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animation 2: special effects

by: Marjan Notetaker

animation 2: special effects EMDT2061C

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > Art > EMDT2061C > animation 2 special effects
Marjan Notetaker
GPA 3.75

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About this Document

these notes describe how to use and draw special effects in your animation.
animation 2
Dr. Hartz
Class Notes
special effects, effects, Animation, motion graphics, Art, video, editing
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marjan Notetaker on Sunday April 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EMDT2061C at University of Cincinnati taught by Dr. Hartz in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see animation 2 in Art at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 04/10/16
re Sp ecialeflectslectu tcom E¤ ⁄cts o ook up on thisw ebsite: iashx Blogspo en o Usin efĺ ectsla c o f re anima teb ecause there ar g pe titio.Makes itharder to , sim p le y ces to cpy paste. 1. ire sha es ar e created b air a p y bove na m e. ’ die outquickly ’ $ chang evolum e quickly . . : disa ear rea ear , pp / pp * sm alle: flam e quicker : b bigger.Fam e s s owe r ’ 2. sm ok e lan c cl.D oesn tlook ike ac cl. p y y Y ou have to folo wa line oact on.Sm oke w aves de outatthe end. 3. W ater: most ߣœicul. Is heldto ether w eakl .'tbe ins w ith n into sheets+ ends in g y g o e m assi spreads out d rops.A R C.A ld rawed on sam e arc.W hen w aterreaches the ground sm aller do ps th and bursts atthe end. 4. R ain:6 fram esto fal. ’ I ’ - / '' foregro und: bgg er,brighter,aster dro ps _ " P I niidd e ground I ’ ck round : sm alleD r d , û Ë g . a ker.slow er. 4 A w a s use of3 a e s. y y S, S now sam e as rain,bu thasa ighterw eightthan ra erefor has tm ore a wavy p ath.r ain hasa m ore strai hter ath. g p A w ays use of3 layers. ŕ ; 2ď .J Seconda ry m oto n.W e only pe rceve w ind in seconda ry m oton .A w aving fag clothin& . . ğ Scanned by CamScanner 7 . Ex losi he aud ence p ons shock t Ith as to bg n w tha ntcipatng. Exp osion starts fm screens 3fram es. ffectflashfram es6 fr mes. F ik ere Slow sm oke. 8 . Lightnn g veryvery fastW ith lashfram e. Yo u w lnee d a totalof fram es h ne extende d lie flash f a e Ą Scanned by CamScanner


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