong that you want to be Parents send kid to a good school Learning multiple languages Having a physical trainer aUS Army l Vals Typology Values amp Lifestyles Table Experiencers Ex Bend Oregon Visitbendcom Innovators Ex Lexus cars more luxury oriented Achievers Ex University of Phoenix Makers Ex Home Depot l Claritas Typology Bentley blue blood automobile Chevrolet shotguns and pickups 0 Types of Teenage Consumers I ln uencers Quick to embrace fashion trends spend a good deal of money on fashion trends and in uence spending habits of other teenagers I The Edge Group 0 Members of this group continually change their looks in an attempt to be antifashion and drop their fashion looks when in uencers adopt them Social Issues amp The Marketing Society I Conformers Most teenagers fall into this category Conformers use popular brands to strengthen your selfesteem l Passives Teenagers in this category aren t particularly interested in using fashion as a statement of a means of tting in They buy clothes based on what is available rather than being concerned about being fashionable


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