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Chapter 1 - COMM 2320

by: Ailia Owen

Chapter 1 - COMM 2320 COMM 2320

Ailia Owen
GPA 2.9
Fundamentals of Media Production
Craig Warren Crowe

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About this Document

This is notes taken from chapter one in the book as well as the online lectures. I took notes from the lectures then expanded on the topics discussed using information from the book
Fundamentals of Media Production
Craig Warren Crowe
Class Notes
Comm Communications production media 2320 university of houston college notes chapter 1
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ailia Owen on Sunday February 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 2320 at University of Houston taught by Craig Warren Crowe in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 283 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Media Production in Communication at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/08/15
Chapter 1 2815 1030 PM THE AUDIENCE money is in the audience do not make content for yourself Production considerations 0 O O 0 Which distribution method Which production format Which electronic media Which genre will tell the story best Audience Analysis O O 0 Choice of medium TV internet DVD etc Size of audience how large or small is the audience you are trying to sell to Budget Justification bigger budget larger audience Audience expectations guessing what audience will expect from a product Choice of medium format tape film digital etc Audience Demographics The nature and preferences of the audience can be used to determine a projects format subject structure and budget Research postproduction to assess the impact and effectiveness of a project 0 000 0 Age certain age groups watch certain content require certain content TV sitcoms targeted towards an age group 1825 Gender not stereotyping Desperate housewives started out as female oriented but acquired crossover audience men started to watch as well Income how much does the audience make High end products higher incomes can associate lower incomes aspire Educa on Religion Culture Language Census a way to find demographic information also targets location free Question of Measurement Audience revenue Level of audience interest wanttoseequot index 0 TV ratings audience information for national and regional TV markets 0 O 0 Ratings ranking of all TV households houses with TV on or off tuned to a specific program Share of audience share of TV households with set turned on at a specific time watching a specific program Higher share means advertisers will want to advertise during those shows because a lot of people they want to advertise to are watching broken down into 14 hour Universal estimate UE total persons or homes in a given population TV households in US Households Using TV HUT of HH with TVs on Total HH UE Persons using TV PUT of persons viewing TV Total persons universe Viewers per viewing HH VPH Persons projection Household projection Reach CUME of different homes exposed at least once to a program or commercial Cost per thousand CPM Media cost X 1000 Impressions GRPs GRP Rating X frequency Impressions GRP X UE Film measurement of success for films 0 O O Box office often look at openings weeks DVD sales backend revenue sales made out of box office Best predictor of film success is advertising penetration of people who have heard about it 0 Internet more accurate then ratings 0 Hits number of times a website is visited TAMI Total Audience Measurement Index Nealson and Arbitron 0 Audience participation in all media simultaneously broadcasting cable satellite internet and mobile 0 Focus groups Test audiences 0 Find out how audiences react before official release Title list of key talent nature of subject matter synopsis of story line Can lead to reconstruction of a product 0 Noncommercial audience response is a primary measure of program effectiveness A project not designed to make money justifies budget on corporate government or cultural needs and audience preference and size n Sponsors need assurance that project will reach audience and convey its message TECHNOLOGY OF DISTRIBUTION The Digital Revolution as Evolution 0 1 5 0 s convert light and sound into computer language 0 Bytes and bits 8 163262128 of bits shows the level of conversion to a digital signal a higher bitrate better quality 0 requires greater bandwidth for storage and transmission 0 All digital vs analog Digital storage No more videotape and soon film a Cost effective a Low cost equipment a Quick distribution a Easy editing Analog obsolete every electronic signal begins as analog and ends as analog as the human eye and ear cannot directly translate a digital signal BIG 10 OF DISTRIBUTION AMlower QFM Terrestrial Radio traditional form 19205 0 little specialized programs 0 Analog required only way government can guarantee communication with citizens HDRadio Digital in signal satellite or digital IBOC In Band On Channel 0 Multichannel digital and analog broadcast on same primary channel 0 Target audience car drivers Mobile miniature digital based equipment 0 Texts Internet photos videos audio and streaming programs apps Satellite TV dish DirecTV Sirius XM competes with cable 0 Monthly fee 0 Central satellite to personal HH satellites Terrestrial TV broadcast over airwaves CableTelcos Warner ATampT Telephone and cable companies compete headtohead to provide TV telephone and internet and compete with satellite for programming services Disk magnetic media Disc optical media 0 Used primarily for storage record and playback of video and audio signals 0 Flash drives replacing diskdisc solid state items use USB port Large storage more expensive for larger storage The Internet YouTube FB 0 Company websites Games paired with movie 0 Growlingly complex 0 Example of a form that started outside of the mainstream Today large profits and culturally significant Motion Pictures theater oldest 0 Film medium Acetatebased emulsion coated flexible substance filmmakers expose to light and then edit 0 DPL digital light projector ECONOMICS OF DISTRIBUTION Production manufacturing Distribution wholesale taking the production through a brokeragent to the consumer WalMart middle man Exhibiting retail taking the production directly to the consumer Sams Internet convergence as streaming speeds increase the internet is becoming the most practical means of distribution and exhibition 0 Coming together of previous technologies Computers and TVs Direct to consumer o Broadcasting Sending audio or video signals to home receivers through airwaves antenna 0 Cable Sending audio and video signals from satellite dished to the home downlink to satellite gt to consumer through cable 0 Satellite Sending audio and video signals from a satellite to the home main satellite to home satellite 0 Internet Sending audio and video signals via web sites to the home through internet connection AppleTv Selling audience to advertisers o HUT 0 Demographics group and personal data Theatrical Mediaproductions that are distributed to and exhibited in theaters and educational institutions 0 Have to go somewhere Nontheatrical Mediaproductions that are distributed and exhibited in homes on personal viewers 0 Computers TV cell phones NDM s Digital media storage Home video 0 DVD Bluray BD Downloaded Audio 0 CD Mp3 Downloaded Selling mediaproduction to advertisers 0 DVD 0 Downloaded On demand Corporate production Inhouse o Corporation 0 Government 0 Education 0 Selling corporate audiences to advertisers 0 Messages Information control 0 TrainingInstruction


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