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Notes for comic presentation

by: harry xu

Notes for comic presentation

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harry xu
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by harry xu on Monday February 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at Ohio State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.


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Date Created: 02/09/15
Slide 1 0 Comicscomic strips comic book or a source of humor in art or life 0 Comics definition to McCloudthe medium itself not to the comic strip or a comic book itself McCloud 4 Slide 2 0 General perception of comics 0 Comics were those bright colorful magazines filled with bad art stupid stories and guys in tights Some too old for comics Another perception can change someones Comics cheap poor and dumb to some but they do not have to be People get a perception of comics and they do not know the purpose or what it 0000 means 0 Relating to Persepolis 0 If a person were to nonchanlauntly ip through this book it can be another piece of literacy uff 0 inner literary critic might utter a perplexed gasp and their mind might reel with the wonder at how they happened upon something that was surely intended for the children s comic book section Slide 3 0 Message and messengermedian 0 The trick is to never mistake the message to the messenger and use sequential Visual art 0 Ways to send messageswritten word music Video theatre Visual art and film 0 Animation is sequential but not spatially juxtaposed as comics are 0 Juxtaposedadj acent great art school word O 0 Slide 4 For a movie it can be portrayed on the same space but on a comic must occupy a different space Relating to Persepolis I This quality amplifies the illustrated chaos and builds on the sensation of inescapable terror all messages clearly conveyed through abstraction that might have been lost if lifelike art were used instead I Wanting to send the message of what an everyday Iranian Lives through 0 Diction and icons 0 O O O O O Comicssee photo Iconspicture of pipe famous name N ESTCE PAS Wrong Just a panting of a pipe Nope a drawing of a pipe Discuss next slide photos Using the word icon to mean any image used to represent a person place thing or idea and symbol is too loaded The secret of the icon The cartoon 0 Persepolis reference 0 Slide 5 Chapter called the Veil where it discusses the Revolution and the segregation of her classroom and her requirement to wear the veil 0 Terminology 0 0000000000 Comics or sequential art Paneldrawing of a page Gutter space between panels Tiersingle row of panels Speech balloonspeech indicator Closuretuming panels into real live events Cartoonistart duties Artisthandles the visualization Pencilerlays down the basic artwork for the page Inkerfinishes Coloristadds colors Slide 6 0 Human perception 0 000 0 People fail to understand comics because they defined what comics could be too narrowly Film critics sometime describe live action films as cartoons to acknowledge the stripped down intensity of a simple story Discussion question Why do you think we are so involved in everything Why would anyone young or old respond to a cartoon anymore then an image Why is our culture so in thrall to the simplified reality of the cartoon Exam cartooning through amplification through simplification 0 Relating to Persepolis O O 0 Slide 7 When we think of Iranian we think of middle east and terrorist but why Must see that they are human beings just like you and us not to be judged Image that refuses the stereotype of a archetypal Muslim woman 0 Perception and closure 0 O 0 Going through cartooning it is not eliminating details but focusing on details Why do you think we put so much emphasis on details Are we attempting to be too perfect Perception that the earth is round but are we just taught to know that Or is it that the perception it is World is to our own benefits well that is how its presented 0 Relating to Persepolis O Satrapi uses closure in different ways for what is essentially the same narrative Satrapi asks us to perform closure from chatper to chapter asking what happens Satrapi inked nearly every frame of the graphic novel in stark blackand white In book must use closure by lling in blanks where it gives darkness and sheer light O McCloud asks us to perform closure as well Slide 8 0 Incomplete and Fragments 0 Our perception of reality is an act on faith based on mere fragments 0 Does reality need to keep hitting us in the face before its too late 0 Relate to Persepolis 0 Instead its purpose here is to capture 0 the essence of a youth s point of view by representing a complex world in a simplified manner 0 An appropriate example of this is arrives on page 52 Persepolis I in which Satrapi depicts the image of a man s body chopped into thick pieces as though he were some sort of plastic fragmented doll 0 Another image in chapter called the socks practice drawing but only model available was the woman in a burqa Slide 9 0 Closuresome forms are deliberate inventions of storytellers to produce suspense to challenge audiences while others do it through business 0 When relate to others we rely on closure 0 Must depend on closure for our own survival 0 A mere shape is enough to trigger closure 0 A photo or newspaper can make us commit closure 0 We switch from automatic closure and simple closure everyday Slide 10 Panel to Panel 0 The space between panel to panel is called the gutter according to comic aficionados 0 Gutter plays the magic and mystery that are at the very heart of comics In the limbo of the gutter human imagination takes two separate images and transforms them into a single idea Nothing is seen but experience says there is something there Comic panels offer a jagged staccato rhythm of unconnected moments Closure allows us to connect these moments Panel to panel has categories 0 O O O Moment to momentrequires very little closure Action to Actionsingle subject in distinct Subject to subjectthe degree to render these transitions beautifully Deductive reasoning is required in scene to scene transitions which transports us across time and space Aspect to aspectbypasses time for the eye to wander different aspects Nonseguituroffers no logical relationship between panels whatsoever


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