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World Civilizations Notes for April 6 and April 8 on the Rise of Christianity

by: Simone Edwards

World Civilizations Notes for April 6 and April 8 on the Rise of Christianity 1010

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Chattanooga > History > 1010 > World Civilizations Notes for April 6 and April 8 on the Rise of Christianity
Simone Edwards
GPA 4.0
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About this Document

These notes cover her last few lessons on the Rise of Christianity.
World Civilizations l: World History from the Origins to c. 1000
Kira Robison
Class Notes
world civilizations, Rise of Christianity




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Simone Edwards on Sunday April 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1010 at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga taught by Kira Robison in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 98 views. For similar materials see World Civilizations l: World History from the Origins to c. 1000 in History at University of Tennessee - Chattanooga.


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Date Created: 04/10/16
World Civilizations Notes for April 6 and April 8 on the Rise of Christianity Israel (3 categories with the name Israel) 1. People 2. Kingdom 3. State Palestine (2 categories with the name Palestine) 1. Territory 2. State (ca.1940s) Judea (2 categories with the name Judea) 1. Southern Kingdom 2. Province Roman Judea -official roman governance 6 C.E. to 638 C.E. (Roman governance stops because of conquest of Islam) And before the official roman governance? -from 63 B.C.E -people were constantly picking sides -47 B.C.E.-J. Caesar -Hyrcanus ll: ethnarch (ruler of a nation) -Antipater the Idumean: procurator (caretaker) -Land and title goes to son, Herod, in 43 B.C.E (once Antipater dies) Herod the Great -Invasion of Parthia: 40 B.C.E. (around the same time as Antony and Cleopatra situation) -King of Judea, 37 B.C.E. -Hellenistic Jew (drawing from Alexander; region had been Hellenized until that point: everything that is Hellenized, is Romanized) -Herod speaks Greek, and learns Latin; he's more secular than religious -there's more Hellenization in the South and cities -question of assimilation -Jewish privileges -Religious autonomy (could do whatever you wanted) -Sanhedrin (council of elders on religious issues) -Death in 4 B.C.E. -Herod's sons failed miserably, they made dumb mistakes with money, they ruled wrong with the people -none of them had any concept of governance and the people complained -they complained to Rome so much that there was an annexation -Annexation in 6 C.E. (by Rome); Judea now apart of Syria under control of procurator Rise of Christianity -Governorship of Pontius Pilate (26-36 C.E.) -Judaism and Romanization -Sadducees -Pharisees (believe in maintaining own identities and purity of own religion)--this is what survives -Essenes -Zealots -Ca. 4 B.C.E. -33 C.E. -Life of Jesus (Joshua in Hebrew) -for Jesus, core of Mosaic law is ethics -40 C.E. Caligula's statue (Caligula was crazy man: he declared himself a god during his life which is unusual; married his sister; made his horse a senator; and even sent around a statue of himself to be worshipped) -50s C.E. Pauline letters -Christos, meshiah (Paul was an apostle who wrote letters telling of Jesus Christ being the messiah) -67 C.E. Paul executed Subduing Judaea -Rebellion! (66-9 C.E.) -Jews in Jerusalem killing anyone who is Roman, and it's answered by more slaughter -Emperor Vespasian -called to subdue the rebellion; The Romans contact him after their crazy emperor (Nuro), and all connections to him, are assassinated -Those in Vespasian’s army refused to listen to him if he didn’t become emperor He becomes emperor in 68 C.E.) -The Year 70 C.E. -Titus (Emperor Vespasian's son) sacks Jerusalem -Jewish Diaspora (loss of Jerusalem and their temple; exiled; back to being nomads) -becomes illegal to worship Judaism -all taxes from Jews given to others -73 C.E. Fall of Masada-Romans are victorious; Judea is finally subdued Spread of Christianity (people are moving fully away from any association to Judaism) -60s/70s C.E. Gospel of Mark -70s-90s C.E. -Gospel of Luke -Acts of the Apostles -Gospel of Matthew -90s-100s C.E. Gospel of John


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