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PSY 247, Substance-Related Disorders

by: Joy Mizrahi

PSY 247, Substance-Related Disorders PSY 247

Marketplace > University of North Carolina - Wilmington > Psychlogy > PSY 247 > PSY 247 Substance Related Disorders
Joy Mizrahi
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abnormal psychology
Robert McNamara

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About this Document

These notes cover Substance-Related Disorders in Chapter 10 of Abnormal Psych.
abnormal psychology
Robert McNamara
Class Notes
PSY 247, psy, Psychology, Abnormal psychology, Cengage, Substance Abuse, Substance-Related Disorders, chapter 10




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joy Mizrahi on Thursday February 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 247 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Robert McNamara in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see abnormal psychology in Psychlogy at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 02/25/16
PSY 247 Notes 21516 SubstanceRelatedlmpulse Control Disorders Substance Use Disorders The nature of substance use disorders Abuse of psychoactive substances Wideranging physiological psychological and behavioral effects Associated with impairment and signi cant costs Perspectives on SubstanceRelated Disorders Some important terms and distinctions Substance use Taking moderate amounts of a substance in a way that doesn t interfere with functioning Substance intoxication Physica reaction to a substance eg being drunk Substance abuse Use in a way that is dangerous or causes substantial impairment eg affecting job or relationships Substance dependence May be de ned by tolerance and withdrawal Sometime de ned by drug seeking behavior Term associated with addiction Tolerance Needing more of a substance to get the same affect Withdrawal Physioogica symptom reaction when substance is discontinued after regular use Five Main Categories of Substances Depressants Behavioral sedation eg alcohol sedatives and anxiolytic drugs Stimuants lncrease alertness and elevate mood eg nicotine cocaine Opiates Produces analgesia and euphoria eg heroin morphine codeine Halucinogens Alter sensory perception eg marijuana LSD Other drugs of abuse lnclude inhalants anabolic steroids medications Substance Use Disorders in DSM5 Pattern of substance use leading to signi cant impairment and distress Symptoms need 2 within a year Taking more of the substance than intended Desire to cut down use 0 Excessive time spent usingacquiringrecovering Craving for the substance 0 Role distribution eg can t perform at work Interpersonal problems 0 Reduction of important activities 0 Use in physically hazardous situations eg driving 0 Keep using despite causing physical or psychological problems Tolerance o Withdrawal The Depressants Alcohol Related Disorders Psychoogica and physiological effects of alcohol 0 Central nervous system depressant 0 In uence several neurotransmitter systems 0 Speci c target is GABA ncreases inhibitory effects makes neural cells worse at ring Effects of chronic alcohol use 0 Alcohol intoxication and withdrawal 0 Associated brain conditions dementia and Wernicke s disease 0 Fetal alcohol syndrome Deveopmenta problems due to mother s consumption of alcohol when child is in the womb Alcohol Some Facts and Statistics In the United States 0 Most adults consider themselves ight drinkers Alcohol use is highest among Caucasian Americans 568 Males use and abuse acoho more than females 0 Binge drinking behavior 0 Violence is associated with alcohol Acoho alone does not cause aggression Statistics on abuse and dependence 0 Three million Americans are acoho dependent 20 with alcohol problems experience spontaneous recovery Sedative Hypnotic or Anxioytic Related Disorders The nature of drugs in this class Sedative calming Hypnotic Sleep inducing o Anxioytic Effects are similar to large doses of alcohol 0 Combining such drugs with alcohol is synergistic Stimulants Nature of stimulants Most widely consumed drug in the United States 0 Such drug increase alertness and increase energy 0 Ex Amphetamines Cocaine Nicotine and Caffeine DSM5 criteria for stimulant intoxication Recent stimulant use leading to signi cant impairment or psychological changes Accompanied by physical changes eg change in HRBP dilated pupils weight loss vomiting weakness chills Amphetamines Effects 0 Produce elation vigor reduce fatigue 0 Such effects are usually followed by extreme fatigue and depression Some ADHD drugs are mild stimulants Ecstasy and crystal meth


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