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PolsY375 Week 4 Day 2

by: M. Stevens

PolsY375 Week 4 Day 2 POLS-Y375

Marketplace > Political Science > POLS-Y375 > PolsY375 Week 4 Day 2
M. Stevens
GPA 3.6
War and International Conflict
Karen Rasler

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About this Document

War and International Conflict
Karen Rasler
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by M. Stevens on Sunday February 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS-Y375 at a university taught by Karen Rasler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 135 views.


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Date Created: 02/08/15
PolsY375 Week 4 Day 2 Why Do Insurgents Use Categorical Terrorism Insurgents target complicitous civiliansquot o Civilians benefit from government that insurgents oppose o Civilians benefit from government policies and resources 0 Civilians have the ability to in uence government Many quotstrategicquot motives for such attacks Seize or recover territory from the government Boost recruitment Revenge Provoke government overreaction Undermine peace efforts Conditions that Encourage Use of Categorical Terrorism Complicitous civilians support demand or toleratequot extensive state repression against insurgents and or their allies Severe repression can work for awhile but a sufficiently determined mass opposition can always design new tactics to surmount new obstacles especially if its existence as a group is visibly threatenedquot Brym 2007 Complicitous civilians are widespread and unprotected Absence of political alliances between insurgents and complicitous civilians eg strong segregations 0 Political brokers are critical people who connect the groups politically o ie African National Congress attack complicitous white South Africans to get white sympathetic elites to put pressure on government for reform I International activists are also political brokers I International companies removing their business causing economic collapse forcing political change Boko Haram Iihadist Insurgency 2009 Killed 16000 displaced 1 million people since 2009 Since 12014 Boko Haram has killed between 6700 amp 13000 0 Since 12014 ISIS has killed between 4000 amp 9000 Boko Haram is 70 one ethnic group experts believe it will not expand into a transnational terrorist group Operates in Nigeria Trying to expand area into Cameroon and Chad 0 80 Women and Children kidnapped from Cameroon recently Chad has begun to mobilize forces in retaliation Aims to revive an Islamic caliphate in Northern Nigeria where 170 million people are split between Christians amp Muslims 0 Aims to eliminate any institution that is Western churches schools hospitals bars including Muslim clerics and security military targets 0 Aims to wage war against corrupt falsequot Muslims AQIM Al Qaeda linked group operating in Algeria has provided training funds and arms Leadership of BH 75 single ethnic group in NE Nigeria 0 Recruits primarily from its own ethnic group in a highly deprived area However Boko Haram pledged loyalty to ISIS o Mimics ISIS ideology and military tactics destabilizing areas amp taking control 0 Has now attacked Cameroon citizens Structural Causes for Rise of Boko Haram Excessive indiscriminate state violence against Boko Haram and local people Corrupt police inept military units and unfair political system exist 72 of Northerners mostly Muslims live in poverty compared to 27 in the South mostly Christians Illegitimate President Goodluck Ionathan a Christian 0 Going up for election in the next week or so as of 242015 0 Failed to rotate presidency to Muslims Lack of trust among Northerners for Nigerian institutions Internal War Civil War Societal Con ict Low Intensity Con ict Ethnic Con ict Insurgency War Guerrilla War Separatist Con ict Wars of National Liberation Colonial Wars Asymmetrical War Counterinsurgency War Internationalized Civil War How do we define Internal War Involves armed combat organized violence Occurs primarily within the borders of a nationstate Involves a state vs rebel actors External actors other states or external groups in neighboring states may also be engaged Also called intrastate or civil wars or societal con ict or political violence Uppsala Con ict Data Program amp Olso Peace Research Institute Annual con icts between actors that result in at least 25 directly related battle deaths Takeaway many more intrastate con ict vs interstate con ict 0 The amount of internal wars has been gradually decreasing


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