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Need to Know Information for Chapter 7: Vitamins

by: Monica Dinnsen

Need to Know Information for Chapter 7: Vitamins NUTR 1000 002

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Nutrition and Food Sciences > NUTR 1000 002 > Need to Know Information for Chapter 7 Vitamins
Monica Dinnsen
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Contemporary Nutrition Concerns
Nancy Harris

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About this Document

These notes are for week 7. They cover the powerpoint on Vitamins and include all information that we need to know for the next exam from this chapter.
Contemporary Nutrition Concerns
Nancy Harris
Class Notes
NUTR 1000, Contemporary Nutrition, NUTR 1000 002




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Monica Dinnsen on Thursday February 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NUTR 1000 002 at East Carolina University taught by Nancy Harris in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Contemporary Nutrition Concerns in Nutrition and Food Sciences at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 02/25/16
Need to Know Information About Chapter 7 Vitamins 1 Vitamin an essential noncaloric organic nutrient needed in small quantities in the diet Water Soluble Vitamins Vitamin B 2 a Qn e Characteristics Dissolves in water washing and cooking can leach from foods are easily absorbed into the blood stream and excreted in urine seldom reach toxic levels Storage Capacity LIMITED Need for Dietary Replenishment MORE OFTEN Functions act as a part of coenzymes help the body metabolize carbs lipids and proteins to release energy reproduction of cells De ciencies RARE a person that is de cient is likely to be de cient in other vitamins as well Fat Soluble Vitamins Vitamin A D E and K a Characteristics Dissolve in lipids absorbed into the lymph and travel in the blood in association with protein carriers require BILE for absorption are stored in liver and fatty tissues may be toxic in excess Recommendations for Intake of Vitamin A Retinol Activity Equivalents RAE a measure of Vitamin A activity of beta carotene and other Vitamin A precursors that re ects the total amount of retinol that the body will derive from a food containing the precursors Precursor or Provitamin Similar chemical compounds that can be converted into active vitamins once inside the body Affects food composition and recommendations for intake Precursor of Vitamin A BetaCarotene a Food sources dark green yellow orange and red fruits and vegetables Overall Functions of water and fat soluble vitamins a Water Soluble act as a part of coenzymes help the body metabolize carbs lipids and proteins to release energy reproduction of cells Fat Soluble VITAMIN A vision maintenance of epithelial tissue antioxidant which supports immune system gene expression important for reproduction and normal cell 7 8 9 growth assists in bone growth and health VITAMIN D functions as a hormone stimulates maturation of cells important for the maintenance of bone formation and for proper functioning of the muscles nerves and glandular systems maintain calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood General role of vitamins in energy producing reactions in the body a Vitamin B help the body metabolize carbs lipids and proteins to release energy VITAMINS DO NOT YIELD ENERGY THEMSELVES LIKE LIPIDS PROTEINS AND CARBS DO De ciency conditions associated with both water and fat soluble vitamins a Thiamin De ciencyBeriberi Symptoms of wet beriberi rapid heartbeat shortness of breath edema Symptoms of dry beriberi dif culty walking loss of feeling in the hands and feet confusion poor coordination b Niacin De ciency Pellagra Symptoms diarrhea dermatitis dementia and ultimately death c Folate De ciency Neural Tube Defects Abnormal development in the brain and spinal cord related to folate status before and during pregnancy d Vitamin BlZ De ciency Pernicious Anemia Symptoms fatigue shortness of breath dizziness headache pale or yellow skin chest pain tingling and numbness in hands and feet e Vitamin C De ciency Scurvy Symptoms breakdown of collagen anemia loss of appetite poor growth weakness bleeding in the gums and skin loose teeth swollen ankles and wrists f De ciency of Vitamin A Nigh blindness keratinization xerosis corneal drying xerophthalmia permanent blindness impaired bone growth easily decayed teeth impaired immunity skin health g De ciency of Vitamin D Rickets CHILDREN softening of bone misshaped bones chest bowed outward knock knees abnormal growth Osteomalacia ADULTS softening of bone misshaped bones bent spine bowed legs pain and fractures


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