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Unit Three Lab Notes Spinal Cord

by: Jahnai Acosta

Unit Three Lab Notes Spinal Cord KN 1223

Marketplace > Temple University > Kinesiology > KN 1223 > Unit Three Lab Notes Spinal Cord
Jahnai Acosta
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About this Document

These notes covers a portion of what will be on our next lab exam. It includes diagrams as well as page numbers that correspond to the lab notebook.
anatomy andphysiology
Dr. Roonney
Class Notes
anatomy, Physiology, anatomy lab




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jahnai Acosta on Sunday April 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to KN 1223 at Temple University taught by Dr. Roonney in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 243 views. For similar materials see anatomy andphysiology in Kinesiology at Temple University.

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Date Created: 04/10/16
Unit Three Lab Notes : Spinal Cord Structures Spinal Cord locations Cervical enlargement Lumbar enlargement’ Conus medullaris  located around L1/ endpoint of spinal cord Cauda equine resembles a horse’s tail/ from conus medullaris down Filum terminale runs from conus medullaris to coccyx      Meninges (figure 22.4 pg 288 in lab book) Epidural space Dura mater Arachnoid mater Subarachnoid space ( site for cerebral spinal fluid production)  Pia mater Cross section locations Central canal from foramen magnum to conus medullaris Gray commissure connects two areas of gray matter Posterior median sulcus (looks like a slice) Anterior median fissure (not opened as much) Find the dorsal root ganglion White matter cross section Anterior column Lateral column Posterior column Ascending sending sensory signals to brain / Descending sending motor signals to body Gray matter cross section Ventral horn sends motor signals to the ventral root Lateral horn Dorsal horn receives sensory signals from dorsal root and sends to brain Cross section cont. Ventral root located off of spinal cord /sends motor signals Dorsal root sends sensory signals  Dorsal root ganglion bugled / holds cell bodies Spinal nerve  Anterior ramus going forward Posterior ramus going toward the back Peripheral Nerves 8 cervical 12 thoracic innervate the intercostals / assist with breathing 5 lumbar 5 sacral 1 coccygeal spinal nerves roots Nerve plexuses pg. 291 trunks Cervical ( C1-C5 ) hypoglossal innervates tongue phrenic innervates diaphragm anterior  posterior  divisions divisions Brachial (C5-T1 ) posterior branch axillary innervates deltoid / teres minor radial innervates  tricep / brachial radialis / wrist extensors anterior branch (M on models) ulnar innervates corracobrachialis / biceps brachii / bracialis /  hand median innervates wrist flexors / pronator teres / pronator  quadratis musculoccutaneus innervates corracobrachialis / biceps brachii / bracialis Lumbar ( L1-L4 ) posterior femoral  innervates illiospoas / sartorious / quadriceps anterior obturator innervates gracillis / abductors  Sacral (L4-S4 ) superior gluteal   innervates gluteus medius, minus / tensor fascilatae inferior gluteal innervates gluteus maximus sciatic innervates hamstring/ biceps femoris ­tibial innervates gastrocnemius / soleous/ plantaris/  tibials posterior/ pollicus longus/ digitorum longus / hamstrings ­common fibular hallucus longus/ fibularis lon superficial fibular innervates tertcious deep fibular  fibularis/ peroneus tertius


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