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american politics 4

by: Bryanna Lipscy

american politics 4 Pol S 114

Marketplace > Political Science > Pol S 114 > american politics 4
Bryanna Lipscy
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.54
American politics
Ann Frost

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About this Document

notes on American exceptionalism and presidency
American politics
Ann Frost
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bryanna Lipscy on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Pol S 114 at a university taught by Ann Frost in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 161 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
American politics 4 American exceptionalism American Exceptionalism The US is something new different from other countries Founded on Freedom democracy religious freedom Overall freedom in general opportunity American dream manifest destiny The people rather than the history Other countries based on history culture and land America is different exceptionalism Better Just a different mindset Many different cultures NegaUve Military policing violence colonialism Bombing others slavery internment history Racism sexism Both positive and negative ideals The means we use to get ideals may sometimes not the end Readings 40 year slump Positives Wealthy live well Deregulation trickle down Improved trade Worker productivity increase Tech advantages NegaUves Median income fell Wages fell Increase in layoffs Outsourcing Walmart Antiunion mentality lead to corporate America Stories of work Positives Inspirationalism It is possible for class change Choices NegaUves Student loans bank advantage Failing of American dream Hard choices Obligations to pay loans Degree doesn39t guarantee jobs American dream Positives Wealth can achieve NegaUves Higher degrees needed for jobs More experience Schooldebt Wealth gap Lack of mobility Delayed retirements Inability to save What Americans don39t know about politics 1 Don39t wish for a weak state 8 9 Don t worry if the government is too big If too weak the states will fall needed is healthcare military police educa on Democracy and roots go deep We cant establish democracy without roots Must haves Wealth history of civic participation ethnic diverse Ancient hatreds aren39t so ancient US gets involved in other ethnic con ict As a whole con ict may not be going on not quotworld policequot The dark side of checks and balances Slows down the processes and changes Prevents stuff form passing Third parties are not a matter of political will The way we win elections 3rd parties Parliamentary systems are not beehives of instability Many criticize parliament for being instable Can do a vote of no con dence Parliament is generally stable Economy even abroad generally is stable Economy impacts everyday lives and in important to many outlets Easy to blame president for economy There is more than one way to create a prosperous economy America may do things differently but may not be for the better The US may not be as exceptional as we think If we compare the US to other countries we may nd more similarities 10What we don39t know There are a lot we cant explain in comparative politics President The president is the gure head of the US Constitutional article 2 section 1 Must be natural born citizen Takes oath to preserve protect and defend Commander in chief of army navy and militia Grants reprieves and pardons against cases against the US With consent of senate to make treaties with a 23 consent With consent of senate appoint ambassadors supreme judges To ll up all vacancy39s in senate when in session till next election State of union address My be impeached for treason and higher crimes amp demeanors only if convicted is evicted from presidency


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