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Week 4 Notes

by: Fatima Ahmed

Week 4 Notes DEP 3115

Fatima Ahmed
GPA 3.75
Development in Infancy
Bethany Reed Sutherland

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About this Document

Development in Infancy
Bethany Reed Sutherland
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fatima Ahmed on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DEP 3115 at Florida International University taught by Bethany Reed Sutherland in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 125 views. For similar materials see Development in Infancy in Psychlogy at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Involves determining whether two variables are related to each other in a systematic way and how strongly they are related Correlation Coefficient R ranges between 10 and 10 Moderate positive correlation Most correlation coefficients reported in psychology are around 30 40 We cannot always design a suitable experiment to study our question Ethical concerns sometimes prohibit using experiments Understanding causal processes is not the only goal of research Laboratory Experiments Researchers hold constant or equate every possible factor except the one they have hypothesized will in uence the behavior they want to study Two groups Experimental Group Control Group Groups should be determined through random assignment RANDOM is key Reliability extent to which a measuring instrument yields consistent results over time and across observers Validity Extent to which a measuring instrument accurately re ects what is intended to be measured extent to which a test is subjectively viewed as covering the concept it claims to measure extent to which a causal conclusion can be made based upon a designed study ie was the experiment done well and were confounds controlled for extent to which a causal conclusion can be made across situations and other people ie are the results generalizable extent to which measure in one domain predicts later performance in another domain Context are they acting the same in the lab as outside the lab State babies could be crying or sleeping angry or drowsy Points of View we don t know how infants think Performance vs Competence Performance what do infants do under certain conditions in certain contexts Competence infant s potential ability are they actually able to perform Researchers need to undue risk to infant participants by Avoiding procedures that could harm the child either physically or psychologically and use procedures that create the least amount of stress possible Consent must be obtained from the parent and assent from the child if possible if child cries for over 30 seconds you have to stop Incentives to participate in the research project must be fair and appropriate Correct actions in light of unforeseen consequences Trisomy 13 Patua Syndrome 110000 births Symptoms intellectual disabilities cleft palate abnormal genitalia heart defects single umbilical artery Life expectancy 810 survive longer than a year Trisomy 18 Symptoms microcephaly with occiput heart defects intestines protruding out of body feeding Trisomy 21 Down syndrome 1800 births Symptoms mental disabilities large range in IQ2070 low muscle tone slanted eyes attened eyes protruding tongue congenital heart disease 4050 Life expectancy 8895 survive longer than a year 60 survive to 10 years 10 live to 70 years Genetic Disorders Screening and diagnosis of trisomies Prenatal screening Ultrasound 1013 weeks Measure nuchal translucency 8287 accurate Triple Screen Test 1520 weeks


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