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Media and Public Relations

by: scampbell20 Notetaker

Media and Public Relations 420-001

scampbell20 Notetaker

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About this Document

Role of Media, property grants rights to broadcast their events, media forum pays for all production, promotion, and distribution, management functions, Media Relations, Community Relations, three ...
Sport Marketing
Dr. Matthew Blaszka
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by scampbell20 Notetaker on Sunday April 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 420-001 at Indiana State University taught by Dr. Matthew Blaszka in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Sport Marketing in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Indiana State University.

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Date Created: 04/10/16
Media and Public Relations Role of Media ­forum communication and information transmission ­traditional vs new media ­examples? ­what has greatest reach? ­how target through these forums? ­which is most effective? property grants rights to broadcast their events  ­cbs AND Turner broadcast for NCAA tournament ­nbc 2 billion for 2014 amd 2.2 billion 2016 olmymplics ­fox 425 million for fifa world cup through 2022. extended until 2026 media forum pays for all production, promotion, and distribution ­sell advertising to cover costs ­advertisers hope to reach target market through sport broadcasts. management function which: ­evaluates public attitudes ­fosters positive company or product image ­enhances credibility of messages ­conveys organizational goals, objectives, and philosophies ­establishes relationships ­comprehension ­interest ­support includes both: ­media relations ­community relations why important? ­media and public opinion dominate how we perceive sport ­line is blurred between “real and fake” information ­need to communicate YOUR message Media Relations ­form and shape public opinion through the media ­can be: ­reactive  ­respond to inquires ­player interviews, autographs, appeareances ­proactive ­organization initiates contact ­possible stories, inside information, access ­interactive ­build long term relationship with the media ­press rooms, press passes, “preferred” outlets  Community Relations ­integral part of marketing efforts for teams and organizations ­enhance image or gain some sort of approval/acceptance from community ­three types of programs ­player ­dwayne wade foundation ­team ­miami heat learn to swim program ­league ­nba read to achieve PR Functions ­inform and communicate ­variety of stakeholders ­media, public, shareholders, consumers ­what provide to the media ­press releases ­media guides ­statistics ­schedules ­injury relations ­access for interviews ­press conferences ­exclusive stories ­image shaping and enhancement ­must ­develop image ­nurture image ­protect image ­reshape image as needed ­done through charitable component of teams and organizations ­ex: nfl charities ­Promote employee relations ­sport is very visible and popular ­all employees need to understand organizations stance on a variety of issues ­includes players and staff ­employees may represent the “face” of your organization to many people ­how communicate information ­memos ­newsletters ­emails ­meetings ­brochures ­Gaining political or popular support ­need to educate as well as inform ­particularly important for matters of financial importance ­stadium funding ­team relocation ­ticket increases ­major sponsorships ­player trades ­payroll/staff cuts ­Coping with crisis ­crisis generally attracts a lot of media attraction ­ray rice and the nfl ­penn state scandal ­deflategate ­missouri football ­how handle ­develop an internal plan ­“no comment” ­develop a crisis team ­formulate a statement for the media ­develop talking points for a spokesperson ­investigate


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