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Chapters 1, 2, 19, 20

by: Abigail Mendoza

Chapters 1, 2, 19, 20 POLS 1336

Abigail Mendoza
GPA 3.71
US and Texas Const/Politics
Cyrus Contractor

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About this Document

US and Texas Const/Politics
Cyrus Contractor
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abigail Mendoza on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1336 at University of Houston taught by Cyrus Contractor in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 901 views. For similar materials see US and Texas Const/Politics in Political Science at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Chapter 1 In a direct democracy which may take place through town meetings citizens decide policy directly without elected representatives Like the United States most modern democracies are best described as repubHcs Since the 1990 s the areas of the United States that have been growing most rapidly are located in the South and West As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq dragged on what was the effect on Americans trust in President George W Bush It fell dramatically Which of the following ideals are part of the American political culture Liberty equality and capitalism Government policy should focus on which group Citizens The belief that the government does not listen to individuals may result in what is called a lack of efficacy In the United States government agencies provide us with education national defense and roads and bridges When a hurricane strikes land the government provides emergency services as a part of its responsibility to preserve order and stability Members of the political community who enjoy the rights privileges and responsibilities that come with membership in a given nation are known as citizens Which of the following is an ideal of American political culture The rights of the individual Outside of New England most other American colonies adopted which of these systems of democracy in which elected councils decide policies on behalf of the citizens Representative and indirect Why did the framers believe that the notion of equality was so vital to democracy The framers believed that educated freemen holding merit based positions should participate in democratic governance Which recent events have posed difficult questions about how we define liberty from government intrusion in our lives The digital revolution and the 911 attacks Which of the following statements about how modern technology influences political participation are true It may seem overwhelming to less techsavvy citizens and it enhances flow of information As the population of the United States ages rapidly there is likely to be a need for health care What historical events positively impacted the American people s attitude about politics and public service Attacks of 911 The primary functions of a government include establishing and maintaining a legal system providing a wide variety of services to citizen raising and spending money to support the services it provides Participants in a capitalist economy pursue which goal Profit for themselves or their business Math the philosopher with his theory Thomas Hobbes Social contract where citizens relinquish their rights to a powerful monarch John Locke Social contract where citizens preserve their natural rights JeanJacques Rousseau Social contract based on popular sovereignty The theory that the government was created by the people and is dependent upon the people for its authority to rule is called popular sovereignty ln classifying governments social scientists consider how governments function are structured and who participates in governing or in selecting those who govern False A democracy is the only form of government that can be constitutional Monarchies can also be constitutional Which of the following are examples of politics in action A legislature deciding whether to increase funding for state universities or the secondary school system a public university deciding which applicants to accept for the next academic year and a city council deciding whether to increase property taxes Governmentprovided services that are available to everyone such as clean air and highways are called public goods Many of the colonies were founded on the belief in Liberty to practice religion Match the racialethnic group to its percentage of the total US population in 1980 and in 2000 White 80 1980 69 2000 African American 115 1980 12 2000 Hispanic 65 1980 125 2000 Which of the following were influential scientists or philosophers who shaped the thoughts of the men who wrote the US Constitution Niccolo Machiavelli John Locke JeanJacques Rousseau Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Hobbes False Citizens practice civic engagement only when they are involved in strictly political activities Which economic system includes private ownership of property and the means of production in order to produce a profit Capitalism What are some of the functions of government To socialize new generations to raise and spend money and to provide services The way we determine who gets the benefits and who doesn t in a society is called politics Which of the following are reasons that so many people did not vote in the 2000 election A basic distrust of government apathy and a lack of efficacy Match the technology with its function in politics Socialnetworking sites Communicate with and organize supporters State government computers Conduct elections City computers Provide services to residents Why should you study American democracy now It is important to understand politics our government works better if we are engaged you will have many chances to influence the government Which theorist argues that individuals possess certain inalienable rights including life liberty and property John Locke Which of the following are examples of socialization of new generations Police officers visiting an elementary school funding for schools participating in civic life and libraries Which of the following is the primary form of taxation American government utilize for revenue Income Individual and collective actions designed to identify and address areas of public concern has been termed the definition of civic engagement The ideology that stresses economic equality theoretically achieved by having businesses and factories owned by the government or workers is socialism In the immediate aftermath of the 911 attacks roughly what percentage of college students said they trusted the government to do the right thing 60 What serves as the chief protector of citizen rights in an authoritarian regime Societal forces outside the government such as political parties or the military Whose ideas involving natural law laid the foundation for political philosophers during the Enlightenment Sir Isaac Newton The political theory that held that monarchs owed their positions to a higher power and not to the will of the people was called the divine right of kings Which political ideology calls for government action to promote opportunity by narrowing income inequality Liberalism The ideology that says the government should not try to foster equality or a social agenda and is found to the right of conservatism is libertarianism According to Thomas Hobbes how should the social contract be structured Individuals relinquish most of their rights via the social contract in exchange for protection by a sovereign monarch Chapter 2 The constitutional framers delegated which policy areas to the national government International trade national defense interstate commerce foreign affairs The Constitution originally limited representative democracy by having the Electoral College elect the president and having the members of the Senate elected by state legislatures Which British policy led to the Boston Tea Party The Tea Act The Great Compromise gave the House populationbased representation gave each state equal representation in the Senate called for a bicameral legislature was also called the Connecticut Compromise State constitutions even before the writing of the Articles of Confederation ensured that state governments were limited in power The new Constitution limited the ideals of representative democracy by having the president elected by the Electoral College limiting the right to vote to a minority of citizens having US senators elected by state legislatures In the House of Representatives under the US Constitution it takes a simple majority to pass a bill Policies with the action of the British government Sugar Act New taxes on molasses and other items are sent directly to Britain Stamp Act New tax on all paper goods Quartering Act Among other demands it forced colonists to supply British soldiers with food and shelter Declaratory Act Increased Parliament s ability to control the colonies Coercive Acts Among other actions it closed the Boston harbor and banned town meetings Townshend Duties Act Imposed a tax on imported goods Chapter 19 Trade in the state of Texas has expanded rapidly due to which of the following Globalization and NAFTA Texas has been promoted by its tourism industry as a land of contrasts Match the settlement region of Texas with the appropriate settlement group Frontier West Texas Native Americans Spanish South Texas Tejanos Antebellum East Texas Anglo settlers German Hill Country German immigrants Texas has been divided into economic regions based on their dominant economic activity Many new immigrants to Texas have contributed to the state s changing political climate by bringing with them which of the following traditions Republican Texas government institutions and political processes most often are consistent with traditionalistic subculture Which of the following towns did the majority of German immigrants settle Fredericksburg The term moralistic subculture describes a political subculture in which government is expected to act as a positive force to achieve a common good for all citizens Chapter 20 The Texas Constitution of 1876 severely restricted the powers of the state government Constitutions provide broad outlines of government The limitations on the power of government in Texas today reflect the state s individualistictraditionalistic political culture The separation of powers limits the power of which entity or group All branches of government The 1861 Texas Constitution included which on of the following as an addition to the 1845 constitution


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