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week 3 notes

by: Gayle Landry

week 3 notes Music 100

Marketplace > Music 100 > week 3 notes
Gayle Landry

GPA 3.4
Appreciation Intro
Johanna Yunker

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About this Document

Here is this weeks notes!
Appreciation Intro
Johanna Yunker
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gayle Landry on Saturday February 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 100 at a university taught by Johanna Yunker in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views.


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Date Created: 02/07/15
Music 100 week 3 notes 2315 Claudio Monteverdi L Orfeo Orpheus Mantua tay Saturday Feb 24th 1607 part II What is Orfeo Q plot review self contained pretty melodies reflection emotion to return 0 favola in musica 0 story in music 0 OperaMusical O 5acts O Alessandro Striggio Jr l nobleman and poet from Mantua 0 Music 0 instrumentation l examples Actll Q Aria O O O Q ritornello O O orchestra or chorus O Strophic O melody with different words 0 returning passage for repeats the same hymns l Singers performed multiple roles same person plays more than one role I only men were allowed to perform on stage I castrate male singer with a soprano range before pubeny can now sing high and no testosterone so feminine characteristics pale abnormal fat distribution barrel chest 0 O O 0 long ligaments O O I what to do today in these operas O sing in a mens range women Q countertenors closest we are going to get to a castrado l Harp l Clarino I cornetto l regal 0 not which instruments but rather Montriverdi first to specify which instrument plays which part I toccata 0 often virtuosic poet for keyboard 0 Style I Examples Act III I virtuality and decoration 0 groups of fast notes often improvised that embellish a melody 0 Characters 0 Orfea son of Apollo O Euridice Orfeos wife 0 Caronte 0 Apollo O castrado l prologue Musica l proserpina character in the underworld l possible other characters along the way 0 Prologue 0 musica says welcome audience 0 Act one I Orfeo and Euridice happy 0 Act 2 l snake bites euridice 0 Act 3 l Orfeo travels to Hades to rescue Euridice 0 Act 4 l Orfeo looks back and losses Euridice forever 0 Act 5 l Orfeo is sad 2515 Notes Premiere and legacy of the show Agenda 0 preparation for the premiere 0 score publication 0 performances after the premiere Opera 0 define opera lots of them are in Italian acted out as a play modern equivalent of musical also close to a movie I story I lesson I cultural values of the times 0000 Historical Context 0 Vincenzo Gonzaga 0 Continued a long history of Gonzaga patronage 0 Galileo 0 Saw Peri Euridice performed at the wedding of king henry IV and Maria de Medici 0 His son Francesco was instrumental in the production 0 why was patronage important to musicians and patrons O rulers funding arts and sciences 0 why do that l keeps the people happy I shows his wealth I shows how much power you have Libretto was written by Alessandro Striggio O the words of the music heavily influenced by Peri s Euridice Ending are different between the two operas Monteverdi finished composing a month before the first performance Mantuan Court did not have enough musicians The court of Mantua employed 0 15 singers O 6 string players 0 and others 0 Musicians were likely recruited from other courts 0 Castrato Giovanni Gualberto Magli was recruited likely performed the prologue and Proserpina O arrived inky a week before the premiere 0 pressure was mounting due to lent O magli had a really hard time learning that part took up until the day of the performance to learn it Premiere 0 held in a small room in the ducal palace of Mantua Q The audience included the ducal family and members of the academy of the lovestruck O composers tend to be in the servers class Q The stage designer was Antonio Viani 0 his drawings have not survived 0 most likely he turned the room into a pseudo theaters with wood platforms and panels 0 Instrumental parts were indicated but not fully explicated Q instrumentalists likely collaborated 0 published score is descriptive not prescriptive Q from here on music is much prescriptive Publication 0 in the published score the ending is happy but in the original libretto the ending was tragic Q apollo descends on earth and rescues his son Orpheus 0 Possible explanations 0 happy ending was more marketable O at the premiere they did not have the machinery to have apollo descend from about the stage Later Performances 0 a second performance was stafe the day after the premiere A third was planned and there may have been more 0 there is no evidence that it was ever performed in the 17 18 or 19 century 0 L Orfeo was revived in the early 20gh century 0 first modern performance in the US was in Northampton at the Academy of Music in 1920s Listening in minor key slow tempo string instruments piano Legacy earliest opera that is still performed an important transitional work from the Renaissance to the Baroque period Helped establish a large orchestra as a part of the operatic tradition Diegetic Music 0 how else do opera composers deal with diegetic music 0 Another Orfeo by Gluck in 1762 Quiz review 0 Form 0 when does stuff repeat itself 0 ABA O ritornello strophic same thing with different words 0 Texture Q what is happening how many melodies O poly homo mono phony Q lnstrumentations 0 who is playing chorus violins male chorus 0 Duration not a thing 0 tempo fast or slow underlying rhythmic pattern sets of 2 or 43 sometimes 3 O O O 0 meter 0 O 0 none can39t tap your foot Quiz 13 were worth 0 points each 4 was worth 30 points 10 points for being here


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