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vocab week 9

by: Olivia Lee

vocab week 9 HSCI131

Olivia Lee
GPA 3.65
Intro to Medical Terminology
Lisa M. Hilliard

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About this Document

Intro to Medical Terminology
Lisa M. Hilliard
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Olivia Lee on Friday February 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HSCI131 at Purdue University taught by Lisa M. Hilliard in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 02/26/16
anUbody protective protein produced by B lymphocytes in response to the presence of a foreign substance called an antigen IUD anUgen substance recognized as harmful to the host that stimulates formation of antibodies in an immunocompetent individual EDD bile pigment substance derived from the breakdown of hemoglobin and excreted by the liver IUD cytokine chemical substance produced by certain cells that initiates inhibits increases or decreases activity in other cells IUD immunocompetent ability to develop an immune response or recognize antigens and respond to them IUD natural killer NK cells specialized lymphocytes that kill abnormal cells by releasing chemicals that destroy the cell membrane causing its interceuar uids to leak out IUD erythrocytes red blood cells IUD leukocytes white blood cells IUD thrombocytes platelets IUD hematopoiesis development of blood cells to their mature form Aka hemopoiesis IUD diapedesis migration through endotheia walls of capillaries and venues entering tissue space IUD neutrophils stain pale lilac color do not show af nity for acid or alkaline dye Aka polymorphonuclear leukocytes These are phagocytic cells and responsible for ingesting and destroying bacteria and other foreign particles Most numerous IUD eosinophiles stain red because of af nity to red acid dye eosin Main function is detoxi cation Numerous during allergic reactions and animal parasite infestations IUD basoths stain dark purple because of af nity to purple alkaline dye Main function is to release histamines and heparin at sites of injury Histamines increase blood ow Heparin prevents blood from clotting IUD agranulocyte arise in bone marrow mature in lymph tissue Aka mononuclear leukocytes two types monocytes and lymphocytes IUD monocytes mildly phagocytic Once they exit vascular channels they transform into macrophages avid phagocytes capable of ingesting pathogens dead cells and other debris found at sites of in ammation IUD lymphocytes include B cells T cells and NK cells B and T cells provide acquired immunity NK cells provide generalized defense They kill by releasing potent chemicals that rupture the cell membrane of abnormal cells NK cells highly effective against cancer cells and cells harboring pathogens IUD Platelets smallest formed elements in the blood they are cell fragments Initiate blood clotting during trauma Platelets become sticky and aggregate at the injury site to form a barrier Clotting factors in platelets and injured tissue release thromboplastin Finally brinogen becomes insoluble and forms brin strands that act as a net This forms a blood clotthrombus IUD Plasma liquid portion of blood Consists of water albumins globulins brinogen gas nutrients salts hormones and waste material If brinogen and clotting elements are removed called serum IUD Read pages 6061 inn Humoral immunity protects against extracellular antigens such as bacteria and viruses B cells IUD Cellular immunity protects against intracellular antigens such as viruses and cancer cells T cells IUD cytotoxic T cell destroys invading agent IUD helper T cell uses cytokines to activate direct and regulate the activity of most of the other components of the immune system IUD suppressor T cell monitors the progression of infection IUD memory T cell combat antigens should they reappear IUD adeno gland IUD adenoid resembling a gland IUD agglutino clumping gluing IUD agglutination process of clumping IUD baso base IUD basoth attraction to base IUD blasto embryonic cell IUD erythroblastosis abnormal increase of embryonic red cells IUD ch romo color IUD hypochromic under color IUD eosino dawn rosecolored IUD eognoth attraction for rose colored dye IUD erythro red IUD erythrocyte red cell IUD granulo granule IUD granulocyte cell containing granules IUD hemo blood IUD hemophobia fear of blood IUD hemato blood IUD hematoma blood tumor IUD immuno immune immunity safe IUD immunology study of immunity IUD karyo nucleus IUD karolysis destruction of the nucleus IUD nucleo nucleus IUD mononuclear pertaining to a singular nucleus IUD leuko white IUD leukemia white blood condition IUD lymphadeno lymph gland IUD lymphadenopathy disease of the lymph nodes EDD lympho lymph IUD lymphoid resembling lymph EDD lymphangio lymph vessel IUD lymphangioma tumor composed of lymph vessels IUD morpho form shape structure IUD morphology study of form shape and structure IUD myelo bone marrow spinal cord IUD myelogenic relating to the origin in bone marrow IUD neutro neutral neither IUD neutrophilic pertaining to an attraction for neutral dyes IUD phago swallowing eating IUD phagocyte cell that eats foreign material IUD plaso formation growth IUD aplastic pertaining to a failure to form EDD poikilo varied irregular IUD poikilocyte cell that is irregular or varied IUD reticulo net mesh IUD reticulocyte cell that contains a net or meshwork IUD sero serum IUD serology study of serum IUD gde o iron EDD sideropenia de ciency of iron IUD spleno spleen IUD splenorrhagia bursting forth of the spleen IUD thrombo blood clot IUD thrombosis abnormal condition of a blood clot IUD thymo thymus gland IUD thymopathy disease of the thymus gland IUD xeno foreign strange IUD xenog raft foreign transplantation also called heterograft IUD bast embryonic cell IUD erythroblast embryonic red cell IUD emia blood condition IUD anemia without blood EDD globin protein IUD hemoglobin blood protein IUD graft transplantation IUD autog raft self transplantation IUD osis abnormal condition increase IUD leukocytosis abnormal increase in white blood cells and pena decrease de ciency IUD erythropenia abnormal decrease in red blood cells EDD phi attraction for IUD neutrophil attraction for a neutral dye IUD phoresis carrying transmission IUD electrophoresis carrying an electric charge IUD phylaxis protection IUD anaphylaxis against protection EDD poiesis formation production IUD hemopoiesis formation of blood IUD stasis standing still IUD hemostasis standing still of blood EDD a without not IUD amorphic without a de nite form IUD allo other differing from the normal IUD allograft transplantation from another also called homograft IUD aniso unequal dissimilar IUD anisocytosis abnormal increase in cells that are unequal Dun ISO same equal IUD isochromic pertaining to the same color IUD macro large IUD macrocyte large cell IUD micro small IUD microcyte small red cell IUD Hematology brand of medicine that studies blood cells blood clotting mechanisms bone marrow and lymph nodes IUD Allergy and immunology branch of medicine involving disorders of the immune system IUD aplastic anemia bone marrow failure that results in erythropenia leukopenia and thrombocytopenia IUD folicacid de ciency anemia inability to produce suf cient red blood cells due to lack of folic acid necessary for erythropoiesis IUD hemolytic anemia destruction of RBCs commonly resulting in jaundice ironde ciency anemia lack of suf cient iron in RBCs IUD pernicious anemia chronic progressive anemia found mostly in people older than 50 due to lack of suf cient vit BlZ needed for blood cell development IUD sickle cell anemia inherited anemia that causes RBCs to become crescent or sickle shaped when oxygen levels are low IUD acquired immune de ciency syndrome AIDS an infectious disease caused by HIV IUD Kaposi sarcoma a neoplastic disorder occurs during aids IUD Pneumocystis pneumonia PCP disease closely associated with Ale IUD allergy acquired abnormal immune response IUD indurated red swollen and hardened scratch IUD autoimmunity failure of body to distinguish accurately between self and nonseH IUD Myasthenia gravis chronic progressive autoimmune neuromuscular disease that affects the voluntary muscles of the body causing sporadic weakness Limbs eyes speech swallowing affected IUD edema abnormal accumulation of uids in the intercellular spaces of the body IUD asctes uid collection in the peritoneal or pleural cavity IUD hemophilia bleeders disease Blood clotting mechanism is impaired hemophilia A def in clotting factor VIII hemophilia B def in clotting factor IX SX nosebleeds bruising bleeding from gums hematoma hemarthrosis IUD infectious mononucleosis caused by EpsteinBarr virus Appears in early spring and fall Kissing disease Sx sore throat fever and enlarged cervical lymph nodes gingivitis HA fatigue anorexia malaise sometimes hepatomegaly or splenomegaly occur IUD Hodgkin disease malignant disease of the lymph system Begins with enlargement of lymph nodes IUD disseminated intravascular coagulation abnormal activation of the proteins involved in blood coagulation causing small blood clots to form in vessels and cutting off the supply of oxygen to distal tissues IUD graft rejection process in which a recipients immune system attacks a transplanted organ or tissue IUD graftversushost disease complication that occurs following a stem cell or bone marrow transplant in which the transplant produces antibodies against recipient39s organs that can be severe enough to cause death IUD hemoglobinopathy any disorder caused by abnormalities in the hemoglobin molecule IUD lymphadema swelling primarily in a single arm or leg due to an accumulation of lymph within vessels within tissues caused by obstruction or disease in the lymph vessles IUD multiple myeloma malignant tumor of plasma cells in the bone marrow IUD sepsis presence of bacteria or their toxins in the blood also called septicemia or blood poisoning IUD systemic lupus erythematosus widespread autoimmune disease that may affect the skin brain kidneys and joints and causes chronic in ammation also called discoid lupus if symptoms are limited to the skin IUD thrombocythemia overproduction of platelets leading to thrombosis or bleeding disorders due to platelet malformations


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